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  1. What do you really think of Ely in its current state? As a new player of Ely I feel like this server has a lot of potential but in its current state it lacks a lot of things. As a hardcore ironman my goal was to get the completionist Cape without dying which I have recently achieved. Throughout my journey there I have noticed that the majority of players online are afk or just stand at home talking as they have nothing to do. Since reaching my goal I no longer feel that motivated to play as I feel I have covered the majority of the content and that difficult content such as grinding nex does not appeal to me as I have had no struggle with the current bosses with my current gear and the time and effort it would take to get one kill for a chance at a drop just isn't worth it. I also don't feel like getting 5b xp as once I achieve it I will be in the same position I am in now. What makes you come back to play everyday? The players who currently play the server. This server has a real family feel to it where all the players I have spoken to are really friendly and welcoming. I also liked the idea of having a hardcore ironman with endgame gear which I have achieved some of that already but even with these two things it is difficult to come back every day sometimes. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I think doing polls for updates would be an amazing idea as this will make the players feel more involved in the server and this will attract new players to stay if they feel like the owner acknowledges what they want. I think advertising is also a big thing and it would be nice to see more content put out there to make the server more known. I also agree with the fact that everything that is obtainable by donating should be available in game as this sucks for an ironman and can be demotivating.

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