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    If you're reading this you've by now seen our entire online presence has been dramatically reworked & improved! Our mission behind this overhaul was creating a smoother & more user friendly experience for everyone from their first visit to Ely to maxing their account. It has been quite the sizable project and I do want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for dealing with certain pages & services being down from time to time during the project. As of now we're coming to the end and wrapping up the finer details & tweaks. With that said, you may experience some small glitches or things being a little bit buggy here and there until all the kinks are worked out, however 95% of this project is complete. I would love to hear all your feedback, comments, suggestions & criticism in the comments so let us know your thoughts on the new site! Now, account linking. Previously when a user had made an account in-game & wanted to vote and/or donate they had to manually link their account through the Vote or Store page. As of now, that is no longer necessary. We have automated the entire account linking process! Should a new player want to vote all they must do is make a forum account - and vote! Thank you all again for your patience in dealing with us through this lengthy process & we hope you like it as much as we do!
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    Owner Lation - Busy Guy! Helps when hes available. Fair Judge. Thanks Matt - Always carries A huge gift box. Seems to always be busy so doesn't talk much! Developer Luke Not online much lately. RIP Splash- Very Helpful when hes online. Fun guy. interactive and positive! Sell me that sword!!! Ill pay!!!!! 😄 Administrators Kari - Most active I believe. Available for help most of the time. My lucky charm tbh. Global Moderators Nick - Cool dude. helpful. always on his alt tho. Loves rubber chickens! Server Moderator Nicky - is he alive? Forum Moderators Enzyme - see him chatting of discord. barely see him on. but still helps lol. Support Jordan -This Man is Major Help! Literally helps all the time!! Jordan for Mod!! Love this guy!!! ❤️
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    One immediate example would be General Graardor dropping 3 Grimy Snapdragon - feels underwhelming right? A drop like this would be increased to 10 and made noted - to give some meaning/benefit to your trips if you're unlucky. Please vote Yes or No and provide your reasoning below if you'd like to. Thanks! Edit: I will also poll the final proposed changed for each Boss in-case I get a bit too excited and do a weird drop.
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    In my opinion, should just be staff. Having it open to community can very easily turn into a popularity/animosity competition rather than what is right or wrong. Staff should be better at giving a fair 'trial' than an open community. But I digress. Caught/admitting to botting. Week ban+reset to level 3 is a fair punishment in my opinion. Caught again = donezo.
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    I was disappointed when finding out you were botting, because after all the history you've had recently i thought you'd never do something this silly. However i also believe in second or whatever chances. I think a nice time ban for a week or two is justified and a reset in herblore to level 3. I think if you're found doing anything like this or something else sever, it should be a permanent ban without appeal. This isn't something people should get off easily in my opinion.
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    I'm in agreement with Kari, Due to the severity of past offences, a 1 week ban with an xp reset to the botted skill seems fair and just, like we have been in the past to you. I'm sure you understand how much this can effect Ely, and that you will not break any of these rules again, Otherwise you will find yourself recieving more severe punishments, that might not be appeal able.
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    Even tho Kao gets on everybodys nerves, we all love him. Nobody is perfect and everybody fucks up. So far all i've seen from Kaotic is a guy who wants to help the community and has a good time losing his bank to Jordan. Botting is a major offense and should never be taken lightly, but I do believe that this event will scare him straight. He has put a lot of time and money into his account and i'm sure he would not want to risk it again. Give the guy one last shot, keep a close eye on him and exp reset.
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    Personally i think he does deserve another chance because i have gotten one myself. I don't know what other things he has done before this to say more about this. On this point i agree with Kari. Resetting herb level to 3 & etc. Kaotic is a great guy and is very helpful in many things! Give him another shot.
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    username: nelly suggestion: donator skin tones details: add donator skins for each donator level kind of like the ones on osrs - each skin option could have its own command after you donate for that rank ie: ::blueskin, ::greenskin, ::purpleskin etc. or it could be added to the makeover mage gender/skin options kind of pointless but something interesting to add to each donator rank especially if you hide your donor status pic examples : No specific order but i think these would be a cool addition and great options
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    I love the idea of this! normal drops are wank atm tbh and doesn't really give good skilling items that people need on ely, because who really needs all herb drops etc when you can buy most from ge and same for most of the others, I believe we need more items such as: Dragonstones Magic logs Rocktails Mahog logs Addy/Runes bars Also how about some higher coin drops for newer players (coin caskets maybe that gives you a range from 500k-2.5m?)
