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  1. Zulrah is a WIP atm that should be released hopefully soon. I think the cb dummies has been suggested before but I don't remember if it passed or not, support it tho.
  2. Agreed, they should make the summer shop unavail to ironmen, too overpowered If you wanna just buy the best gear then make a regular acc, ez
  3. Being an ironman means that you're supposed to get everything yourself the hard way, yes you can get regular mystery boxes but those aren't op in rewards and ruin the integrity of the game mode as much.
  4. Almost there so thought i'd update this and correct it for the new website since tables don't work
  5. Yes, a lot of the bosses are only useful to kill for their rare drops and everything else is ignored. It'd be nice to get some additional drops from these bosses that'd help in other areas of the game (skilling shit).
  6. Oi, quit trying to make the legend game mode easier, tf. Thats not what the game mode is for nerds. KThx
  7. ~~Info~~ Account Name: Ultsonofares Playtime: 834 Hours Donor Rank: None Account Created: Sept. 23 2018 ~~Stats~~ Attack: 99 [79.6m/200m] Constitution: 99 [92.9m/200m] Mining: 99 [13.7m/200m] Strength: 99 [200m] Agility: 99 [13m/200m] Smithing: 99 [13.2m/200m] Defence: 99 [16.4m/200m] Herblore: 99 [14.5m/200m] Fishing: 99 [13m/200m] Ranged: 99 [36.7m/200m] Thieving: 99 [15.8m/200m] Cooking: 99 [14.9m/200m] Prayer: 99 [13.2m/200m] Crafting: 99 [13.2m/200m] Firemaking: 99 [13m/200m] Magic: 99 [30.3m/200m] Fletching: 99 [19.4m/200m] Woodcutting: 99 [17.3m/200m] Runecrafting: 99 [13m/200m] Slayer: 99 [13.3m/200m] Farming: 99 [13.3m/200m] Construction: 99 [13m/200m] Hunter: 99 [29.4m/200m] Summoning: 99 [14.6m/200m] Dungeoneering: 120 [200m] Total Level: 2496 Total Xp: 847,693,704 February 22nd (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) achieved Max cape. June 10th (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) achieved Completionist cape! ~Game Plan for 5b....ish~ Dunno if ill actually go for 5b, but ima try for some 200ms, the plan so far. 200m Dungeoneering should get me 200m Strength and maybe around 50m+ Attack/150m Constitution hopefully. 200m Woodcutting, gonna save all the logs and hopefully get 200m Firemaking from that, easy afk. 200m Mining is an easy one to afk 200m Ranged from killing avansies for 200m Smithing 200m Fishing will hopefully get me 200m Cooking 200m Slayer should finish out 200m Attack/ 200m Hitpoints/ And hopefully a lot into Defence 200m Runecrafting is an easy afk Didn't put too much thought into this yet so a lot of it needs added and changed. ~Pets~ October 18th - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Pet Abyssal Minion. Got the Dung pet ofc November 6th - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Pet Cosmic Being. November 14th - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Nemo, the Fishing pet drop. Rip Nemo January 16th - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Pet Prince Black Dragon. February 14th - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Baba Yaga's house, the Construction pet drop. February 21st - (Ultimate Iron Man Legend) received Pet Baby green dragon.

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