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  1. Support, if its only for 2 days it not bad. Would make the weekends more active.
  2. 1. All skilling outfits are tradeable I believe, should be so 2. Sounds like a bug, ofc should be fixed 3. Never opened them so idk how common they are and idk the drop rate so 4. Not sure.
  3. No support, theres no point for this.
  4. Support, always nice to get somewhere quick
  5. Support, all pets should be stored in the manager.
  6. Support, would it show the kc/xp of when they got the pet or total? By the wording it seems like total but I think id be better for when they got it.
  7. 1. Yes pls, Diango much better 2. Idk how updated the prices of items are to implement the 10% buyback option, but I do like the 1 click buyback option. 3. Support, untradeables are supposed to go there, so why not.
  8. Support, Sounds like a really good idea to me Would be nice to take totems out of crystal chest like blah said
  9. Support, would be a lot better for other timezones
  10. Support, gotta love more content
  11. Support, I like this suggestion to it. Also lowering training zones costs of them.
  12. Support, would love to see each cb set of grae

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