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    ECO RESET?! EOC?? SERVER RESET!? ALL ACCOUNTS DELETED?? DONOR STORE DELETED?! No. We are not taking the easy way out of this, ladies. Na, we are going to do this the right way. We heard you. The outpouring of feedback & support is being addressed. This will not be a one-size-fits-all solution - but this is the start. First & foremost I want to thank each and every one of you who felt compelled enough to give their opinion. Your feedback is what matters the most to us -- this is YOUR game after-all. Thank you to everyone who's continued to show undying support for Ely even during these times. So, what is changing to address the pressing issues? The most reoccurring issue in the "Current State of Ely" thread was updates & a lack thereof. Therefore, the most pressing & immediate change we needed to make was at the top of Ely's management. This means mostly the development field. We house some of the most talented people I've ever worked with. However, life changes. Life outside RSPS moves on. This caused quite a gap in the love needed to keep Ely happy & fulfilled. With that said we've all worked together & came to a conclusion in which benefits the players of Ely the most. Our beloved developer @Matt has stepped down from being a full-time developer and remaining on as Co-Owner but will still fulfill his duties when needed. He will continue to do his work behind-the-scenes and on the extremely important stuff our player's don't see. Our beloved content creator @Luke has also stepped down to Administrator. Both of these fine fella's have a life & job outside Ely which require much of their time and find it difficult to make time to do what is required on Ely. I'd like to point out again, the obvious -- these fine fella's are not leaving us. We are simply readjusting the roles in which individuals fill to better suit the betterment of Ely as a whole. Who is going to be the Head Developer, then? We will be scouting new talent to fill the full-time position as Head Developer. This does not mean there will be a continued gap in updates. Part-time & service-based developers will be filling the role during this time. There is no ETA & wouldn't be realistic to set one. However, we will be making sure work is getting done & updates will begin to show up at a daily & predicable pace. How will this fix the issue? As mentioned above the most reoccurring issue mentioned was updates. The solution to that is simple -- more frequent updates. Our current Team is struggling to deliver so we are adjusting that. We have already began on this process and you'll read more about what we've done below. With all that said - going forward we will do our absolute best to be transparent about the updates that are being worked on & what is coming in the future. This means more communication, polling, & involvement by YOU overall in the direction of the server. What about the diminishing count of active players? This is a double-edged sword. We are currently in what is known as the slowest time of the year for RSPS as a whole. This doesn't just affect Ely, this affects all areas of RSPS, development forums such as Rune-Server, RuneLocus, Toplist sites & everything else. This is my 3rd Winter running Ely & every year, at the same time -- this happens. It's nothing to worry about. Another facet of this is during these times I am very frugal on all (if any) ads we buy. Due to the declined traffic during these months the value advertisements bring to the server equate to much less -- but their prices remain the same. Therefore spending money in this area during these months is as good as throwing it out the window. Taking these two things, declining RSPS traffic overall + less active ads = our current state. This is not to say the pace of updates has nothing to do with this -- sure it can affect it. This is why the first thing we addressed was our development above. Everything mentioned above is changing. In late March to April traffic picks up, many more advertisements will go live & starting now the development team is back on track. What are you doing to address other issues outside development? Overall, the largest & most pressing issue is in fact, development. That has been solved as of the posting of this thread. However another reoccurring theme that was somewhat prominent was the Exclusive Mystery Boxes. It is believed that the economy is struggling in-game and while I believe there is some truth to that -- it's not the full story. After taking a closer look at the economy we noticed items are coming into the game at a significantly faster pace than they are leaving. Where are they meant to go? What are you supposed to do with all your extras? We needed to remedy this immediately and as of now we believe we have a solution -- one of which has been suggested for a long time. The Well of Goodwill will be available very shortly. More information on this update can be found below. However, the Boxes are not the sole cause. To refer back above mentioning the reasons why the player count seems to be diminishing; another part of this is 75% of the active players are loyal players who have been playing, grinding & stacking bank while purchasing boxes for the past year. So what you guys see is not the whole story. It's a conglomerate of the results of slowed growth, item influx, lack of cash sinks & little development all in one. With that said, we believe the Well of Goodwill is the most appropriate solution to the Box issues that we're mentioned - you will be able to donate your items in return for server-wide benefits that give everyone an exciting boost. They will no longer serve no purpose building up within your banks - you can now use them to benefit everybody while doing your part in cleaning up the economy. Some last words in regards to this overall.. We are making a lot of changes. We are re-hauling everything to better suit you. We are shaking off the loose pieces. We are giving Ely a new home & throwing away Lunar Isle. We are returning to the basics. We are going to focus a lot more on community involvement & events. To fulfill this we are incorporating some basic skilling abilities right at the new home. We are introducing a brand new Staff rank known as "Event Manager" - this individual will be creating, managing & hosting daily events, activities & will have the ability to trigger server-wide events such as drop rate boosts in certain areas, massing events & more. We are adding monthly voting rewards to the top voters. We will be pushing out updates and fixing bugs at a faster pace. We are adding the Well of Goodwill. We killed a bunch of bugs and fulfilled a bunch of suggestions. We sincerely hope this remedies your worries about the direction of Ely. We believe this changes everything. We are changing the core of Ely. We are adapting to what you asked for. This is only the beginning. The Next Update The next update will be including some incredible changes. Take a look below at what's to come.. Going Back Home - Edgeville We have packed our stuff and moved back home to Edgeville. What are some of the benefits of this? - Incorporated more skilling at home, more togetherness. - Added a permanent Bonfire - Added Ivy to the walls of the Bank - Added an Anvil in the Furnace Building - Making the centerpiece of this home a Well of Goodwill. - More familiarity for everyone from Vets to new players. Most Sought-After Update; the Well of Goodwill This has taken longer than it should have. You can see a more full picture above where the Well is located at home. So, let's get into the details.. This will be a 3-Tiered Well of Goodwill. Each Tier achieved will start a server-wide bonus. Each time a Tier is achieved it triggers the respective event for 1 hour. The Well accepts both items & GP. Tier 1 - 500M Donated - 25% XP Boost Tier 2 - 1B Donated - 50% XP Boost Tier 3 - 2B Donated - x2 XP Boost + 10% Drop Rate Boost When Tier 3 is achieved, no more can be donated until the 1 hour passes. Once the time expires, you will be able to donate again for another hour of benefits. This is only just the beginning. We will tweak, advance & adjust the Well to what best suits our players & economy going forward. Event Manager, Staff Changes & Elysians The new Staff position; Event Manager. This role will be tasked with creating, managing & hosting server-wide events. The possibilities of this role will be endless. Their main purpose & responsibility will be bringing the community together. This will include having the ability to trigger server-wide events in specific locations, new notification system to organize & more. They will also be tasked with creating events a couple days a week. Expect to see a lot more activity & exiting things with this update. Who will be the Event Manager? @Jordan Staff Changes @Callum has been demoted. @Masoud has been demoted. @IttzKaotic has been demoted. @Enzyme has been demoted. @Kemi has been moved to Moderator. Thank you to each & every one of these fine people. Due to the lack of need of Staff, activity, interest & more we are sorry to let you go but what you've done for us in your positions has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the privilege of working with yous. A Word about the Elysian Rank The beta-testing role has been removed. We are no longer going to provide more rifts between the players and the development of the server. We are going to become more transparent and involve all our players who'd like to be involved in the development of Ely going forward. Therefore; Elysians are no longer needed. Thank you to those who were apart of this program - it was really beneficial during it's time. Punishment Log Reset What's a revamp without a second chance for the gone & forgotten players who have been IP Banned, Mac Banned, IP Muted and so on? The posting of this thread signifies a lift & removal of all bans & mutes across the board. Monthly Voting Rewards The top 3 voters of every month will now be receiving rewards for their support towards Ely. This is still in the early stages and yet to be finalized. This will however be done by the time this update goes live. Bug Fixes & Suggestions (Still being added too) Few bugged cave horrors have been replaced by the proper NPC Gargoyle that spawns in the abyssal demons room in slayer tower has been removed Purple slayerhelm withdrawn as note has been fixed Toktz-xil-ul have been fixed Added 1 more iron dragon to ancient cavern Celestial items now have a base value of 50m gp Cannonball packs (1000) can now be purchased from the slayer point shop for 300 points Added noted butterfly jars to the hunter store, you're welcome iron men Soft clay has been added to the construction shop Items made tradable: Boogie Bow, Rainbow Afro, Xmas Sleigh, Suitcase, Coloured Gnome Scarfs, Eggsterminator, Fancy Boots, Basket of eggs, Barrel hats from Lepprechaun, Grim Reaper Hood Final Words First I'd like to point out -- NONE of this is live in-game yet. This is more a start to our plan to become more transparent to the community about what is currently happening behind the scenes. Second, this is not a COMPLETE list of all the changes. There will be more & hopefully just as exciting things to be added come time to update. Third, this update will be coming out really soon - but cannot provide an exact time. Overall, we are hard at work at addressing the concerns of the community and I absolutely hope you can see that in this post. We are trying our best. Lastly I must say again -- this is only just the beginning.
