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    Here we are again, Kyle & for anyone that doesn't want to read all the words I'm about to type the result of this appeal is denied - so there you go. Now to the beloved player; Kyle. Where do I begin? Shall we take a step back in time and begin at the very beginning of your time on Ely? Na, let's start with the inconsistencies in your appeal which played a factor in the reason your appeal is denied - and I'll explain that more in depth shortly. You insinuate after you asked "are we ever gonna get a non-donator update" that you were instantly flamed, kicked from the server & muted in-game immediately; at least that's how it reads. Let's go back here and state FACTS, something of which you claim to be stating but are yet again, shocking: lying. So after your cute statement in the Discord you failed to mention the part where I directly replied to you - and very in-depth indeed. I even provided you with a screenshot of our past SIX (6), that is greater than 5 but less than 7, of our last updates to the game. Not one of those examples listed, which went back nearly two+ months were "donator exclusive" updates; nor can I even find such an update in the list & I only provided you with the last 6. After a little more conversation ensued between us you went on to gripe that the only updates the game gets are a "new box every week" - which I then clearly pointed out to you is in fact only one mystery box we been selling for about 9 months or so now. Which I'll gladly explain again to you here: what our Exclusive Mystery boxes are is one single box, that gets re-made and refreshed every single month to provide new and refreshing items to the game, with a much better chance at rare items than our regular Mystery box selections. These are not new boxes week to week or month to month. They are simply the same box, with new items. Here's why you got a notification every week about what you thought was "a new box every week" - these boxes are in limited supply. Which means we only release an X amount of boxes to sell per month; which is 600. Instead of making all these available at the start of the month we break it down into 4 "drops" per month - once at the start of every week in a quantity of 150. So as it would go - I would post in the "#announcements" channel (which is strictly for.. you guessed it - announcements!) every week a few hours prior to these box "drops." After this conversation you backtracked in Discord and said you only said when are we ever going to get an update. I then at this point was fed up with you and your lying / backtracking of your statements. At the time of that writing - when you asked that question, the last update was only two weeks prior. So what were you complaining about? Only God knows, Kyle.. none of us ever understand what your going on about. After the backtracking and nonsensical chit chat going on in the Discord general chat - I then kicked you from the Discord; keep in mind a "kick" is not a "ban" - two different things. Now let's move on to the next part, shall we? You mentioned in your appeal "I was then flamed, kicked from the Discord server, and muted in-game. Keep in mind that I broke no rules, said nothing related to this in game..." Here we are back at square one in which you are blatantly lying. You explicitly logged in-game after that and began ranting about the same exact issue in the public chat ingame now and then proceeded to flame me for kicking you from the Discord. Here we basically repeated ourselves again in nearly the same manner of our conversation on Discord - after just getting sick of your nonsense - I muted you. A fail-safe. You can continue to play the game you some days claim you love, and others claim is completely shit and not going anywhere - minus the nonsense that comes from your keyboard on a daily basis. Something I viewed as a win-win. So let's move to the next part of your appeal.. You state: "After reading through the rules I can confidently say that this punishment was unjust, the situation was undeserving of a mute, and for once in my life, I literally did nothing wrong, unless you count voicing a concern I have by asking a question." Let's clear something up here.. you claim you read through the rules. If you actually read the thread in its entirety than I'd assume you would have saw the part at the very top that explicitly states the following: "Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as they see fit." Let's dig into this further. Am I a Staff member? Hell - I'm an Owner; I believe that counts as Staff. Therefore means I reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as I see fit. So, I saw it fit that you deserved a mute. You therefore have the right to appeal that; which I have simply denied. Just because the rules don't state a mighty specific "If a player is using general chats to spread falsehoods & lies about the server & it's owner, they can be muted or banned" doesn't mean I can't do that. Let's also keep in mind this is a private server owned, run & managed by just a few individuals. We are not owned by a third-party corporation, a company, or separate entity in which we answer too. I just like to keep the peace, and when your not speaking - the server seems to be at peace. Interesting. Let's move on. Your very first reason for saying you should be un-muted is: "This kind of treatment to the playerbase is unprofessional, and not something I would expect from the staff, especially from the owner." Might I refer to the statement right above this one in which we are not owned or managed by a third party corporation, company or separate entity. Therefore our "professionalism" is entirely up to us, myself, or other owners. I would also like to refer back to the part in which I mentioned "this is a private server owned, run & managed by just a few individuals." That should answer that part.. The most hilarious part yet? Let's have us a look.. Remember some way back in this story I mentioned the part about you being a liar? We are gonna revisit that here. Your very next statement is as follows: "I'm posting this here because I shouldn't have to ask to be unmuted for doing nothing wrong, and I shouldn't have to beg the staff member who issued it to reinstate my communication rights." Let's focus on the part I took the time to enlarge & embolden. I'd like to mentioned.. when.. where.. how.. did you ever even attempt to contact me once since this mute? Let me state for the record - never. The very last time you contacted me on any platform whatsoever was on Discord on October 24th & it was about a Runecrafting Pet; Abby. I did not receive any communication from you since then until today when you sent me the link to this very appeal. So again I ask, when did you beg to have your communication reinstated? To who? Where? You know where to contact me when you need too. My Discord private messages are not restricted to server's I share with people, they are open and have been since I joined Discord in 2017. Can we quit the lying? Last but not least.. A meme: "I don't want an apology, and I don't mind staying muted, but I wanted to post this because I feel that I've been treated extremely unfairly due to an outburst of anger from a staff member. I have attempted to make this post as unbiased as possible, and to just present the facts. I know this will be taken down eventually, but I'm putting it here in the hopes that it can serve as an example of how players should NOT be treated. Thanks for reading." I will not spend time on each part of this I will just say - I'm glad you don't expect an apology because you will not find one. Also glad to hear you don't mind staying muted because you will be (until possibly one day out of the kindness of my heart I decide to lift). Also you made this post just to present the facts? Do you know fact usually mean they are not lies? Also - none of our appeals are taken down; just moved to their respective sections. Have a good day, Kyle.. until we meet again.
