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    A Crystal Chest Update, Bug Fixes & More Forinthry brace now fully functional (Obtainable from Skeletal & Zombie Hand NPCS) Repel option grants immunity to revenant damage for 1 min & removes aggression for 1 hour --- Crystal Chest Update --- 50% increase of quantity on the following: Dagannoth & Dragon Bones Red & Green D'hide Addy & Rune Bars Teak & Mahogany Planks Uncut Dragonstones Added the following items: Dragon Dart Tips (300-500 quantity) Dragon Arrowheads (300-500 quantity) Black Dragonhide (20-30 quantity) Coins have been increased from 500k-1M to 1M-3M Removed Big Bones & Babydragon bones 2-Year Anniversary To celebrate our 2 year anniversary we have added a new Aura EVERYONE will receive if you login anytime from now until the 30th! Everyone will also receive the Vote shop Ely Cape for free! Thanks for everyone who has been with us & is a part of this community. Zulrah has been added to Boss Tasks You can now create & edit presets at the proper home (Edge) Fixed fletching of Iron & Steel (unf) bolts to finished bolts with feathers Overload packs now give noted Ovls & can open many packs at a time You can now put Saradomin Brew Potions into Flasks The Edgeville bookcase required for a clue has been fixed
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    osrs bosses -abyssal sire - bludgeon -vorkath with skilling supply drops -wildy bosses - callisto, vet'ion, venenatis with proper ring drops - eliminate the p2w rings from summer shop -scorpia for odium/malediction wards -crystal halbred as a drop from something idk what - - - raids full or simplified -tob full or simplified - - rooftop agility with intro to graceful outfit and marks of grace -full graceful could be the same bonus as boots of lightness and agile but an extra benefit of some sort exclusive to rooftops -double the agility bonus as boots of lightness and agile together but you'd only be able to acquire graceful by doing rooftops and you'd have a random chance of receiving a graceful piece when doing rooftop obstacles or finishing the course marks of grace -marks of grace used to buy full graceful - marks themselves -non tradeable- but could be the intro of stamina potions and amethyst crystals into the game which would be tradeable and an alternative method to training herblore -or marks of grace all together could have a seperate purpsoe and you could only achieve graceful through doing courses and randomly getting the chance at a pieces -agility tickets could be bought with marks of grace from the graceful shop I know these kinds of updates would be a lot of time and effort but it would be nice to see the content variety grow and give people more possibilities and content to grind
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    Owner Lation - Doing a great job revamping the server, all in all a great owner Matt - Does a great job when he's needed Ginnie - Still so new on the team, but doing good so far. Seen her interact a bit with the community through discord, seems to be growing into her role as owner quite nicely Developer Splash / Hardcore - Still our TOP Model, been making some awesome things for us, doing good Administrators Kari - This one could do a lot better tbh Luke - Haven't seen you too much, but things are as they are Event Manager Jordan - Doing pretty good, but stop impersonating me thx Server Moderator Kemi - Still doing a great job, keep it up Ultsonofares - Not much feedback right now, on leave kinda Nelly - Doing an amazing job, wouldn't trade you out for anyone.
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    Owner Lation - Pretty decent, always gets on server fixes and issues fast. All around awesome guy and love his energy. Matt - n/a Developer Splash / Hardcore - Slash is very knowledgeable. Very nice person. Administrators Kari - Always helpful and fun. Luke - n/a Event Manager Jordan - A- for Jordan. It could be an A+ if he changes his ingame name lol. Server Moderator Kemi - Kemi is a fantastic person always full of energy. Ultsonofares - Fantastic person Nelly - A++ Nelly is always there to help no matter what.