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    So after a very long time playing Ely, i cant help but notice the change of the server and how things are going at the minute. A lot of oldies no longer play and everyone just seems so distance from what once was an amazing server to play. In my opinion Ely really just doesn't feel the same anymore and I want to find out what everyone thinks of this. Please no memes or shit talk, i just want a complete honest truth from everyone about what they think of the server/how its run etc. Please answer these if you have time What do you really think of Ely in its current state? What makes you come back to play everyday? What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? More for the oldies that have parted with Ely - What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? What made you part ways from playing Ely? I just really dont want to see Ely go into the ground, a lot of people have put a huge amount of time into the game because they love the game and people within it. However at the rate its going its just being forgotten about more each day. I dont see anyone really wanting to do anything in-game, as it lacks the enthusiasm like it had beforehand. I really hope things will change.
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    Merry Christmas @Luke and everyone else
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    Owner Lation - Good guy, active in chat when he's able to. Matt - Never met him, fun to kill the npc tho. Developer Luke - Never met him Splash - Never met him either Administrators Kari - Never met this guy either Global Moderators Kemi - #1 goof but always helpful when he's online Server Moderator Jordan - Rich boi, but helpful Callum - Helpful when he's online Ultsonofares - Also helpful when hes online Forum Moderators Enzyme - Never see him in-game but active on discord which is nice Support Masoud - Good support man, helps when needed and also sells lots of st00f P.S. I feel like there's almost 0 communication when it comes to most things to players, maybe work on that a bit like a dev blog or an update ETA instead of Soon TM
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    Im here only 3 months, but i had a lot of experience. Owner Lation - Godfather, always is ready to answer, and always looks swag when afk. Matt - I havent met him Developer Luke - I havent met him. Splash - Godfather's son. Administrators Kari - Guy who is ready to chill with you and help. Global Moderators Kemi - Always thought its Kari, but supportive too, and funny Server Moderator Jordan - Always Online, Always answers, Always rich, Always grinding, Always buying things above market value, Always Flexin, Always walking in clout gear, hes crazy. Callum - Havent seen him as much as other mods/admins Ultsonofares - Saw him fishing, hes hardcore. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Really smart guy, like really. Support Masoud - Thats what he does, he supports.
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    You can no longer place a cannon outside the Corporeal Beast cave. The Founding Festival quest no longer mentions "Zarpor". When you leave Runespan via NPC you now get teleported to Home, not Edgeville. The message "You find another Clue" now shows when you have the Game filter on. The message "... to the plantaform above." is now hidden by the Game filter. The Master/Supreme Poison Purge Aura's now correctly heal you for Poison damage received. The Taverly tree patch is now functional! (I hope?) The Cannon's fire rate has been fixed. We've been MIA lately and we apologize for that. Expect regular content updates again from here on out.
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    Lation - Bossman! Matt - The quiet bossman. Developer Luke - The forgotten mod. Play more dude. Splash - Eh. As far as i know busy guy. Dont see him on alot lately. les go fk grae together again. Administrators Kari - Very Helpful! Glad to have you! Global Moderators Kemi - Kemi is bae. Helpful with questions whenever hes online. Always there to assist. Server Moderator Jordan - Jordy is rich af but also helpful. Can be nice and also an ass. But still nice to have you around. youre very helpful. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Enz is like there but not there. like me. always afk. but when hes actice he can be helpful and hes cool. Support Callum - Helps with more than just ely. Good friend, great support. Make him a mod. He deserves it. Ultsonofares - I see he always helps around when hes on. Always very fast and on point. keep up the good work. PS: I think some Mods shud be more active and actualy join the players and do stuff
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    1) NPC Kill log fixed. 2) Pet Rework: If you've unlocked a pet and it's not in your bank or inventory it will go to pet manager. You can also release the pet from your inventory to save inventory/bank space and it'll go to pet manager. Enjoy.
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    The Comeback Season The players have spoken. The Team has answered. The result is here. Going Back Home Hope you all were packed up & ready to move. We incorporated some new features to our new Home: - Added a DPS (damage-per-second) Dummy - Added a Max-hit Dummy - Added a permanent Bonfire - Added Ivy to the walls of the Bank - Added an Anvil in the Furnace Building - Added a Well of Goodwill - All shops in one location Well of Goodwill You can now donate GP & items into this Well in return for server-wide benefits. This is a 3-Tiered system of benefits. Each Tier achieved will start a server-wide bonus. Each time a Tier is achieved it triggers the respective even for 1 hour. Tier 1 - 500M Donated - 25% XP Boost Tier 2 - 1B Donated - 50% XP Boost Tier 3 - 2B Donated - x2 XP Boost + 10% Drop Rate Boost When Tier 3 is achieved, no more can be donated until the 1 hour passes. Once the time expires, you will be able to donate again for another hour of benefits. At any time you are able to check the status of the Well by using the command: "checkwell" This is only the beginning. We will tweak, advance & adjust the Well to what best suits our players & economy going forward. In-Game Events & the Event Manager With this update we are focusing on bringing the community together more. We have focused on creating more ways to start & run events in-game to keep things fun & exciting. The new role; Event Manager will be responsible for creating & managing events a few days a week. Here is a sneak peek at the abilities our Staff will have access to in order to keep things fun! Now available in our Discord is a new way to opt-in to notifications for specifically in-game events. Be sure to visit the #role-notifications channel to opt-in so you won't miss out on these events! This is only just the beginning. Events will be expanded on in time & the Event Manager will be hosting his own type of Events - there will be events daily and will involve everybody so be sure to be online & opt-in to notifications! Top Monthly Voter Rewards To get this started we are rewarding the top 3 voters of February, congratulations to: @z e l d a, @dragoncin & @Kemi! March Exclusive Boxes We have yet again switched up the Exclusive boxes to make them more useful & more rewarding to you. This means in short: more items, more diversity, way less boring. Simply, the best box yet. This month we introduced a slew of new items into the game, check it out below: Tz-Tol Set (Helm, Plate, Legs, Boots & Gloves) This is only available from the March Exclusive boxes this month. This set is an "override" or a "skin" for Torva gear. In it's natural state (from the boxes) it is only cosmetic. You can then use the item on Torva helm, plate & legs to add Torva stats & HP Boost to this new set. Blazing Longsword This is another override item made for the Primal Longsword. Use this item on a Primal Longsword to receive the non-cosmetic version. Colored Infinity Robes For the first time we are introducing colored Infinity robes! You will receive these in packs! Not individual parts. The Guaranteed Item This month's bonus item you receive in every box is x5 noted Crystal Keys! Punishment Log Reset To kick off this revamping properly, we are giving everyone a second chance! If you've been banned in the past & were unable to play, or speak in-game; all these infractions have been lifted. Note: if you were banned for botting/abuse/or otherwise similar offence you account may be reset or remain inaccessible. Only banned IP's, MAC's & IP mute's are being lifted. Bug Fixes & Suggestions Few bugged cave horrors have been replaced by the proper NPC Gargoyle that spawns in the abyssal demons room in slayer tower has been removed Purple slayerhelm withdrawn as note has been fixed Toktz-xil-ul have been fixed 3rd age pickaxe & axe G/E bug fixed Dragon Warhammer G/E bug fixed (Shoutout to @Kyle) Colored Slayer Helms have been fixed Ring of Coins, Stone, Six & Bone Brooch all work now Being kicked from Clans due to changed capitalization in your name is fixed Added 1 more iron dragon to ancient cavern Celestial pieces have had base prices changed Cannonball packs (1000) can now be purchased from the slayer point shop for 300 points Added noted butterfly jars to the hunter store, you're welcome iron men Soft clay has been added to the construction shop Kalphite Queen teleport updated to be closer Items made tradable: Boogie Bow, Rainbow Afro, Xmas Sleigh, Suitcase, Coloured Gnome Scarfs, Eggsterminator, Fancy Boots, Basket of eggs, Barrel hats from Lepprechaun, Grim Reaper Hood Examine Values Prices With the release of the Well of Goodwill, examine prices are not going to be accurate. As a matter of fact, don't expect them to ever be accurate according to street value. However, with release we have adjusted many items prices to make it worthwhile to donate. Below is a list of items price we have changed to better reflect donate-ability. All Godwars Gear Dragonfire Shield & Variants All Nex pieces All Spirit Shields All Partyhats Glacor Boots Primal Weapons & Armor Celestial God Rings, Sara Amulet's & more We will be taking notes from everyone based on the items that are wished to be donated. We will consistently update these examine prices for any items people are looking to drop. Please reach out to a Staff member to ntoe an item you wish to donate but examine value is far-off. Final Words This update is in specific response to the recent community feedback about the state of Ely. We have done nothing short of our absolute best to address the bulk of the issues highlighted by you. With that said -- this update isn't a solve-all update. This is merely the start of a new direction. This plan going forward for the next update is to focus strictly on bugs & suggestions posted by you. If you aware of any bugs currently in-game please make sure you fill out a bug report, here. If you have any suggestions do so, here. In case some of you may have forgotten, we only focus on bugs & suggestions that have been POSTED on the forums. Do not expect anything you want if it is not posted & recorded on the forums in the respective sections. With all that said, we hope you enjoy the crap out of this update. Enjoy!