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    In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: The beginnings to revival/development of the PvP scene amongst Ely, and to start with we'll be running through gear alongside some potential methods of obtainability for specific items within the game that are beneficial to PvP. Who/What Will This Benefit: As a whole, the entire server. Not only will this give the concurrent playerbase additional content to do instead of bankstand at home, but open the initial doors into further development to enhance an entire new sector of playerbase. Any Additional Information: Now I know a lot of people reading this will be thinking the same thing: "We've got plenty of gear options already in-game", "The economy is already flooded with items", "There's methods to obtain the majority already" which would all be correct. But let's look at a few items in particular: Robins & Rangers, Uncut Onyx's, Infinity Items, Dragon Items, Whips, PvP Armours; the fundamentals of pking. A complete rework of the drop tables of these items/methods of obtaining said items would open the possibility to them not only having more economic value, but entice players to use them in secondary situations. So let's look at a few items in particular: Infinity Robe Sets:
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    Working on red slayer helm, camping Abby Demons for head! Also trying to push my way through the collection log.
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    Just came to think of this snippet of a conversation from a while back, Brave makes me not all bad 😉
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    In-Game Name - Callum. What Are You Suggesting - I am suggesting the addition of the Rune Pouch: a single inventory slot item that has the potential to store a maximum of three rune types; freeing inventory slots to increase the quality of life whilst completing actions within Ely. Who/What Does This Benefit - Overall, this benefits everybody. Whether you are out on a Slayer task wanting to alch miscellaneous drops (Rune etc), gathering rune drops from PvM monsters, training the Magic skill in a levelling fashion or using the style as a method of fighting a boss. The Rune Pouch holds countless benefits and can be a way at pushing people towards using Magic as a primary skill instead of focusing solely on Melee. Any Additional Information - We've already got some OSRS additions on Ely in the form of bosses (Kraken, Cerberus etc), so why not further the reach and include some of the more useful and requested items. If this does gain support and is pushed towards inclusion, other items will be suggested in the future (Seed Box, Looting Bag, Advanced Skilling armours etc). For more information about the basis of the Rune Pouch, here is a link to the OSRS Wiki - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Rune_pouch
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    My ingame nickname is "lil froggy". My suggestion is to revive low level pures pking on this beautiful rsps. Why? Simply, because it is very easy to make low level pures on this rsps, and people who are tired of endless pvm will find a new breath in low level pures pvp, will get tons of lulz and hella much fun! Okay, lets get started! First of all, for those who played back in golden runescape days, aka pre eoc 2008-2012 era, it was the best time for low level pures pvp activity in the wilderness, especially at the area north of Grand Exchange. I will describe different types of pures that were pking at that time under 50 combat level and within combat triangle. Types of pures: 1. Msb rangers: those were most common low level rangers that were wearing magic shortbow. They were very effective in small groups and were dps monsters with rune arrows. 2. Dark bow rangers/rushers: those were usually low to very low hp in order to stay as low combat as possible and were the most deadly pures because dark bow could 2 hit other pures. Dark bowers usually were described as "rushers" and for the deadliest combo were pking in pairs (twins). 3. Elemental spells magers: easiest magers to make. They were using fire/air/water/earth spells to damage pures with hard melee armour. 4. God spells magers: those were better because saradomin/guthix/zamorak spells coulda hit 200+ or 300+ with "Charge" effect. (not including damage boosting equipment and potions). 5. Iban pures: o yeah baby, those were the deadliest ones! After reaching 50 attack to wear iban staff, with low hp, starting to pk at 27 combat, they could hit 250s! Hard melee armour pures had no chance to survive from an attack of iban twins! 6. Summoning tanks: oh yeah, probably the most unique types of pures. They could tank everyone and everything, except magers. They were usually wearing rune armours, torag armours, dfs, agile armour (to tank magers), etc. Dfs was a must for 75+ defence summoning tanks as it could perform a special attack that could hit 250. If summoning tank wanted to become a higher combat, he was getting 75 prayer and wore divine spirit shield. They were summoning different summoning familiars that helped them in combat. Minotaurs, for example, could stun the opponent, while most powerful familiar - Iron Titan, could kill every pure that he met. Oh yes, iron titan summoning tanks were THE MOST POWERFUL TYPE OF PURE THAT EVER EXISTED AT THAT TIME! 7. Summoning pures: as summoning tanks had to choose only those familiars that trained defence in combat, the summoning pures could summon any familiar that trained either mage/range/attack/strength EXCEPT DEFENCE. Yes, summoning pures had to stay 1 defence. What familiars were they summoning? Mostly the kyatt, barker toad, phoenix and others. 8. Obby maul pures. They were wearing berserker necklace with obby maul, had 1 defence, were hybriding with rune knives/msb and could also summon familiars that could help them. They were easily killing magers and rangers at their own combat. So yeah, those were the types of pures that were getting you much fun and lulz! Lets revive those times together!
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    How do you create a account? Edit: Already got one, dont answer.
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