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    The way the current Slayer Task system works is each individual difficulty has a range in which you can get a task, for example I think Boss tasks is 6-15? Hard is something like 20-35 for example. So unlocking an extension per difficulty would be the easier thing to do
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    LMFAO Hey guys I’m back
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    Name: Kaotic Rules Broken (if any): Third Party Software / Botting / Mouse keys Time Punished: N/A Punishment Length & Type: Permanent Ban Staff Member who issued the punishment: Lation Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: First off I will not be denying the fact I was using a third party software. Did I have any intentions of taking it beyond what I could do myself? No. I simply used this in order to help make things easier for me to do to watch Game of Thrones. As embarrassed as I am to be writing this today, I believe the punishment is deserving but seek to be forgiven of my stupid mistake. I've always tried to be a somewhat good member of the community, posting guides, helping players and even helping Lation behind the scenes. I do understand the severity of what I had been doing last night, And given the opportunity to play again I would never even think to attempt it again. I do apologise immensely for breaking the rules, and most importantly breaking your trust. Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: Although I do not believe I should be unbanned, I come to ask for forgiveness and a second chance. Regardless of the fact I am not deserving of it. I promise to be better, This was a stupid mistake I made at late night that has cost me more than it was worth. I wish for the hours I poured into "Kaotic" to not have gone to waste over a mistake. Pictures/Videos: My setup -
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    Well GG welcome to the new forums which now offer: Like Thanks Sad Confused & Haha PLUS Rep, GGGGGGGG
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    Come back flex we need some nice new sigs! EDIT: im an idiot
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    Oi, quit trying to make the legend game mode easier, tf. Thats not what the game mode is for nerds. KThx
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    Welcome, Hope to see you rise to admin soon!
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    Sorry to flex on you all but here goes; Main tab;
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    Username (ingame): Maaaaaaarz Suggestion (short description): 1.) Make Looting bags persist through death. 2.) Allow for rearranging of items to be done outside of Wilderness Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): 1.) In OSRS the system encourages the use of looting bags through item storage options like Zulrah, as well as a 60 minute timer on items lost on death. So it's harder to manage items as an UIM in Ely. 2.) Progression happens to quickly to justify having to interrupt gameplay to rearrange inventory space. Again, it's much easier to manage in OSRS Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): 1.) Have the looting bag continue to drop contents, but persist after death. Looting bag will continue to be lost on death. This helps with inventory management, as you don't have to keep juggling items constantly to prevent them from being lost, or stolen. It helps maintain the flow of the game, without making UIM too easy. 2.) Allowing to take items in and out of the bags freely will assist in the flow of the game as well. However, adding this option will clearly be incredibly overpowered, making for an additional 28 pieces of food or potions on top of the already existing 30< from BoBs. I propose having a restriction of only noted items being able to be in the looting bag, or non combat items.
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    JORDAN bravo nice with icons this Gui is here to stay. very helpful and look at the effort you took I am so grateful.
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    Site lookin mighty good
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    Owner Lation - only person thats not a sensitive person Matt - idk this person Developer Luke - ? Splash - ?? Administrators Kari - dont know much about this guy but he called me an idiot once on discord Global Moderators Nick - ? Server Moderator Nicky - ? Forum Moderators Enzyme - ??? Support Jordan - idk
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    Honestly, we haven't really made any forum rules/guidelines so far. I'm gonna let this one be as it is, and maybe in the future we'll do it differently.
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    Are ban appeals meant for the whole community? Or only staff?
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    It's a shame it's had to come to this. Not many players have done anything serious enough to have to appeal a ban. Personally I believe that what happened on your other rule breaking that just like Kari I will not go into to that we gave you a second chance at redemption and its disappointing that you gave up your second chance doing something this stupid. I understand players can become burnt out trying to grind them 200m's I did going for 5bil exp and I'm sure Kari did to. But there is nothing wrong with being burnt out or wanting an easier way out. It's much simpler to give yourself a break or do something different within Ely then resort to botting because you are either burnt out or watching something. I'm personally not a fan of giving second chances however the Ely staff team as a whole have given many people 3 and 4 chances depending on if we believe that person weillcontinue to do so. You've been a member of elys community for a long time and haven't broken any rules until recently. Therefore I do believe given the seriousness of your situation that you under this could very well be your last time on Ely. But I also believe that you will not do this again and will be happy to give you one last chance to prove yourself but a punishment must still be serviced and I believe just like kari an exp reset to herblore back to your original exp before you botted and a week ban to be served should be enough of a punishment.
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    I'll start this. I am disappointed, but I do however get why you'd do a stupid thing like that. We have always been forgiving and believe in second chances (sometimes 3rd and 4th...) This is not your first rule break, but I am not going to go into much detail about that except to say that it was serious enough to warrant a ban upon next rule break, which you got. With that being said, I do believe you when you say you won't do it again and so I am willing to give you another chance, given that your herblore level will be reset to 3 and your account stays banned for a week upon the accept of this appeal. Now I would like to get the Staff teams opinions on this and the communities, so I will ask you all to give your thoughts on the matter.