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? I haven't played in while but the times that I have been on even for an hour or so I belive Ely is in the worst state so far. Player count is down to its lowest and the people that are on are either bankstanding or afking at home. Updates seem to be on a back burner even just bi-weekly updates like the small update we just had. boxes seem to be playing a huge part of Ely's survival atm but looking on the store and still seeing some monthly boxes remaining shows to me that the boxes aren't doing as well as they once where. What makes you come back to play everyday? N/A cos I'm MIA What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I would like to see a OSRS version of Ely and I know that was under construction a long time ago but seemed to have died off. I would love to see the streams again like before when FPSMerk came on Ely and I believe that would also help revive Ely as player count was hitting all times highs of 50+ and the server was popping. Some type of mass boss or Minigame events. I remember we did have a few Minigames events at Castle Wars (still No.1 CWars players BTW) and even all the way back when Ely was a new server Alot of us would camp corp beast. Now there doesn't seem to be any real interaction between players other then new players asking where something is. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? The turn around of players on Ely has always been a concern of mine. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? Having something more to do. I know the collection log came out awhile ago and that could be something I could be working towards but I never really got into doing it. One thing that I know will bring me back is the Comp cape (T) its been in discussion of this server for a long time and a very controversial topic within the player base at to what should be part of it and shouldn't as its to much of a grind to do certain suggestions but now it seems to have become a grind just waiting on the release of it. Everytime a OSRS boss has been added into Ely I've returned for a little while but not for as long as I hoped. Seeing more OSRS content will defo keep me coming back. What made you part ways from playing Ely? Tbh I basiclly did everything I wanted to. I achieved 200m exp in all stats and Got my Comp cape but even after that I still stayed and got my alt to 4bil total exp. I think with alot of other OG's leaving Ely and the server once active community full of players bossing together and standing at home but actually talking it seems to be gone. before I stopped playing it turned into a place full of charecters just afking and even the few times I have logged back onto Ely its the same thing I may to one or two people saying Hi but thats about it. I hope that one day I do just wake up and find that spark that I once had to play Ely every day and I hope that others to do but I feel like alot of OG's have drifted to far away now and to anyone that reads this even though yes im english im retarded and there is probs spelling mistakes everywhere. so enjoy.
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    I hope you're all having an amazing Christmas so far, And to make it that much better we're giving you one of the most requested updates to date. Zulrah. (Yes, We made it around THAT Corner.) Zulrah The God-like creature, worshipped by many from all around Gielnor, Has finally risen from the toxic waste to challenge the players of Ely. Zulrah has been coded completely from scratch, and added from OSRS resources. This was a large project to undertake, but it's finally done. We want to thank our Elysian's for their tremendous effort during testing, Nelly, Kaotic, Masoud, Enzyme & Jordan. Without their help The balancing of this boss would have been much worse off, and they helped speed up the progress we made by 300%. Finding bugs constantly for us to fix, And helping us find a sweet spot for the boss to be in. The Fight: Zulrah will function the exact same way Oldschool runescapes works. This means all 4 phases, All mechanics with a bit 718 Love / tweaking. In addition to this, We've heard the complaints in the past about death mechanics in high end bossing, and decided to ensure Zulrah does not fall into this category. For that reason, Zulrah will be a completely SAFE DEATH. You can start the fight by typing "::tele Zulrah" And heading towards the boat docked in the poison waste. From there your on your own. Good luck and may the RNG be with you. Looking back 2019 has been one hell of a year for Ely, Through highs and lows. You've all been there. In May, We saw the launch of the Exclusive boxes. These boxes impacted Ely massively, quickly becoming one of the most loved item's we added to the donation store. With this box, a very special rare item was added to Ely, the first of its kind. You all know what im talking about, The Fiery collection. To commemorate this box, and it's items, We've decided to introduce what will be the very last box drop of 2019, These boxes are insane when compared to the regular exclusives, offering Torva, Pernix & Virtus as common reward. As well as the very last fiery item to ever be available in the exclusive store. The fiery Primordial Boots. The catch? These boxes are available for a limited time, Not a limited quanitity. They are also $25 Per box, Making them the most expensive box to date. You have 8 days left to get your hands on these boxes, after that they are gone FOREVER. Along with the boxes we intoduced a new XMAS themed exclusive item, The hy-draconic lance, Inspired by the Pine tree. Fixes - Hardcore ironmen will no longer die in practice instances, and lose their accounts. - Added some stat requirements to items, such as the bandos helmet. - Matt fixed a bug. On a personal note from me, i want to let you all know that we've been working on other things during the long dev period Zulrah has taken. We have some amazing stuff in store for 2020, and i have been working in spare time to draft up more content for you guys in the future. Here's an example of the type of items you might expect to see in the new year. Closing up To close up, Thank you all so much for being apart of Ely. Without you none of this would be possible, we're grateful for your continued love & support. I hope to see you all around in-game, Existing players or returning vets. Have a wonderful Christmas & I'll see you on the other side.
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    Having read the recent Staff Feedback posts, It's clear I could both be more active and more transparent with everyone. I've decided to write up this development blog on Zulrah so you can see our progress from start to finish, as well as be notified when we've been working on this piece of content. If this Dev Blog is well received, I may make one for future projects too. Thanks for the idea @Timburt! Well, where to start? With what's completed so far, of course! What we've done so far: 1) We fixed an issue with the teleport location map (see below spoiler) 2) Added the ability to teleport to Zulrah. 3) Created the instance-starting via NPC on the docks of Zul-Andra. 4) As far as the combat of Zulrah goes, we have currently completed the full phase system, as well as the different attack sequences. We also have all three coloured models of Zulrah attacking with their correct combat style. 5) Zulrah's Melee AOE attack is fully working as well as the Jad Phases. 6) Our most recent piece of work was creating acceptable GFX for Zulrah's different attacks. As we aren't an OSRS based server we have to design these ourselves to make them feel as close to the original as possible. I feel Splash did a good job with this. 7) We also started work on the final special attacks; snakelings and poison clouds. This is an interesting one as we need to place them at specific co-ordinates in certain phases so fairly time consuming to do. To-do list: 1) We need to copy over the drop tables from the OSRS Wiki and then re-balance them to make them suited to Ely. 2) We need to disable Summoning Familiars and Cannons in this area. 3) When we finish the final special attacks, we'll need to get some of the Elysians online to help us test Zulrah to ensure the combat is flawless and the boss is balanced. This will most likely be the last step before release. 4) We also need to handle how to reclaim your items upon death, we will most likely mimic the same system OSRS uses for Zulrah. 5) The main drops from Zulrah will need to be made 100% from scratch as we don't have any of the required assets such as the OSRS Blowpipe attacking animation. It shouldn't be too hard to use something similar, though. We also need to find a solution for Monster Carnage and the Serpentine Helmet as we want to move it to exclusively Zulrah. Moving forward, any time we work on this piece of content I'll create a new post detailing what we've done (I'm more than likely going to reserve a few posts below this one so I can just edit it in and have it all in 1 spot). If you'd like to see more of this type of post in the future, please do let us know. We hope to get Zulrah released by the end of November!
