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  1. For Security purposes. I feel its A good idea to Add that Function of Auto filling username and password onto A button. so when your Ready You can click that And Login How does this Benefit Ely and what Purpose does It Help at all? Now i have Noticed When i open Ely and have Discord open It types my username And Password In That window. And that has not felt Very good. Now One can Say its A minute Thing And As A result of That Understanding. It may be Seen As Low Priority Update Given the Current state Of ely. Yes i Realize that. However I feel This May Be of value To The community As Time Progresses. Let me Know What You think Of This As I thank you for Discussing it And being Part Of the Ely Community.
  2. so relatable I know right
  3. Just looking to get some input from the community as a whole.. and got a few questions. 1. Where did you find Ely? TopG Not completely certain as it is a long time ago. but this comes to mind 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Community thats for Sure. And Quality 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? pvm bossing is not my fortee i am more into skilling And finally.. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? skilling content as this is all i do in ely. examples are:skiller competition cape(Can be ely own custom skiller comp cape.). (combat lock for skillers)special tools locations ETC. the possibilities are endless. Use the imagination
  4. you will reach me. as i always listen and read topics. i can anwer your question does giving wealth demotivate and the answer is depends. my journey on this server is very hard. even more so when people expect you to put in ridiculous amounts of money as a skiller like 10 million gp for a magic seed despite this i have plenty of them like about 30 of them. yes i have been gifted the bunny ears. and the infernal edze and the infernal pickaxe and hatchet upgrades i got as well. this has actually motivated me as for Skillers there is not much diverse Methods of really good cash. despide this my account is 1,5 years old with about 6 months leave due to boredom. i must admit it has not at all been a easy task keeping my self motivated at this time but i do the best i can. i earned about 330 million gp as a skiller most of it came selling vote tickets.(best source of income for skiller.) i really hoped that more skiller friendly content get introduced but lation has told me this will never happen and i am content with this (this is why i am so doubtful sending what i want to see added to ely but since this is what is asked i shell mention it here as i know the owners dont want a skillers server. tho skillers there may be. they want it pvm and so it is. for 718 skiller server there are better servers out there for skillers who name i wont mention and i have been there. they offer completionist cape for skillers max cape for skillers and more. a 10 phase prestige system where you earn a boost with when earned 200m exp in 1 skill this seems to work great.) i worked to p9 on that server so 9x 200m exp on there hardest mode and the server hold about 16-40 people daily. other words it was fun but they are what they are and so is ely. but hee if you ask a skiller what they want the answer is evident. hope this satisfy
  5. Times change Concept change Server Changes. People come and people go. this Quality is high. [5:15 PM] But. ... but... how do i put this into words hold on. [5:17 PM] rsps has people playing course number 1 There computer does not support new revisions. 2. they seek an uniquely different experience. thus is may or may not hold hardcore grinders. or they seek a community that fits them. problem is people get to bored quickly and good solutions take more time. [5:19 PM] Are people patient enough. and what can you introduce that would make change In all honesty I have no clue what to say that would change it in any basic way this I will think about for us all. thank you. and i will cook my dinner. matt you are an amzing developer and the owner lation and i have much in common. i hope you guys make the best. and that the developer may motivate us all. Kind regards Chica
  6. Please Create For Loyal Users The following. 1- 2 year Vet Cape. [Perks May Include A Recolor] 2- 5 Year Vet Cape[May Include Stat Bonus.] Recolor Boss teleport] 3- 10 Year vet cape[Uber stat Boost + prayer Keep 1 item extra On death + additional teleports] These Are Just Concepts What does the Community Think. love To Hear These Thank You Thank You Thank You
  7. The vet cape(1 year) cape does not work With the Rightclick Emote Option From cape Slot. Not sure About 2 Year will see in 5 months. Consider adding Thanks.
  8. chica

    Staff Feedback

    Your Right Luke I included You Apology 🙂 forgot
  9. chica

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - = he is a dedicated fellow Who invest The donator Cash properly. A very reliable Rsps Host & Server Owner. Who we charish. Owner & beloved Matt - he seems friendly not know him that long sure he is coding great he has a picture of a typing cat I love them. Administrator Kari - he has kari2 who says he Is a faggot. I sincerely hope is not true. Well many Years of Serving He is Great! Great Overall Splash - Erm No comment. Global Moderator Kemi - Not seen him doing anything Okey. ex-Global Moderator exNick - his story testimony of his leave is as follows. ( I was demoted due to inactivity on account of being in prison for killing drug dealers in my local area 1So im rollin through the hood in my ‘99 civic with lowering springs and a chopped exhaust when out of nowhere these two nice looking white gentlemen walk up to my door and offer me a meth Obviously i say no, and they try and yank me out of my car for not taking metSo I kick one of em into the other and then blat blat So im rollin through the hood in my ‘99 civic with lowering springs and a chopped exhaust when out of nowhere these two nice looking white gentlemen walk up to my door and offer me a meth Obviously i say no, and they try and yank me out of my car for not taking meth So I kick one of em into the other and then blat blat the rest is history ) For As In his defence Absence Result In Demoting Okey. But he Has A point Consider A second chance Thank you SO much For Considarations. I suppose This Is The Best You Can Hope for Nick but thank you for your story Does clears Things Up ALrihjt Moderator Callum - never seen him ether. might be as times passes Ultsonofares - no Comment#### Masoud - I see Him Online Forum Moderator Enzyme - This fellow Human Is A funny guy Way to go! Re invited me to the place. No Longer IDk Who is Nicky Support Kaotic - He plays Ingame Yes he does. No comment On his Sneakiness Nelly - I have no Comment#####
  10. Anyway i am thankful he took the time to make This Tyt
  11. this may be useful for people that are in regular mode. no legend yet?
  12. JORDAN bravo nice with icons this Gui is here to stay. very helpful and look at the effort you took I am so grateful.
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    Staff Feedback Thread This is a thread where you can post staff feedback - Tell us how we're doing, let us know if what we're doing is right / wrong, constructive criticism or just to say thank you. We really appreciate any feedback! There are some rules you must follow: Please do not post if you are not giving feedback, spam will be deleted. You are allowed to give constructive criticism, but remember staff members are still people so be respectful. Please keep in mind that we do not all share the same time-zone as you when giving feedback on activity. Owner Lation this man Has become More humble. Matt this man rarely TALKS Developer Luke : No information not seen allot Splash this guy is friendly . helpful and I like him. Administrators Kari - HAS NO JOB DESRIPTION OTHER THEN AFKING ! WHAT THE HECK Global Moderators Nick not heard allot of him if he is still the same as old days then he is alright! Server Moderator Nicky no comment Forum Moderators Enzyme he is present does not talk allot Support Jordan : uses funny piep (CENCORED speech may be little less other then that he is ok) this concludes chica report about staff chica out . tap tap tap.

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