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    Ely Home Map Icons on the map and what they mean - Father Aereck, manages gravestones - Mandrith, manages loot beam - Scoreboard, click here to see the current leader board for boss kills - Gnome stronghold dungeon where you can find: bloodvelds, hellhounds, fire giants, abberant spectres and ankou - Diango / Donator store, where you can claim your untradaebles that you've lost - Nurse, heals your hp and stats - Voting rewards - Crystal Chest - Wizard Distentor, takes you to runespan - Essentials shop / PK store - Combat gear - Bank - Slayer master - Bot control panel, where you can summon your bot - Thieving stalls - Altar, Chaos altar to switch prayers, spellbook and regular altar to offer bones - Aura and Title shop - General Store - Potion Decanter - Magic store - Food and Potions store - Dungeoneering tutor, reclaim your ring of kinship here - Summoning store / Training (You can also use ::tele summ for better training area) - Range store - Pet Manager, reclaim your pets here (when you release a pet it goes to this npc) - Sanfew, herblore secondaries - Bobs axes, he fixes your nex/barrows gear - Obli, skilling supplies, skilling gear - Makeover mage, changes your characters appearance - Gambling area (can also use ::tele bet for a bigger area) - Sawmill, construction supplies, plank making - PoH portal, takes you to your house / firends house - Hunter shop, has a portal to the hunter area
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    Tis no more format GG
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    Regarding this topic - I recently looked into this (Matt & I) and we are looking at other options than a band-aid patch/fix for this. At the moment looking at a re-write of the decanting process to allow more flexibility overall/potions/flasks - etc. With that said, I have no time frame or ETA but just know thats on the table at the moment.
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    Finally, gz! But yea thats some shit rng lmao
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    Some horrific rng, but an amazing outcome at the end. Well done nerd!
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    Damn good job bb ❤️
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    Great work Kayrie
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    i guess good job -_0 ❤️
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    Holy hell that is kinda insane, the overall loots from all that - but HUGE GZ on the hween bro, bout time. Now I'm gonna add it to the collection log & you'll have to do it again! YAY hahahah

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