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    Here we are again, Kyle & for anyone that doesn't want to read all the words I'm about to type the result of this appeal is denied - so there you go. Now to the beloved player; Kyle. Where do I begin? Shall we take a step back in time and begin at the very beginning of your time on Ely? Na, let's start with the inconsistencies in your appeal which played a factor in the reason your appeal is denied - and I'll explain that more in depth shortly. You insinuate after you asked "are we ever gonna get a non-donator update" that you were instantly flamed, kicked from the server & muted in-game immediately; at least that's how it reads. Let's go back here and state FACTS, something of which you claim to be stating but are yet again, shocking: lying. So after your cute statement in the Discord you failed to mention the part where I directly replied to you - and very in-depth indeed. I even provided you with a screenshot of our past SIX (6), that is greater than 5 but less than 7, of our last updates to the game. Not one of those examples listed, which went back nearly two+ months were "donator exclusive" updates; nor can I even find such an update in the list & I only provided you with the last 6. After a little more conversation ensued between us you went on to gripe that the only updates the game gets are a "new box every week" - which I then clearly pointed out to you is in fact only one mystery box we been selling for about 9 months or so now. Which I'll gladly explain again to you here: what our Exclusive Mystery boxes are is one single box, that gets re-made and refreshed every single month to provide new and refreshing items to the game, with a much better chance at rare items than our regular Mystery box selections. These are not new boxes week to week or month to month. They are simply the same box, with new items. Here's why you got a notification every week about what you thought was "a new box every week" - these boxes are in limited supply. Which means we only release an X amount of boxes to sell per month; which is 600. Instead of making all these available at the start of the month we break it down into 4 "drops" per month - once at the start of every week in a quantity of 150. So as it would go - I would post in the "#announcements" channel (which is strictly for.. you guessed it - announcements!) every week a few hours prior to these box "drops." After this conversation you backtracked in Discord and said you only said when are we ever going to get an update. I then at this point was fed up with you and your lying / backtracking of your statements. At the time of that writing - when you asked that question, the last update was only two weeks prior. So what were you complaining about? Only God knows, Kyle.. none of us ever understand what your going on about. After the backtracking and nonsensical chit chat going on in the Discord general chat - I then kicked you from the Discord; keep in mind a "kick" is not a "ban" - two different things. Now let's move on to the next part, shall we? You mentioned in your appeal "I was then flamed, kicked from the Discord server, and muted in-game. Keep in mind that I broke no rules, said nothing related to this in game..." Here we are back at square one in which you are blatantly lying. You explicitly logged in-game after that and began ranting about the same exact issue in the public chat ingame now and then proceeded to flame me for kicking you from the Discord. Here we basically repeated ourselves again in nearly the same manner of our conversation on Discord - after just getting sick of your nonsense - I muted you. A fail-safe. You can continue to play the game you some days claim you love, and others claim is completely shit and not going anywhere - minus the nonsense that comes from your keyboard on a daily basis. Something I viewed as a win-win. So let's move to the next part of your appeal.. You state: "After reading through the rules I can confidently say that this punishment was unjust, the situation was undeserving of a mute, and for once in my life, I literally did nothing wrong, unless you count voicing a concern I have by asking a question." Let's clear something up here.. you claim you read through the rules. If you actually read the thread in its entirety than I'd assume you would have saw the part at the very top that explicitly states the following: "Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as they see fit." Let's dig into this further. Am I a Staff member? Hell - I'm an Owner; I believe that counts as Staff. Therefore means I reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as I see fit. So, I saw it fit that you deserved a mute. You therefore have the right to appeal that; which I have simply denied. Just because the rules don't state a mighty specific "If a player is using general chats to spread falsehoods & lies about the server & it's owner, they can be muted or banned" doesn't mean I can't do that. Let's also keep in mind this is a private server owned, run & managed by just a few individuals. We are not owned by a third-party corporation, a company, or separate entity in which we answer too. I just like to keep the peace, and when your not speaking - the server seems to be at peace. Interesting. Let's move on. Your very first reason for saying you should be un-muted is: "This kind of treatment to the playerbase is unprofessional, and not something I would expect from the staff, especially from the owner." Might I refer to the statement right above this one in which we are not owned or managed by a third party corporation, company or separate entity. Therefore our "professionalism" is entirely up to us, myself, or other owners. I would also like to refer back to the part in which I mentioned "this is a private server owned, run & managed by just a few individuals." That should answer that part.. The most hilarious part yet? Let's have us a look.. Remember some way back in this story I mentioned the part about you being a liar? We are gonna revisit that here. Your very next statement is as follows: "I'm posting this here because I shouldn't have to ask to be unmuted for doing nothing wrong, and I shouldn't have to beg the staff member who issued it to reinstate my communication rights." Let's focus on the part I took the time to enlarge & embolden. I'd like to mentioned.. when.. where.. how.. did you ever even attempt to contact me once since this mute? Let me state for the record - never. The very last time you contacted me on any platform whatsoever was on Discord on October 24th & it was about a Runecrafting Pet; Abby. I did not receive any communication from you since then until today when you sent me the link to this very appeal. So again I ask, when did you beg to have your communication reinstated? To who? Where? You know where to contact me when you need too. My Discord private messages are not restricted to server's I share with people, they are open and have been since I joined Discord in 2017. Can we quit the lying? Last but not least.. A meme: "I don't want an apology, and I don't mind staying muted, but I wanted to post this because I feel that I've been treated extremely unfairly due to an outburst of anger from a staff member. I have attempted to make this post as unbiased as possible, and to just present the facts. I know this will be taken down eventually, but I'm putting it here in the hopes that it can serve as an example of how players should NOT be treated. Thanks for reading." I will not spend time on each part of this I will just say - I'm glad you don't expect an apology because you will not find one. Also glad to hear you don't mind staying muted because you will be (until possibly one day out of the kindness of my heart I decide to lift). Also you made this post just to present the facts? Do you know fact usually mean they are not lies? Also - none of our appeals are taken down; just moved to their respective sections. Have a good day, Kyle.. until we meet again.
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    Elysians We are introducing a new Discord role, the Elysian's! This is a new exclusive role that gives you a bit more access to the behind-the-scenes work going on in Ely, allows you to become the first to test new content for bugs, glitches, etc. We are excited to introduce this role which will start with a limited amount of people, but will be expanded on with time and change, adapt & grow as we go along in Ely. How do I join? You will be selected to join the Elysian's. We carefully watch & analyze all players all the time for many different reasons. In this specific case we will be looking for people with a love for Ely, a very deep understanding of our game, an eager willingness to help others & more along those lines. If you fit these characteristics you will most likely be selected to join, eventually :). What are the benefits? Being an Elysian means you have early access to new content in situations which we need help testing. You will also have an exclusive Role & Channel in Discord which will give you direct access to the Developers to make suggestions, hear about things coming soon & more. Who are the first Elysian's? @IttzKaotic, @nelly & @Masoud Congratulations to these fellas, your Discord role is now updated & you are now an Elysian! Thank you for your continued support to Ely and we are looking forward to working a bit closer with you!
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    Once again we apologize for no notes since the update on the 1st, Life has been hectic recently in the development team and sometimes it gets hard to balance. Here is what changed. - Varrock is in eternal night as the ghosts walk the land once more. Find and capture them for a reward! - A fear reaper has appeared in central varrock, Offering various rewards for those brave enough to face him. - New mystery boxes have been added to the exclusive shop, Including new custom cosmetics. - A New crown has been added to the exclusive shop, For those who want to set themselves ablaze. There is still a few issues that will be resolved in time, But we appreciate your patience & support so far. We can assure you we are making good progress on the next update which will bring some very unique features to Ely, Along with some highly requested content.
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    Introducing: Global & Personal NPC Kill Records You will now find a new Leaderboard at home, East of the bank! This board will post & record the fastest Boss kill records! Whoever holds the latest & fastest record will be shown on this Board along with the Boss Name & time it took. If someone beats your record for a specific Boss; you will be replaced. Hold it down, boys - get those records in! This Leaderboard currently tracks kills for the following: All God Wars Dungeon Bosses Corporeal Beast Chaos Elemental Kalphite Queen King Black Dragon Nex Tormented Demons Dagannoth Kings Cerberus Graetoriax the Unbroken Skotizo Kraken & Ruins of Graetoria Boss Personal Kill Records On top of these Global Boss records, every single NPC you kill will now feature your own personal records. This includes everything from Rock Crabs to Nex. It will display your kill time in console, unless you set or beat a personal record which will then display in your chat box! Great way to keep track of your number of kills & how efficient you can be. Are you curious what your current record is for an NPC? A new command - "record" can be used that will display your personal record on the last NPC you killed. There are a few exceptions in which your kill record time will get voided. First is if you use an Insta-Kill dart - your time will not be recorded. Second is if a second player attacks the same NPC you are fighting - your time will be voided. Lastly, Admin accounts are not recorded Globally; only personal records. Discord Update We have added a new command that can be used in Discord! !activity [username] We've also updated all other commands such as !stats [username], !drops [npcs] & so on! Few Changes Ruins Duo partner instance bug corrected. Battle Royale Mysterious cape bug has been fixed. Enjoy!
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    A Crystal Chest Update, Bug Fixes & More Forinthry brace now fully functional (Obtainable from Skeletal & Zombie Hand NPCS) Repel option grants immunity to revenant damage for 1 min & removes aggression for 1 hour --- Crystal Chest Update --- 50% increase of quantity on the following: Dagannoth & Dragon Bones Red & Green D'hide Addy & Rune Bars Teak & Mahogany Planks Uncut Dragonstones Added the following items: Dragon Dart Tips (300-500 quantity) Dragon Arrowheads (300-500 quantity) Black Dragonhide (20-30 quantity) Coins have been increased from 500k-1M to 1M-3M Removed Big Bones & Babydragon bones 2-Year Anniversary To celebrate our 2 year anniversary we have added a new Aura EVERYONE will receive if you login anytime from now until the 30th! Everyone will also receive the Vote shop Ely Cape for free! Thanks for everyone who has been with us & is a part of this community. Zulrah has been added to Boss Tasks You can now create & edit presets at the proper home (Edge) Fixed fletching of Iron & Steel (unf) bolts to finished bolts with feathers Overload packs now give noted Ovls & can open many packs at a time You can now put Saradomin Brew Potions into Flasks The Edgeville bookcase required for a clue has been fixed
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    New Additions, Bug fixes & More As mentioned in the previous update -- I would have a follow-up to that one. Here it is. Enjoy! Catacombs is now a multi zone Bronze Patron unlimited prayer benefit glitch has been fixed NPCs in Training Zone are no longer aggressive when task changes Collection Log Black Partyhat bug has been fixed Monster Carnage when inventory is full & you get rewards they will now send to bank instead of floor Captured Leprechaun now goes to Pet Manager when released Prayer Flicking has been made more accurate & responsive Exclusive boxes will now drop at 8PM EST / 12AM GMT Our client no longer dumps your saved information in any active window You can now customize your F-Key settings You can now Check-well by clicking on it at Home Potion times are now live There is a lot of really big fixes here & some awesome QOL-additions. We hope you enjoy these changes - let us know below!
