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  1. Anyway i am thankful he took the time to make This Tyt
  2. this may be useful for people that are in regular mode. no legend yet?
  3. JORDAN bravo nice with icons this Gui is here to stay. very helpful and look at the effort you took I am so grateful.
  4. chica

    Staff Feedback

    Staff Feedback Thread This is a thread where you can post staff feedback - Tell us how we're doing, let us know if what we're doing is right / wrong, constructive criticism or just to say thank you. We really appreciate any feedback! There are some rules you must follow: Please do not post if you are not giving feedback, spam will be deleted. You are allowed to give constructive criticism, but remember staff members are still people so be respectful. Please keep in mind that we do not all share the same time-zone as you when giving feedback on activity. Owner Lation this man Has become More humble. Matt this man rarely TALKS Developer Luke : No information not seen allot Splash this guy is friendly . helpful and I like him. Administrators Kari - HAS NO JOB DESRIPTION OTHER THEN AFKING ! WHAT THE HECK Global Moderators Nick not heard allot of him if he is still the same as old days then he is alright! Server Moderator Nicky no comment Forum Moderators Enzyme he is present does not talk allot Support Jordan : uses funny piep (CENCORED speech may be little less other then that he is ok) this concludes chica report about staff chica out . tap tap tap.
  5. chica

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - = verry kind active interacting in an special way whit its players staff verry special and of course Unique Developer Matt - he seems friendly not know him that long sure he is coding great Administrator Jake - the funny guy he is . verry active and kind personality Global Moderator Nick - verry kind and active person known for its funny comments and interaction both in game and in discord Moderator Kari -is present but doest talk allot keeps fine balance and seems to be taking it all in. Jeremy - not been verry active but from what i have seen nice guy Forum Moderator Enzyme - verry helpfoll does its job well. active in game as well in discord Nicky - verry active nice funny kind person helps where needed Support Flip - active member supports verry well kind active makes jokes. great overall Sin - active helps well refers to right chat sections aka discord topics kind and friendly

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