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  1. Support, don't see why not
  2. Support, more content is always nice
  3. Support, sounds like a good idea
  4. Support, imo the way this would work is that the xp wouldn't be as good as the normal hunter method, you would do imps for the rewards/supplies. Kinda like how kinglys are rn, not the best xp/hr but decent rewards.
  5. Support. No reason for it to not to tbh
  6. As far as im aware you still crush gems unless you're a donator. Idk the exact rates though, maybe Lation could figure it out
  7. More of those things are bugs/QOL things, don't see any reason to not fix those things.
  8. Would be pretty cool, what are the added benefits for adding them?
  9. This a bug or a suggestion?
  10. Support for wildy slayer, don't think the xp is entirely necessary, a shop or different reward would be nice tho
  11. Support, no reason not to have an instance on a boss

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