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    Hi my name is Pablo in real life,i am from chile latinoamerica and i have to say something about ely community, I been playing on this server and finally i feel open to say this is such a nice community everyone is so freandly with each other and when you ask something and your english isn't the best they treat you normally and help you with respect, im so thanks for that i been in a lot of rsps and everyone treat you like shit if you are latino, but here again you are so kind. So that, thanks you again for all and have a nice day, night, afternoon, week, weekend, year, hannuka...
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? I think Ely is a shell of what it once was. It's a mystery box filled private server clone and updates are slow af. When I stepped down from the staff team the second time I told myself I was only going to log in when I felt like playing, because having so many afk people at home looks bad, and I didn't want to contribute to that any more. That's when I realized I had zero motivation to keep playing. What makes you come back to play everyday? I only ever log in at this point to check in and see how everyone's doing. I don't play the game at all when I get on. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? Less RNG-based donation items. Things like the Partyhat Box, "Exclusive" Mystery Boxes; or these new packs like the "Wealthy Pack" for $500... These items in my opinion show a total disregard for the well-being of your player-base and the well-being of Ely and it shows. The economy is terrible, and it's to the point where I wouldn't be opposed to an economy reset but it seems pointless unless there are some serious changes made to the game. I'd also really like it if the client wouldn't automatically enter your info into whatever your active window is, this is a security threat for people in the middle of typing something. And fix fucking farming. It's been almost 2 years and tree patches still bug-out and become unusable forever. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? I feel that Ely is very focused on donations, and donator-centered updates. I think the ;;bank command is completely p2w and very blatant about it. I believe only Admin+ should have that ability. I think the limited-time "exclusive" mystery boxes are disingenuous and downright terrible. They use artificial scarcity to push you into buying them before they're all gone. "They're sooo overpowered you gotta get em quick! " -Owner of Dreamscape There is no reason these boxes have to stop being available after the month is over, or limited to 100..? 150..? 180..? per week, but if they didn't try to rush you into buying them A lot of effort is spent coordinating these boxes each month and balancing them before release, and I think this time could be better spent on other updates. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? Listen to everything everyone in this thread is saying. These are the people who care, the people who will keep the game alive, if you give them reason to. What made you part ways from playing Ely? Up until about 6 months ago I was living a pretty sweet neet life. I would go to work full time but I lived at home and had zero bills. Money wasn't important to me so I spent a fair amount of it on Ely. I can't do that anymore and the game stopped being fun when I stopped being able to donate, which is the root of the problem that Ely needs to remedy, in my opinion. I have so many amazing memories with amazing friends I made on this game, and I really feel that it had a positive influence on my life to some degree, and it really sucks to see the game in such bad shape after being gone only a few months
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    What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely in its current state has gone down a lot since i joined like almost 2 years ago? The Eco has been completely fucked from these monthly boxes and you can buy basically everything in game in the shop with real money so no point in even grinding things anymore for most people which makes half the content useless. What makes you come back to play everyday: Currently nothing at all is bringing me back to play ely everyday, But when i did play the community was basically the only thing that brought me to log in everyday. What would you like to see in the future: weekly/bi-weekly updates like were told we would be getting since the beginning would be nice to see. More care for the community in a way and maybe listen to them sometimes instead of muting when you don't feel like hearing it anymore (not saying names or pointing anyone in particular out). Maybe some more community events to bring people together and have a bit of fun. What made you part ways from Ely: Ely just isn't like how it used to be and i stopped enjoying logging in everyday because of it. Will i ever come back probably not. poorly written will update add to later and sorry i know im not the nicest player in game
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    What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely has been on the decline for quite some time. As hard as it is to say that it is a fact. The regulars have nothing to do and the new players just aren't staying. Whether that be an issue linked to Player Counts, Content, or just not a fan of how we act as a community is something we just don't know. Whilst there is a complete understanding of the real life scenarios involved with Developers (and anybody in general) having full time jobs, without consistency of content Ely will not bounce back. We're currently being kept alive by the regulars and the Monthly Exclusive Boxes, but that is not a business model that will continue to thrive and keep Ely going. As noticed with some of the recent Boxes (January especially) the Boxes are staying in there for quite some time. Ely has been my home since it first started; following Lation across sources and watching this source grow has been fantastic. But in the current state of things and the limited desire for any players to actually play the game, I can't see it lasting for much longer. What makes you come back to play everyday: Truthfully, nothing. Even as a Moderator and as a regular, Ely is rapidly becoming a last resort to fill my boredom. As others have noticed, maybe its repetitive habit, addiction, the thrill of calling Kemi a nerd on a daily basis? As somebody who would never usually AFK, I spend all my time on Ely doing it now because of lack of interest which is sad. Any time I spend in-game is talking to friends I have here, but it is becoming more difficult to see when anybody is online nowadays. What would you like to see in the future: There's plenty of things that Ely could do that would motivate a lot of players. Me personally, a fresh start. Whether this be in the form of an OSRS variant, a complete reset of the Economy and Levels or a subsidiary server that's focused more on developing a more realistic Runescape-esque game (Quests, Minigames, DnDs, Adventurers Log etc). I think what Ely truly needs is content to motivate and link it's sectors. Right now, it is far too easy to complete and becomes a repetitive task. Any comments or issues that are currently concerning: Whilst I understand that everybody is busy with real life and that Matt and Lation have some things planned to revitalise Ely, it's concerning that it may be a bit too late. It does get joked about quite a lot but Ely is incredibly limited with the Updates that actually occur (and whether or not they're even wanted in-game). It is rather concerning that it has taken this long to realise that another Developer is required given how long Ely has been going on for. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again: Take this from someone who was here from day 1, left and came back. I initially returned to Ely because not only did my time free up, but I noticed in my absence that a couple of new updates released. The main thing that brought me back was seeing all of the old familiar faces from the beginning and the warm welcome home, but many of those faces have left and I don't actually know if anything could bring me back to playing full-time again. What made you part ways from Ely: Initially, it was a timing issue. My schedule was too busy and I didn't have the time to log in and grind all night. That is slowly becoming the case again but it is moreso down to the lack of motivation to actually do anything in-game. Any time I spend in-game now is just stockpiling gold for no reason other than I'm bored. Quite a long read but hopefully you'll have got something useful from it. Ely will always be a home for most of us, but with no considerable change very soon I truthfully see it's decline speeding up.
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    Training Zone Welcome the brand new Training Zone! This is a new area with a hyper-focus towards the new players that join daily. Inside this Zone you will be presented with a new interface which will keep track of your total kills, points, task, time left & your next reward. Kills: your total number of kills on task in this zone. Points: your total amount of points earned. Task: your current assignment. Time left: how much time is remaining to kill the selected NPC. Reward: what you will receive when you achieve X number of total kills. When you teleport to this zone you will immediately be given a task. These tasks are time based therefore you are to attempt to kill as many of the assigned NPC's as possible within the time frame you are given (60 seconds per task). The point system is simple, it is the combat level of the NPC you are assigned, divided by two for every kill. Every NPC you kill on task will be added to your total kills & you will be rewarded 4M GP every 50 kills. You are free to kill any NPC in this area at anytime however if you kill an NPC that you are not assigned you will not receive points or count towards total kills. You will find "Taskmaster Vannaka" in this zone next to a Bank Chest. You may talk-to the Taskmaster at any time to reset your current assignment if you so wish. The Taskmaster also hosts his own shop which accepts the new Training Zone Points currency. This shop is geared towards getting new players setup in Ely faster & in a much more engaging way. This new shop also features a brand new item for everyone who may have no need for the Training Zone at this time, the Ring of Wealth (i)! This ring will give any player wearing it, while on a slayer task a chance at receiving a Vecna Skull as a drop. When you are given a task in the Zone you will find an arrow on the mini-map directing you to the current NPC you are assigned for easy navigation & faster kills. Collection Log Introducing a fully featured Collection Log! As you progress throughout Ely you will surely fill your Collection Log with many notable & miscellaneous items from everything such as: Rare Boss drops, all Pets, Clue Scroll items, Minigame rewards & much more! You will now be able to view what you have collected, what you have left to collect & the quantity of items you have collected already. We are extremely excited to bring this to all our players to increase the engagement players have with Ely on a daily basis & something more to aim for and show off among others. You can access this new collection log by visiting the "Task System" tab (where your Achievements are) and clicking the "Logs" button - you'll be presented with the option to open your NPC Kill Count log, or your Collection Log. Clue Scrolls Rework We bring you yet another incredible content update in this patch. We have reworked our current clue scroll rewards system! Our goal behind this project was making clues more worthwhile to do instead of just getting them done for that Completionist's Cape. A lot of junk items have been replaced with more useful items and the rates have been increased across the board. Along with the increased reward rate we have introduced a few new items into the Global Rewards table for you to obtain. Dragonbone & Dragonbone Mage sets & the Black Partyhat! Here is another reason why the Collection Log is a great addition; you can view any rare item you can receive by opening & viewing the respective category! This includes every clue scroll difficulty category as well as the global rewards table! Practice Instances Have you ever wanted to just practice on a Boss? Find out which is the most effective load-out against one? All without the risk? You can now do this with the introduction of Practice Instances! Our players now have the option on any instance clock that is available to create a "practice instance" to check out a Boss and attempt a fight without any risk of losing items! New Draconic Visage's & Dragonfire Shields Brand new Draconic Visage (Magic), Draconic Visage (Ranged) drops from King Black Dragon! These visages can be used on an Anti-dragon Shield to create brand new variants of the Dragonfire Shield to provide beneficial stats in their respective categories! New Colored Slayer Helms Along with the introduction of all these new items we have also introduced new Slayer Helm recolor options! New Abyssal Head, KQ Head & KBD Heads drops now available from their respective NPC's. You can use these Heads on a Slayer helm to get a brand new color! Skilling Shop We have introduced a low-tier basic Skilling items shop into the following locations: Citadel & Skilling Area. Donor Store Package Bonuses We have increased the amount of EPoints you will receive when purchasing larger EPoint packages! Bug Fixes & Changes Ganodermic Beasts now drop Mycellium & increased drop rate on Gano Flakes. Items made tradable: Yo-yo, Rainbow Scarf, Cavalier & Mask and Christmas Sleigh. Using a cannon against an NPC will now void your record kill timer. Rainbow Scarf model is now fixed. Anguish model is now fixed. Cavalier & Mask model now fixed. Void Bones now work properly. Cannonball packs are now available in the PvM shop. Teleport tab icon has been updated. Presets manager now has a dedicated tab. Kraken now drops "Rune" bars instead of "Runite." Eternal boots are now best in slot. Ironman & all other in-game chat icons no longer have a shader on them. New chat icons are Developers & some Patron ranks. Medium Casket reward from Monster Carnage ID has been corrected. Tanner dialogue is now correct.