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    Enjoy nerds Owner Lation - Great owner. Making the best of our current situation by putting out content and giving the players what they want for the most part. Other than the fact that he likes women, he's alright. Matt - Hardly ever active in game, but I'm sure bts he's doing alot of coding and developing when needed. We aren't really shown who works on what on a regular basis, so he is hard to critique. Developer Splash / Hardcore - When he does make models, they're always good. We haven't had content that adds custom models in a while, but they have never failed to impress. Event Manager Jordan - Good event manager, he just needs to ability to do more than just PVM based events. Not everyone on the server wants to do those, and I think the title "event manager" should come with more than just what he currently has. I would highly recommend referring to my thread on weekday events, if you guys need ideas. Administrators Kari - Head to head with Kemi for most active staff member, he has been around since the beginning and does everything an admin should do, in-game and out. Luke - He isn't always around, due to IRL responsibilities, but getting to know him since RSPS2, I know how much he cares about the players and the work he does for this server. 100% deserves to be an admin. LOGIN MORE NERD. Server Moderator Kemi - Easily the most active staff member, and in my opinion, the one I know the best. He has helped me time and time again on my Legend grind, among other things. You would be a fool to ever remove him from this staff team. Ultsonofares - Currently undergoing one of the most impressive grinds on this server, Sono is always kind, always patient with new players, and is deserving of his spot as a Moderator. Although he's prejudice towards Patrons, I guess I like him. Nelly - One of the most knowledgable players on the server as far as its mechanics go. There is almost no question he can't answer about the PVM and skilling aspects of Ely. I would refer to him for any question I have (and have done so on multiple occasions).
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    I think as it is the vote shop is pretty decent except for some items such as crystal keys, 500k cash, Robin hats etc...these item could be replaced by a mystery skilling box for an example. People can claim there votes for 50% xp boost for 10 minutes, so if they dont want the xp boost it's reasonable to sacrifice it for some skilling materials. Idk if most of you will agree with me on this but I just thought it would be a cool idea to throw in, especially after the complaints of many skilling items being hard to get after the GE removal.
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    I'm saying that adding it to the donor store didn't affect it at all. Have you seen rise in its usage or drop in its value since adding it to the donor store?
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    Never done one of these thought id give some feedback myself Owner Lation - Doing an amazing job at keeping things going and making sure shit gets done, and its definitely working out great for the server and its keeping everyone happy Matt - Doing a great job with the updates coming out smoothly, keep it up Developer Splash / Hardcore - Loving the work you're doing at the moment and have definitely come a long way from when i first saw your work, keep doing what you're doing sploosh Administrators Kari - Hes a big gae, but he is the heart of the server and always does his best with the work coming out, finally hes a "real" dev and can do a lot more which is great Luke - Has become a lot more active and doing more for the server since this corona issue however would be great to see you more often once it all goes away. Server Moderator Kemi - Biggest nerd of them all however is a great mod and helps whenever he can. Ultsonofares - sono is a grinder for sure and is the #1 legend going, great guy and helps out tons Nelly - Doing a great job on the server and definitely the best person for the role, super helpful and a great player!
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    feel like this has been suggested before but bringing this up if not seeing as there probably isn't a whole lot of runes in game and glacors drop barely any and as far as i know they were unlimited in ge before the ge fix. i think this could be a good alternative to bringing more armadyl runes into game without devaluing them The ability to runecraft armadyl runes so currently you're unable to make armadyl runes even if u had the supplies, and you can't grind up shards to make the dust needed to craft the runes so... SUPPLIES -armadyl dust added to shop/unlimited on ge @ 13.9k ea requested price on ge currently -they are crafted and counted the same way as air runes so : @99 rc = 10 arma runes per dust/essence ALTAR LIMITATION -the altar wouldn't allow bank command (which is currently doesn't) so this would limit you from abusing the shit out of getting a lot of runes severely fast like blood altar XP AND GP BENEFIT-xp could be scaled to air runes so they aren't op for runecrafting xp but rewarding gp wise from the skill
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    Support. Very useful but powerful potion
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    Not bad as theyre currently unobtainable. Maybe just add them to gerrant? (or code spirit weed)
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    I'm in support of it tracking previously obtained untradeables, just like the OSRS one did when it was released, don't see a reason to punish people (log hunters) for having grinded an item too early.
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    This would be cool, but you don’t have to nerf the XP rates they give, especially when bank command won’t be allowed. Rune crafting is supposed to be profitable. All of your runes are going straight into Zulrah runs anyways lol. Support
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    This is dope, Support
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    Support, this would definitely bring more runes into the game without devaluing them.
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    Yes defenitly agree with this! Support!
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    100% support for all of this
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    No. This will never happen. Why? It's way too op. Slayer tedious? Slayer is probably the most fun and easy skills there is. Again, no.
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    Yeah I have a high res camera set up to the telescope, and I used my laptop to get better imaging through it. I think I have a good image of Triangulum somewhere in a file but I need a new laptop. I have most of my stuff saved on a drive for the occasion.
