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    Hello, After some difficulty in my life i turned to Ely it became my home, i miss it and once i can figure on how to download the client i will see you nubcakes online. My love Hades
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    In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: Currently I am suggesting one of two methods listed below revolved around the Tokhaar Kal (Kiln Cape): Either the option to have the cape in its old form from its release back in RS2. A separate item added to Har-Aken's drop table to not only include more drops for the boss, but as a potential incentive for the Collection Log to obtain multiple styles. Who/What Does This Benefit: It benefits the niche audience who are not only looking for more excuses to PvM, but prefer the older styles of graphics. Any Additional Information: The current style of the Tokhaar-Kal works incredibly well with the New Items Look mode (post graphical update) although it also moves across to the Old Items Looks and is completely out of place with any form of outfit that was made in that era. Just by having an alterative, it would give variance and allow those who never enjoyed the New Item Looks to have that variance they desired. As briefly stated above too, the Fight Kiln drop table is one of the easier ones to complete within the Collection Log due to requiring two runs of the caves to obtain every reward. Adding an alternative would make this Minigame more used even if just for another wave; with could potentially link into the droptable being expanded further to include a Har-Aken pet drop! But we'll save that suggestion for another post.
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    After a few long months of grinding away, Virtus has finally fallen. https://prnt.sc/p66t94 Overall Playtime: 373 hours. Achievements: First Maxed Hardcore Ironman Legend. 7 unique pet drops (including Corporeal Beast). 11 requirements left to Completionist Cape. Plenty of boss drops (Bandos, Armadyl, Corporeal Beast loot etc). Final Bank (Post-Death): Rares: https://prnt.sc/p673ic Fashionscape: https://prnt.sc/p673kd Clues/Junk: https://prnt.sc/p673m5 Weapons/Dungeoneering: https://prnt.sc/p673o6 Armour: https://prnt.sc/p673qy Collectables: https://prnt.sc/p673tj Skilling: https://prnt.sc/p673v6 Drops: https://prnt.sc/p673y2 Food/Potions: https://prnt.sc/p67400 So, what's next? Time to do it all again.
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    It appears you didn't catch the 'troll' nature of the mutes as well since you guys are trolls yourselves. You guys wouldnt know, but others would - I don't ever, and i mean that nearly literally, mute or ban people. I just don't care about the small nonsense. But part of this mute was due to the trolly nature of it, I was playing along with you guys, but in my fashion instead. 🙂 Second was due to the fact I've gotten a few reports and mentions of the general attitude and nature of you two players specifically, so that plays a small role. I didn't plan to keep you guys muted for more than maybe 5 minutes; just to be funny. Then when you made second accounts to continue on your rants, I figured why not just IP you. But since ya'll took it to heart; I get it - I'll lift it. To be fair, as Feengurs mentioned "disruptive behaviors and seriously offensive language" is in the rules. Disruptive behaviors is the rule you were breaking, and should it continue to be broken I'll just re-instate it for a predetermined amount of time. What you "feel" was broken, don't matter.
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    Since this is perm now, accepted.
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    Forget the prestige. Get 5b on legend mode my dude
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    As most of you can tell, I haven’t really been on much. Got on the other day, and lost a good chunk of my bank to Alex, GG. No I’m not quitting because of that, but I just don’t have fun playing RSPS’s at this point in time. I also want to start spending more time with my family and getting myself back together. Most of you know the shit that’s happened in my life this year and some of you bois really helped me through it and I am much grateful. There are a few other things that I won’t talk about that have lead up to this, but for now, farewell. I’ll be on discord a lot so if anybody wants to hmu they can, I’ll also be in ElyChat on OSRS if anybody plays OS. potatocheese has logged out.

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