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    23/08/2019 - Misc updates & Slayer task extensions What's up boys, It's been a minute. Here's a few recent changes to the game that have been made over the past week, We are still working on a few things for you guys to enjoy and hope to release them in the near future! In the meantime it'll be small fixes like new autobought items on the GE. Slayer task extension You can now bribe the slayer master to extend your task! The cost will scale depending on the task difficulty you chose, and how many kills. Happy hunting! Other changes: - A new warning has been added to all instances, Alerting players of the risk. - A Few items have been made tradable such as torches, And bandos helmet. - The Completionist hood now has stats again. - Cannonball packs have been added to the PVM Store at the cost of 20k PVM Points. - Kill log is now functional again and will start to track new NPC's. - Pets obtained whilst having a follower already summoned will no longer disappear. - Fixed some broken items - Fixed some misc bugs We'll be back with some more updates very soon. See you all then! Make sure to join our discord to get all the juicy news!
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    SUMMER IS HERE Not late at all lul Howdy Ely fam. Small updates coming today whilst we work on the next official update for the server. These updates include the next summer boss in the rotation as well as some small QOL / bug fixes. Hope you all enjoy, And have had a great summer thus far! Welcome bork-ini, The latest addition to the Seasonal boss list. With Bork-ini comes a new outfit, Some new unique cosmetics you won't find anywhere else, and a revamped drop table compared to previous seasonal bosses. Bork-ini is located on a new summer isle, With many different skilling activity spots placed everywhere. There's also a very handy bank deposit box for all the cluttered drops you recieve & materials you gather. Have fun and good luck on the sweet new drops! We also took it into our hands to change how the GE Works. From now on items will only be auto-bought if the item is sold by an NPC in-game. Otherwise it will be player to player trading. This is to ensure players don't auto-buy items below the 250k threshold that can flood the eco. Read the patch notes below! - Added summer boss with new unique items + A Social summer skilling area - Void bones now have a noted form (Replaced previous drops above 1+ quantity with the noted version) - Removed some broken items from GE eg. Abyssal whip - Scythe can no longer be noted - Updated some ruins of grae models - Added Lation's personal item
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    Hi there, welcome to the first edition in what I hope to be a fun series of drop table reworks. Todays changes will be tackling the Kalphite Queen and how bloody useless this NPC is. I'm going to start off by listing the current drop table and then below that I'll list the reworked drop table. This is what we are dealing with.. It's quite frankly all garbage. The only reason to even kill is for the pet... As you can see, a lot has changed! I'll explain a few of the changes. I removed a lot of pointless drops, such as the Oyster Pearls. Filling drop tables is good but there's no need for utter garbage to fill them. The Rune drops have been changed to noted drops and the quantities increased to 10; ensuring even if you don't roll something good you get a bit of GP for your efforts, alongside the now guaranteed 1-2m gp per kill. The Elite Clue is now a guaranteed drop, I think KQ will be the only NPC that has this? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel It's a good change. I've added the Uncut Onyx as a rare drop so that if players do not feel like grinding 99 Slayer for Soulgazers or farming Fire Capes for Tokkul, there's an alternative. The gems were made noted and increases in quantity, as well as a few other skilling items being added including Yew/Magic seeds and Dragon Arrow Tips. The White Knight armor is now available in-game through Kalphite Queen, allowing people to hunt down the gear if they wish to use it for Fashionscape purposes (it honestly has no use beyond that, but I thought It'd be nice to include some items that people may at some point in time want to wear but can't get). The most noteable change in my eyes is the inclusion of an exclusive item to hunt from the Kalphite Queen, as the Dragon Chainbody (made more common) and Dragon 2h Sword just weren't cutting it. KQ now drops the Primal Spear at a fairly reasonable rarity, giving reason to hunt this beast whilst on or even off of a Slayer Task. Oh, and there's a White Afro too. Afro's are cool. Hope you enjoy, the next boss to be reworked will be Chaos Elemental! I forgot to mention a couple of huge things, guaranteed noted Ourg Bones and the only source of noted Tooth/Loop halves!
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    Owner Lation - Great and Chill owner, very respectful to players and unlike other owners, he doesn't see himself above anyone, which make the server more fun to play and gives the server more of a family vibe, love the dude Matt - Haven't really had any interaction with him, so can't really give any feedback Developer Luke - Great chill guy, doing great job with the developing and maintaining the server. Splash - Splashy boy is awesome doing great developing job too and always active behind the scenes. Administrators Kari - Kari gurls name, very chill and supporting and keeps everything running smoothly. Global Moderators Nick - I don't think I've ever met Nick, so can't really say anything, hope that changes in the future Server Moderator Kemi - Kemdog! he was one of the first people I met on this server, great person, great staff, great sense of responsibility and an awesome human in general. He helped me a lot starting out and took me under his wing with showing me the ropes and everything. In my opinion it's the most deserved staff update I've ever seen! Great job man! Forum Moderators Enzyme - Enzy is a great guy, been spending a lot of time with him on discord and in-game, pretty chill and always helping out wherever he can, very trustworthy and supporting, it's always awesome to see him around and hang out with him :_ Support Callum - Callum is very great addition to the staff team, he's always helping around and brings a very positive vibe to the server. I respect him very much and wish him all the best in the future
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    Welcome to the first expansion on the famous Graetoriax the Unbroken dragon.. Ruins of Graetoria! From A to Z this is completely custom content from the entire dungeon map, to the NPC's, to the items & all the way to the drops. When you enter the Ruins (::tele ruins) you will be entered in a lobby where you can proceed either as a solo player or partner up with another player to take on the Boss as a duo. The Boss will have different stats that reflect whether there are one or two people fighting it. You can choose to take the left or right path to get towards the Boss room. You will have to kill 10 of the NPC's (20 for duo's) in the room you choose to progress in the Ruins.. You will find an Altar on each side of the dungeon, you may find these helpful to make your way to the Boss.. This Boss fight is one unlike any you have ever seen.. it may require you to attempt it a few times until you find your method of taking down this fella. There is a ton of new items you can expect, and we will not spoil these all for you. We encourage you to go & explore the ruins for yourself and experience all of this first-hand. However we will inform you of a couple things you will find as drops from the NPC's & Boss in the Ruins.. Void Essence can be used on Proselyte gear to improve the tier of the gear overall. Corrupted Bloods can be used on the Zamorakian Spear to improve the tier of this item & functions at Corporal Beast as normal. In regards to the rest of the Ruins.. this is up to you to discover & find out for yourself.. Good luck & have fun! Introducing: Easy Mode (x250) & Legend Mode Update We have finally introduced easy mode into Ely! This has been a long discussed addition & today we're happy to announce it is now available! Easy Mode now features it's own section on the HiScores and comes with a 25% reduction in drop rates compared to default (x50) Legends Mode After a REALLY long time discussing it, polling it, talking back and forth with everyone we could over the past year or so, it's become clear the general opinion was Legends should in fact receive a drop rate boost. Due to nearly every other RSPS offering this, a lot of other players expect this when choosing a harder game mode. So with that said.. Legends now receive a 5% boost in drop rates compared to defaults! We really hope you guys enjoy this update as much as we did putting it together over the past many months. Drop your thoughts, opinions & feedback below!