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    Goal: Not dying from a Beer-virus In all seriousness, to get back with my job after all this lets up. I'm a stargazer, and a space nut; I hope to get back with that with this telescope and set up I've got, and do a bunch of stuff online. After all, I have a degree for this stuff.
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    This suggestion is a petition to remove the Royal Crossbow from the donator shop. This is a very prestigious item, as it is a huger grind to get one, and I personally don't feel it should be buyable outright. It takes way too long to earn one of these for it to be sat in the donor store for $25. The same rules apply to Zulrah, Ruins, and Cerberus gear, so why not apply them to QBD? Please support, as the donator shop is highly devaluing this item.
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    Support, Masoud you dumb
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    You wonder why it's barely ever traded, it's cause the bow takes so long to make. It's got the highest ranged bonus in game, and is very useful at any boss that can be killed with range. Just cause there's no set price, doesn't mean it's not valuable. I recommend you try killing QBD enough times to earn yourself a bow, like I did. Especially now that you can't cannon it anymore. Good luck
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    Hello staff team, I believe the event manager should have access to more than just a 10% drop rate for one specific monster, for an hour. Someone with an actual title should have more abilties (and responsibilities) than this. I understand the role was just released, but I would like to ask that you take a look at my post that I made in the past about weekday events that could definitely be ported to a 1-hour event instead, making it significantly way less OP, which was the general concensus when I originally posted. Check it out here: Thank you for reading and considering this option.
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    I think this would be great since a lot of people dont like all the bossing events, as Callum stated more mini-game abilities would be great so we dont have to wait for Saturdays only for them to be worth while doing The suggested events: Double charms drops! All monsters will yield 2x their normal charms drops in all applicable situations. Dont see a problem with this since charms are easy to come by any ways Double skilling points day! Today you will earn 2x the normal amount of skilling points. Great for easy game mode! Another one which is nice for newer players wanting the outfits, also super easy to come by Double slayer points! If ,you're a casual or everyday slayer, this is the event for you! Grind out those points before the day ends! Nice event for players wanting their cannons to slay! Donor trial day! Every Tuesday all non-donors will have access to the donator zone to give it a try and see if they would like to donate! 5$ Isnt much to donate/save up for ingame and theres plenty of ways to see the great benefits in-game without this All drops are noted today! This is advantageous for players who slay, boss, or just in general kill monsters that have annoying non-noted drops! Kind of op for some areas of them, not sure this should be one tbh Today you will see increased spawn rates for the Wildywyrm, Shooting Star, and Evil tree public events! Get grinding. Would love this one, would make people want to kill the wyrm and go for stars etc! Increased pet chance day! Get out there and get yourself that skilling/boss pet you've always wanted today! GREAT idea this one since a lot like going for pets and i dont find very harmful to the game
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    I could support additional powers to Event Managers. Given that a lot of the time many players are standing around unless it's the weekend, mid-week events could be something to break that spell. Even if it was a further variety of bosses/minigames involvement, it would be an incentive to bring the community together again to complete goals and interact.
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    I agree that the pet being obtainable would be a major feature to making Nex more interesting, especially for those who hunt the Collection Log completion. I personally would like to see the ramp fixed: make it so that you can't bypass the doors Frozen Key requirement to instantly drop into the lair. On the topic of the Frozen Key; limit it to five uses for 5M an attempt at Nex to further increase the gold sink. Minions could definitely use a fix too to make the boss function correctly, these could also do with a few drop reworks of some better class Skilling items so that those who don't obtain a drop from the boss in a mass can walk away with some loot. Nex could do with an addition of drop (s) that are a 1/1 similar to Graetoriax always offering gold. Given that supplies can add up over time with the addition of the Key, unless you pull a Nex item then the boss is a major loss in both gold and time which puts a lot of people off fighting her. Completely agree with the Damage Cap. Whilst the kills are pretty standard as of right now (10+ minutes depending on gear/team size), it is rare to find a team that want to do Nex outside of an event. This would make this boss more bearable to solo.
