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  1. Figured id update this thing, little over halfway done with fishing, took a break to do reaper for some charm drops, haven't used most of the supplies I got from it though. Hit 1.5b total xp, not a huge milestone but its pretty nice. Hopefully Ill finish fishing soon, currently at 86,500 sharks fished, need a little under 150k for 200m fishing.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/HL41ztC.png I think I got yall beat
  3. No clue lol too much if you ask me
  4. Pretty sure its only the animation that doesn't work, the item still gives stats and everything, you just look like a dummy attacking with it lol, still needs fixed ofc
  5. I would love this, would help with ironmen if they can have it show only your drops for them as well. +1 ofc
  6. 1. You cannot reply until someone else has (No two posts in a row) Kao disqualified, ez 2

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