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    If you're reading this you've by now seen our entire online presence has been dramatically reworked & improved! Our mission behind this overhaul was creating a smoother & more user friendly experience for everyone from their first visit to Ely to maxing their account. It has been quite the sizable project and I do want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for dealing with certain pages & services being down from time to time during the project. As of now we're coming to the end and wrapping up the finer details & tweaks. With that said, you may experience some small glitches or things being a little bit buggy here and there until all the kinks are worked out, however 95% of this project is complete. I would love to hear all your feedback, comments, suggestions & criticism in the comments so let us know your thoughts on the new site! Now, account linking. Previously when a user had made an account in-game & wanted to vote and/or donate they had to manually link their account through the Vote or Store page. As of now, that is no longer necessary. We have automated the entire account linking process! Should a new player want to vote all they must do is make a forum account - and vote! Thank you all again for your patience in dealing with us through this lengthy process & we hope you like it as much as we do!
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    Owner Lation - Busy Guy! Helps when hes available. Fair Judge. Thanks Matt - Always carries A huge gift box. Seems to always be busy so doesn't talk much! Developer Luke Not online much lately. RIP Splash- Very Helpful when hes online. Fun guy. interactive and positive! Sell me that sword!!! Ill pay!!!!! Administrators Kari - Most active I believe. Available for help most of the time. My lucky charm tbh. Global Moderators Nick - Cool dude. helpful. always on his alt tho. Loves rubber chickens! Server Moderator Kemi - Finaly Kemi up here! Helpful and active!! Always there to give suggestions and advice! Forum Moderators Enzyme - helpful Support Callum - Great addition to Ely Staff! Knows a great deal of things and helps alot!!
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    Owner Lation - Good owner. Very transparent. Does a good job at motivating at times. Overall good decision maker. Matt - Great coder when coding. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Everything that needs to be said has. Great work. Administrators Kari - Feels like he's the heart of every server that he is a part of. Always deserves top role. Luke - Time zone/Irl/idk what you work on so I can't comment. Event Manager Jordan - Good guy, needs to plan more events that aren't just a drop rate buff on whatever you feel like. I know that will come with time. I am interested to see what you can do with this role. Server Moderator Kemi - Always good interactions, not enough to give a thorough review. Ultsonofares - Always has been a good mod. Good at defusing situations, very active, cute really everything you want to see in a mod. Support Nelly - Same as Kemi, no bad interactions or negative impressions- just haven't talked to him as much. The cut down in staff team was a good call, was getting to be too many. This is a good sized team with .
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    No harm in providing feedback on my own Team, ay? Owner Lation - The best who's ever done it. I spend a lot of time with him IRL & online - really great well rounded fella - literally better than Trump. Matt - Nothing this man can't do. Here's to two more years. Developer Splash - Wouldn't know what I'd do without him - absolute legend at what he does. Administrator Kari - If he ever leaves Ely - I will shut down the server. Most committed, helpful & ideal Admin an Owner could ask for. Luke - Good guy. Has been vital in many past projects. But IRL has priority over his duties here so giving him some time. Event Manager Jordan - The first "EM". Has filled the role very well & has done a good job at keeping things fresh & fun ingame - also active AF Server Moderator Kemi - Manages his duties pretty well as a Mod. Sono - A lovely individual, also does a splendid job as Mod. Support Nelly - Terrific community member & hopefully will see him as a Mod soon - active, helpful, respectful & great personality.
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    The Coming Update As previously mentioned we are focusing on becoming more transparent on our development. With that said below you will find a list of all the fixes that will be live on the next update. As far as an ETA - I am unsure at this moment (will update when I know). This list is only what has been done so far - there are plans for more. Presets can now be changed at the new home (Edgeville) Primal Spear now works properly on Corporeal Beast (Thanks @P V M) Dom Super Restore (full) now properly downgrades to (half) when consumed Catacombs Fixes Bronze & Iron dragons have had their max hit reduced from 14500 to 650 Dark beasts have had their max hit reduced from 1750 to 500 Added two more dark beasts to the catacomb spawns Added the proper deviant spectre spawns, just above the ankou's Shades now correctly attack the player & Have a total of 1200 HP Shades now have a new drop table, similar to aberrant spectres but with slight buffs due to the power gap Dagannoth spawns have been replaced with the working NPC ID Cyclops' NPC ID has been replaced with the working NPC ID, an additional spawn has also been added Hellhounds have had their drop tables tweaked slightly, with clue scrolls being more rare & runes added Abyssal demons now require 85 Slayer The door to the shops at home has been removed (Yw @Sonofares Pk) A second Kingly Imp spawn has been added north of Quarry Well of Goodwill information now available in the Quest Tab The female models for Subjugation has been corrected Subjugation has been given more appropriate GP values King Black Dragon has had drops adjustments to allow for longer trips King Black Dragon respawn timer has been reduced to 20 seconds Sagittarian chaps now have stats. Harbinger x'rul's drops have been adjusted, they will now look more favourably upon successful completions. Items made tradable: Eek, Barrelchest anchor, Eggsterminator You can now note cleaned herbs on the Tool Leprechaun just as grimy herbs Using Overload potions into potion flasks no longer give Super Defence (1) pots Super antifire pots can now be added to flasks Weekend events now announce at the Edgeville GE NPC Feedback Reply & let us know what you think of the existing fixes coming & what you would like to see personally in this next update.
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    I'm brand new to the server, but the level of loyalty and respect you show for your players and the feedback they offer is extraordinary. Takes a fair amount of professionalism to recognize shortcomings and brandish change so openly. I'm definitely looking forward to the future of Ely. Props to all the developers and the members of staff for what they've done, and best of luck to Jordan in his new position.
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    Usually I wouldn't make a thread just for a small change or two but due to ending up with quite an extensive list of changes I decided to post a thread on these changes to keep those who are not in our Discord up-to-date on the following changes: Collection Log Updated - Added Zulrah & items - Added Verac's Skirt - Fixed Black Mask ID - Added KBD, KQ & Abyssal Heads OSRS Items - Toxic Blowpipe venom now works as intended - Trident of the Swamp venom now works as intended PvM Shop Change - Replaced Prayer Renewal potions with flasks in Prayer Renewal Pack Drop Announcements - Removed "Smouldering Stone" from drop announcements - Added all Zulrah items to announcements Celestial Gear Adjustment - Robe bottoms now have a Mage bonus of +29 - Robe top now has a +39 Mage bonus Training Zone Update - NPC's no longer follow & attack the player when task changes - Barrow's gloves now purchasable from Training Zone shop exclusively - Achievement progress interface no longer overrides Training Zone's Misc. Changes - Fixed OSRS Goblins drop table - All Zenyte items now have a higher GP value & proper examine texts - Grae bow changes have been reverted Be sure to check out our brand new Store!
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    These rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. It is your responsibility as a player to keep yourself up to date with the rules at all times. Ely RSPS rules are non exhaustive. Staff members reserve the right to punish players for rule breaking as they see fit. If you feel as your punishment is not deserved/fitting, please fill out an Appeal by clicking here. General and in-game rules 1. No inappropriate content, language or behavior, such as but not limited to: (Spam, Flame, Harassment, racial slurs). a) English only in friends chat and be respectful with other players. Do not go out of your way to harass or flame another player. While we do allow banter, arguments & such (this is a part of life) we do not allow constant harassment, name calling, flaming or spamming others without end therefore disrupting others game play & experience. b) Active debates between players are allowed however if it escalates in a way it affects other players ability to speak & use the Friends Chat to talk, ask questions, or play the game it is expected to move that escalated conversation to private messaging. Failure to do so upon request by a Staff member could potentially result in a temporary mute. 2. Advertising While we allow general discussion among players to speak what they will; may it be about another server even, we do not allow explicit advertising & motivating or informing other players to seek out & play other servers. We do not allow advertising in our Discord, forums or in-game. Any links, invites, or mentions to join other RSPS-related private servers is strictly prohibited. 3. Account / Staff Impersonation. There shall be no attempts at impersonating any Staff members in any circumstance. This rule also applies to impersonating another player or players. This is to reduce confusion and limiting potential scam-artists. 4. Punishment Evasion. If a punishment has been delivered to your account or accounts you are fully expected & required to serve out the time period & punishment given in its entirety. Any attempts made at trying to avoid this punishment is strictly prohibited and could result in an increase of time or severity. 5. Third Party Software / Botting / AHK We hold a strict no third-party software policy. We believe that the best way to enjoy the game we offer, is to play it yourself. This also includes any type of, but not limited to: botting/macro/mouse key use; no animated game-play of Ely is permitted whatsoever. Staff members reserve the right to punish anyone for suspicion of use of any third party software, botting & botting attempts, AHK, or others. 6. Threats to the community and player base Any attempts or threats made towards a player or the community as a whole is taken seriously. We do not permit any type of threats made or attempts at harming or damaging the community or a player. 7. Bug Abuse / Safespotting bosses a) During your time playing it is possible you may experience a bug or glitch that is not meant to exist. We take all bug reports seriously and fix them rapidly. If a bug has been discovered that gives a player any advantage over the normal & correct game play in any area it is fully expected that you report that bug as soon as possible. Failure to do so & any attempts found at trying to profit from or wrongfully trying to gain an advantage on other players could classify as bug abuse & will be punished accordingly. b) We do not allow any safe spotting of any Boss to occur at anytime with one exception; if the safe spot exists in the original version of the game it is permissible. 8. PVP (Player VS Player) PVP is encouraged - every player enters the Wilderness at their own risk. However we do not allow nor permit any attempts of or successful attempts at luring another player in the Wilderness to be killed & looted. 9. Account Sharing / Giving away an account / Item lending a) We allow account sharing / Giving away an account, however with a couple guidelines. Any agreements made between player's on sharing an account / ownership transfer must be documented by screenshot, message or other form of proof upon agreement. Sharing an account with someone else is at your own risk as is giving it away. Our Staff will not assist or help in any case whatsoever that results in a hacking/scamming/or other. b) When lending an item to another player it is entirely at your own risk. Staff will not take part in retrieving the item for you. 10. Multi-logging Accounts Multi-logging is permissible & allowed in nearly all areas of the game expect; multi-logging is never allowed at any Bosses, Player and/or Staff-hosted events or the Wilderness. 11. Real World Trading We do not allow any type of real world trading for items, gold or accounts between players. 12. Scamming At no time is scamming of another player, or taking advantage of another player whether new or active permitted. Maintaining honest gameplay within Ely is a priority and scamming would hinder that mission.
