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  1. I lover to See Some Customs Created Just As a Vote Reward. Like Cosmetics. these may Require A high Vote value And would Stimulate More Voting. Also I made A ingame comment about the Idea of Adding The Godwars Halos Into the vote Shop May Require like a 1000 Votes. You Choose on how many just a example. How this benefits the Community. I have heard allot Of people Asking For Cosmetics. so I came-up With the idea of making them for all Players. This would benefit:This benefits Players By Having a Unique account on A server with cosmetics that Do Simply not Exist else where Thereby Adding Character to ely. And of course Value And we all Know What this creates. A higher Player base. This is surely Up to the Owners Admins And Decision makers And may not be High priority update I realize this. Thank you for considering it. Hope it adds Something Of value here sincere Chica
  2. Skilling Updates Dear Client login Button But Great overall For pvm
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    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - he Joined My First Battle Royale Event It was Fun. He is A friendly Owner Who we Love Dear. Way to Go~! Matt - He Has Been On IDE Due to Work And other Concerns He Does Talk From time to time. Great Time. Developer Splash / Hardcore - Splash Was Online When Well Came On And Donated Spawned Cash To the well When it Was broke. Hereby Providing Compensation to Players Who donated. Way to go. He is Active From time to time. Hardcore I hardly Notice. Perhaps Behind Scenes Work. Administrators Kari - Kari Is A Active Administrator Who is Friendly And Fits In well. From my say so. Well Done Gratulations. Luke - I hardly Notice Not active Allot. Will keep A eye out. For sure Event Manager Jordan - Fun Rank The Battle Royale Is Fun And not that I won. Server Moderator Kemi - Active allot Plays And Goes what your Would expect Ultsonofares - talks In discord Rarely Could be if he so chooses More active. Support Nelly - Deserves Promotion To Moderator As this Support IS Doing A great all Around!!! Well done Big Thumps Up
  4. Decant Option is Small Endeavor. this is a small Suggestible term. It can be Considered. To make Noted Items To decant In Bulk Is to Custom. On the bases Of this I vote No.
  5. Include. I see no Reason not to Include them. they are part of the game And gather Exp. this Is a prominent fact in the matter. Add them is My Advise.
  6. For Security purposes. I feel its A good idea to Add that Function of Auto filling username and password onto A button. so when your Ready You can click that And Login How does this Benefit Ely and what Purpose does It Help at all? Now i have Noticed When i open Ely and have Discord open It types my username And Password In That window. And that has not felt Very good. Now One can Say its A minute Thing And As A result of That Understanding. It may be Seen As Low Priority Update Given the Current state Of ely. Yes i Realize that. However I feel This May Be of value To The community As Time Progresses. Let me Know What You think Of This As I thank you for Discussing it And being Part Of the Ely Community.
  7. so relatable I know right
  8. Just looking to get some input from the community as a whole.. and got a few questions. 1. Where did you find Ely? TopG Not completely certain as it is a long time ago. but this comes to mind 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Community thats for Sure. And Quality 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? pvm bossing is not my fortee i am more into skilling And finally.. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? skilling content as this is all i do in ely. examples are:skiller competition cape(Can be ely own custom skiller comp cape.). (combat lock for skillers)special tools locations ETC. the possibilities are endless. Use the imagination
  9. you will reach me. as i always listen and read topics. i can anwer your question does giving wealth demotivate and the answer is depends. my journey on this server is very hard. even more so when people expect you to put in ridiculous amounts of money as a skiller like 10 million gp for a magic seed despite this i have plenty of them like about 30 of them. yes i have been gifted the bunny ears. and the infernal edze and the infernal pickaxe and hatchet upgrades i got as well. this has actually motivated me as for Skillers there is not much diverse Methods of really good cash. despide this my account is 1,5 years old with about 6 months leave due to boredom. i must admit it has not at all been a easy task keeping my self motivated at this time but i do the best i can. i earned about 330 million gp as a skiller most of it came selling vote tickets.(best source of income for skiller.) i really hoped that more skiller friendly content get introduced but lation has told me this will never happen and i am content with this (this is why i am so doubtful sending what i want to see added to ely but since this is what is asked i shell mention it here as i know the owners dont want a skillers server. tho skillers there may be. they want it pvm and so it is. for 718 skiller server there are better servers out there for skillers who name i wont mention and i have been there. they offer completionist cape for skillers max cape for skillers and more. a 10 phase prestige system where you earn a boost with when earned 200m exp in 1 skill this seems to work great.) i worked to p9 on that server so 9x 200m exp on there hardest mode and the server hold about 16-40 people daily. other words it was fun but they are what they are and so is ely. but hee if you ask a skiller what they want the answer is evident. hope this satisfy
  10. Times change Concept change Server Changes. People come and people go. this Quality is high. [5:15 PM] But. ... but... how do i put this into words hold on. [5:17 PM] rsps has people playing course number 1 There computer does not support new revisions. 2. they seek an uniquely different experience. thus is may or may not hold hardcore grinders. or they seek a community that fits them. problem is people get to bored quickly and good solutions take more time. [5:19 PM] Are people patient enough. and what can you introduce that would make change In all honesty I have no clue what to say that would change it in any basic way this I will think about for us all. thank you. and i will cook my dinner. matt you are an amzing developer and the owner lation and i have much in common. i hope you guys make the best. and that the developer may motivate us all. Kind regards Chica
  11. Please Create For Loyal Users The following. 1- 2 year Vet Cape. [Perks May Include A Recolor] 2- 5 Year Vet Cape[May Include Stat Bonus.] Recolor Boss teleport] 3- 10 Year vet cape[Uber stat Boost + prayer Keep 1 item extra On death + additional teleports] These Are Just Concepts What does the Community Think. love To Hear These Thank You Thank You Thank You
  12. The vet cape(1 year) cape does not work With the Rightclick Emote Option From cape Slot. Not sure About 2 Year will see in 5 months. Consider adding Thanks.
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    Your Right Luke I included You Apology forgot

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