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    These rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. It is your responsibility as a player to keep yourself up to date with the rules at all times. Ely RSPS rules are non exhaustive. Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as they see fit. If you feel as your punishment is not deserved/fitting, please fill out an Appeal by clicking here. General and in-game rule 1. No inappropriate content, language or behavior, such as but not limited to: (Spam, Flame, Harassment). a) English only in friends chat and be respectful with other players. Do not go out of your way to harass or flame another player. While we do allow banter, arguments & such (this is a part of life) we do not allow constant harassment, name calling, flaming or spamming others without end therefore disrupting others game play & experience. b) Active debates between players are allowed however if it escalates in a way it affects other players ability to speak & use the Friends Chat to talk, ask questions, or play the game it is expected to move that escalated conversation to private messaging. Failure to due so upon request by a Staff member could potentially result in a temporary mute. 2. Advertising While we allow general discussion among players to speak what they will; may it be about another server even, we do not allow explicit advertising & motivating or informing other players to seek out & play other servers. We do not allow advertising in our Discord, forums or in-game. Any links, invites, or mentions to join other RSPS-related private servers is strictly prohibited. 3. Account / Staff Impersonation. There shall be no attempts at impersonating any Staff members in any circumstance. This rule also applies to impersonating another player or players. This is to reduce confusion and limiting potential scam-artists. 4. Punishment Evasion. If a punishment has been delivered to your account or accounts you are fully expected & required to serve out the time period & punishment given in its entirety. Any attempts made at trying to avoid this punishment is strictly prohibited and could result in an increase of time or severity. 5. Third Party Software / Botting / AHK We hold a strict no third-party software policy. We believe that the best way to enjoy the game we offer, is to play it yourself. This also includes any type of, but not limited too: botting/macro/mouse key use; no animated game-play of Ely is permitted whatsoever. Staff members reserve the right to punish anyone for suspicion of use of any third party software, botting & botting attempts, AHK, or others. 6. Threats to the community and player base Any attempts or threats made towards a player or the community as a whole is taken seriously. We do not permit any type of threats made or attempts at harming or damaging the community or a player. 7. Bug Abuse During your time playing it is possible you may experience a bug or glitch that is not meant to exist. We take all bug reports seriously and fix them rapidly. If a bug has been discovered that gives a player any advantage over the normal & correct game play in any area it is fully expected that you report that bug as soon as possible. Failure to do so & any attempts found at trying to profit from or wrongfully trying to gain an advantage on other players could classify as bug abuse & will be punished accordingly. 8. PVP (Player VS Player) PVP is encouraged - every player enters the Wilderness at their own risk. However we do not allow nor permit any attempts of or successful attempts at luring another player in the Wilderness to be killed & looted. 9. Account Sharing We allow account sharing however with a couple guidelines. Any agreements made between player's on sharing an account must be documented by screenshot, message or other form of proof upon agreement. Sharing an account with someone else is at your own risk. Our Staff will not assist or help in any case whatsoever that results in a hacking/scamming/or other. 10. Multi-logging Accounts Multi-logging is permissible & allowed in nearly all areas of the game expect; multi-logging is never allowed at any Bosses, Player and/or Staff-hosted events or the Wilderness. 11. Real World Trading We do not allow any type of real world trading for items or gold between players. However an Admin+ may assist in one player donating in the place of the other in exchange for whatever their agreement may be for discussed price, item, or donation. 12. Safe-Spotting Bosses We do not allow any safe spotting of any Boss to occur at anytime with one exception; if the safe spot exists in the original version of the game it is permissible.
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    Staff Feedback Thread This is a thread where you can post staff feedback - Tell us how we're doing, let us know if what we're doing is right / wrong, constructive criticism or just to say thank you. We really appreciate any feedback! There are some rules you must follow: Please do not post if you are not giving feedback, spam will be deleted. You are allowed to give constructive criticism, but remember staff members are still people so be respectful. Please keep in mind that we do not all share the same time-zone as you when giving feedback on activity. Owner Lation this man Has become More humble. Matt this man rarely TALKS Developer Luke : No information not seen allot Splash this guy is friendly . helpful and I like him. Administrators Kari - HAS NO JOB DESRIPTION OTHER THEN AFKING ! WHAT THE HECK Global Moderators Nick not heard allot of him if he is still the same as old days then he is alright! Server Moderator Nicky no comment Forum Moderators Enzyme he is present does not talk allot Support Jordan : uses funny piep (CENCORED speech may be little less other then that he is ok) this concludes chica report about staff chica out . tap tap tap.

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