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    Just figured I'd upload some pics for nostalgic purposes. If you have more feel free to contribute to the thread.
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    I found an old hard drive with my local saves of screen shots. Have long since lost screen shots from before mid 2013 - was fun looking through the ones I have though. Lots of good times and not so good times. The important thing to remember are all the connections, friendships and experiences we gained along the way. Cheers to everyone.
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    Thanks for the feedback @Smarting, @Timburtand @BigGreen. I'm pretty swamped down with work IRL but I'll try to make more of an appearance on my days off.
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    In-Game Name: Callum. What Are You Suggesting: The beginnings to revival/development of the PvP scene amongst Ely, and to start with we'll be running through gear alongside some potential methods of obtainability for specific items within the game that are beneficial to PvP. Who/What Will This Benefit: As a whole, the entire server. Not only will this give the concurrent playerbase additional content to do instead of bankstand at home, but open the initial doors into further development to enhance an entire new sector of playerbase. Any Additional Information: Now I know a lot of people reading this will be thinking the same thing: "We've got plenty of gear options already in-game", "The economy is already flooded with items", "There's methods to obtain the majority already" which would all be correct. But let's look at a few items in particular: Robins & Rangers, Uncut Onyx's, Infinity Items, Dragon Items, Whips, PvP Armours; the fundamentals of pking. A complete rework of the drop tables of these items/methods of obtaining said items would open the possibility to them not only having more economic value, but entice players to use them in secondary situations. So let's look at a few items in particular: Infinity Robe Sets:
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    Hello nerds, it's been a while. I um, don't know really where to begin but I will start with this. One day I did plan on coming back to this game... However... I have recently been in out of hospitals for the past couple of months. Why you may ask... mental health issues. Even writing this is fucking with me because I never thought a day in my life where I would feel so low like how i've been feeling. Ive been suffering from depression, anxienty, and panic disorder. This has been going on for several years... I've been pushing things in my life to the side and using things that will make me "feel better in the moment" so I can forget and move on. Well its all caught up to me... unfortunately. I wll say this, I never planned on taking a "break" this long. I just haven't found the energy, motivation, happiness that I once had, NOT ON THIS SERVER, but in life in general. I hate getting too personal especially to alot of you because some of you don't really know me or care about me which is totally fine. However I can say that I thought I would not be on this earth maybe 2-3 months ago. I have been lurking on these forums for so long aching to log back in one day but I could just never bring myself to do it... I've made some good, excuse me, great friends and had really good times on here that really make me miss playing. I don't wish for any sympathy. I don't want anything I do not wish to gain anything out of making this post. However my doctors have been pushing and pushing and pushing me to go back to my old roots. Go back to happier times. Go back to doing the things you used to do everyday that you enjoyed. Easier said than done doc, but this is my first step. For the ones that do care to read this and happen to still be ingame and don't see me, this post was more of a "warning" for the future. I do plan on returning one day, but not TOday, so I can relive those glory days and catch up on all the shit ive missed. A huge part of me really hates making this post because most of you are complete strangers to me, but for the ones who aren't this really is picking a huge weight off my chest and head. And you nerds know who i'm talking about... :^) For those who actually cared to read that all the way through, I thank you and have a blessed life. :D #StillMyWild
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    So you're going by "Boats" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Splash from RSPS2. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in Edge bank. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Fake ID the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and moderate a Runescape Private server. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..
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    my oh my looking forward to working closer with the team and @Masoud @IttzKaotic also, very appreciative to be selected to take on this new role. I'm optimistic about the future of ely and we wont let you down!! thanks guys
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    I'm gonna get all weird. I've dealt with depression majority of my life so I honestly never even thought I'd live as long as I have. As for thinking of the future, I've rarely done that until the past few years. I mean if you don't think you'll live that long, thinking of a future is pointless. So anyways now that I'm doing much better I think about my future a little bit more. I still have no direction in life though so I have no clue what I want to do with my life. Currently I'm looking for a good job and have applied to a ton of random things that sounded interesting. Hopefully something works out. As for 10-20 years in the future I have no clue. I think honestly I'd like to have a significant other that I can be with the rest of my life and have a stable job. That's really about it. Everything else is just fluff to me.
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    1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? I don't remember the exact website but I found it off one of the vote-page sites 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Unlike some, it's not cluttered with ugly custom things. All of the customs I've ever seen on Ely are tasteful and neat. The time it takes to gain xp and level up is very nice (on normal). It's a little grind but not too easy that you get all 99's instantly. I enjoy the smaller community (though bigger would always be cool too) because everyone seems to have a fairly good relationship with others. People joke with each other all the time. The home in Ely is a nice simple hub for people to hang out and afk. No but seriously it's a nice simple place that's not cluttered for people to hang out and chat... do some skilling, buy/sell in ge (which btw I love the ge) or whatever. I enjoy that this server isn't forcing players to feel like they have to do certain things. I've noticed some servers are focused on bossing, raids, pvp, gambling, etc. Ely is very neutral and allows players to have the freedom to do whatever they like whenever they like. I also enjoy the newer giveaways on Discord. It's a fun way to get players a little active and hope they win something big. I've never been one to gamble much or at all but knowing that just by entering a drawing you could win something cool is really awesome. No risk of losing anything. I also enjoy the staff very much. They've all been very helpful and nice whenever I've spoken with anyone. I could probably list more things I enjoy but I won't make this wall of text longer than it has to be. I will say lastly though that Ely over the years has definitely been my absolute favorite server to have ever played on. I've tried quite a few over time and nothing competes. It just surprises me more players don't play Ely. They don't know what they're missing. 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? I love the new Easy mode addition. Especially for new players that want to get right into the nitty gritty without spending too much time on one skill. I don't really like the prices of some things in the shop. I understand the more op the armor or cool the custom is, it should cost more. But paying over $100 for a set or a single custom seems a bit.... much. I'd love to have some customs but I would never pay that much for one. I know people that currently have a lot of customs would probably be against the idea of lowering the $ of customs since it would devalue their bank.. But it's just my opinion. I love that this server has achievements. I've always loved them on consoles and stuff. The only thing I dislike about them are the rewards. Whenever I go to claim a finished achievement, I get like... a few potions. Like..... wut. If I work that hard to get a ton of xp in a skill to complete an achievement I should get something worthwhile. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? I don't know how this would work but more ways to make money without destroying the economy. I really loved when Ruins first came out and I got some good drops, sold, made bank. I think more additions like this would be really cool to incorporate new items into the game. It seems like for brand new players thieving is always the go-to to make money. Which is good and all but once players get 99 they typically stop there. So how else to make money after that? Sure, there is bossing, gambling, etc. As a player that almost only does skilling I've been fairly limited on what I could do to make money. That's why doing the Ruins to make money was pretty cool. There was the bit of suspense from knowing if you die you lose all your things but at the same time, the enemies weren't too difficult or anything that it made me feel unsafe. What I'm getting at is that I think maybe in the future more regions could be made with different skill levels for new players and anyone else could go to and make money fairly easy. Nothing too op of course. Also side note, please never add pikachus to this server. I'll shoot myself
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    Reputation is earned when making threads & posts that are up voted with a Like, Thanks and/or Haha reactions. Each reaction (with the exception of neutral Confused & Sad) adds +1 reputation. Your total reputation will correspond one of these ranks on your profile.
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    Somewhere in Ely wanders an old one.. One which carries a fabled and sought after loot. While not honorably obtained it shall be recovered in the same manner. Only the wise will find & obtain, then hope of one day returning what rightfully is not theirs. At one point in time this one may have committed something unspeakable but still walks free. Maybe you should keep what is found to serve justice.. ..but is it worth it?
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