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    Agreed pet does need fixing for the drop table, the potion drops do need removing, maybe with the herb and cut gems as well and replacing with 100 dstones 100 addy or 100 rune bars 10+mins per kill that seems fair for the drops imo. possibly removing the damage cap too? just to make it nicer to kill since a ton of people find it draggy
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    New Additions, Bug fixes & More As mentioned in the previous update -- I would have a follow-up to that one. Here it is. Enjoy! Catacombs is now a multi zone Bronze Patron unlimited prayer benefit glitch has been fixed NPCs in Training Zone are no longer aggressive when task changes Collection Log Black Partyhat bug has been fixed Monster Carnage when inventory is full & you get rewards they will now send to bank instead of floor Captured Leprechaun now goes to Pet Manager when released Prayer Flicking has been made more accurate & responsive Exclusive boxes will now drop at 8PM EST / 12AM GMT Our client no longer dumps your saved information in any active window You can now customize your F-Key settings You can now Check-well by clicking on it at Home Potion times are now live There is a lot of really big fixes here & some awesome QOL-additions. We hope you enjoy these changes - let us know below!
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    Hello all, This thread is an attempt to create a complete and community input-based source for information on rare items. The intention here is to make a list of existing rares in-game, excluding custom items, in an easy-to-read format, that details the amount of each item that exist in the ACTIVE PLAYERBASE economy, as well as where the items are originally obtained. Examples include expired seasonal events, high-level bosses, and limited-time donator shop exclusives. I would like to categorize the items within the following categories: 5 or Less Existing in Known Eco 4 or Less Existing in Known Eco 3 or Less Existing in Known Eco 2 or Less Existing in Known Eco 1 or Less Existing in Known Eco Unknown Amount of This Item Exist (Rarity is Assumed) I am going to list as many items as I can in each category, then post this thread in the hopes that the community will provide additional information and items that I am lacking. Thank you to all who read this and to those who provide input for me to add. This thread will be updated regularly, so don't be afraid to post here a few months or a year from now. 5 or Less Existing in Known Eco 4 or Less Existing in Known Eco 3 or Less Existing in Known Eco 2 or Less Existing in Known Eco 1 or Less Existing in Known Eco Unknown Amount of This Item Exist, or Over 5 (Rarity is Assumed) Again, these numbers are only based off of active player's accounts. Please post your item additions below! Thanks.
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    We needed this. Thank you Kyle
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    If you eventually change it so Ironmen can’t buy high level bolts, they would be nice
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    No harm in providing feedback on my own Team, ay? Owner Lation - The best who's ever done it. I spend a lot of time with him IRL & online - really great well rounded fella - literally better than Trump. Matt - Nothing this man can't do. Here's to two more years. Developer Splash - Wouldn't know what I'd do without him - absolute legend at what he does. Administrator Kari - If he ever leaves Ely - I will shut down the server. Most committed, helpful & ideal Admin an Owner could ask for. Luke - Good guy. Has been vital in many past projects. But IRL has priority over his duties here so giving him some time. Event Manager Jordan - The first "EM". Has filled the role very well & has done a good job at keeping things fresh & fun ingame - also active AF Server Moderator Kemi - Manages his duties pretty well as a Mod. Sono - A lovely individual, also does a splendid job as Mod. Support Nelly - Terrific community member & hopefully will see him as a Mod soon - active, helpful, respectful & great personality.
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    Relationship section is deeaddd and I mean dead. It's been over a year and no one posted about anything in relation to a relationship. Are you all gay? I'd assume so. So, I'm bored and just poppin the forums a bit yafeel. My current relationship is with a girl I've known from highschool, been friends nearly 10 years probably. Only been dating over a year now. But things are great, I got nothing to complain about. She has a kid, which at first I thought would be rough, but I've since grown close to her kid and nearly count him as my own. His dad is one of those deadbeat dads, you know, typical. So, his lose I guess. This summer I plan to teach the kid (nearly 5 years old) many things. From riding a dirtbike, to shooting guns, to building stuff (wood-working i guess), then if he's interested enough teach him how to use a computer. Not to browse the web, but become a smart feller. I'm dumb in relation to things on a computer when you compare me to Matt's knowledge, but Matt's knowledge in this field could score him a nice career in the future. Hoping to provide the kid with the tools to become computer-literate in the programming/developing field. I feel that's important to learn in this day and age tbh. In short, just trying to provide the kid with knowledge that will keep him separate from your typical person/kid nowadays. What I mean by that is, not dumb 7 stupid like 99% of people I know & see. I'm teaching him how to start & run businesses already. My family's new business has been taking off really well so far and I'm trying to make him a part of that. Picking up product, helping us run markets, etc. Teach him to be his own boss instead of an employee I think is important. To at least understand that. So that's my summary & yes I'm bored today and we got some really sick shit coming to Ely in the next week & more so.. I'm not wasting time trust me.

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