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  1. Hi Folks, I know I have not been active lately as I've been busy spending time with family and at work during the Christmas period. I wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and have good times with your family and friends
  2. So I was doing bandos with my team mate Iso and we were both using Steel titans. Whenever one of our titans was attacking bandos the other player was unable to attack and was getting the you can't attack this npc as your a group ironman mode. it's the same message if an iron tries to attack a reg players npc. we tried this in an instance and without one and the result was the same. When we got rid of titans it allowed us to attack bandos but not with titans aswell.
  3. Here are some ideas for potential requirements for the comp trimmed in Skilling, Pvm and misc and a rough amount if what I believe they should be at. I know these requirements are hella harsh but this set isnt something that everyone should be running around in. I support all of the set effects mentioned above but prefer the idea of the whole set having the bonuses and being obtained as a set rather than individual pieces. Skilling requirements Mine 2500 runite ore Smelt 2500 rune bars Cut 2500 dragonstones Burn 2500 magic logs Cut 2500 magic logs Flecth 2500 magic longbows Run 1000 barb advanced course laps Catch 2500 snowy knights Make 1000 overload options Pickpocket dwarf trade 2500 times Fish 2500 Rocktail Cook 2500 Rocktail Make 2000 steel titan pouches Complete 500 slayer tasks Complete 2000 dung floors Pvm requirements 1000 Sara 1000 Zammy 1000 Bandos 1000 Armadyl 1000 venenatis 1000 chaos ele 1000 Cerberus 1000 demonic gorillas 1000 kbd 1000 zulrah 1000 Kraken 1000 vorkath 1000 supreme 1000 rex 1000 prime 1000 kalphite queen 500 skotizo 500 jad 500 nomad 500 soulgazer. 500 harbinger x,rul 500 graetoriax 500 tormented demons 500 corporal beast 500 blink 300 nex 100 wildy wyrm 50 kiln completions Misc requirements Open 2500 clue caskets Open 5000 crystal keys Lemme know what you think of the requirements and any potential ones that we could add.
  4. Hi Guys, Since comping I thought it would be a good idea to post a video of my bank/Log evert 500 hours play time to keep track of how much it changes and what new Lootations I acquire . Loving the new iron rework can't stop playing Ely haha, Can't wait for comp trimmed so I can do those long grinds . ykQ7QTeKzT.mp4
  5. Hey, Guys so I was testing out Vorkath tand noticed that it's fireball attack hits a lot higher than it does in osrs. As someone who has done a lot of Vorkath on osrs the fireball damage tends to max out at around 900hp but as seen in the video below its hits a lot higher and has even killed me from full health which was 1340hp at the time. Is there anyway its fireball attack can be nerfed as if you lag then your are pretty much dead to the fireball regardless of health and this is not the case in osrs. vziER8XS1i.mp4
  6. This is also the same for prayer renewals, I haven't tried any of the other potions just restores, brews and overloads and overloads and brews are the only ones that work.
  7. thanks great work as always.
  8. I agree with Nelly, these farming teleports were very useful especially for the ironmen game mode.
  9. z e l d a


    Hey guys so with the ironman rework hitting of to a great start I thought about Nex and how it could do with some rework or minor changes such as removing the damage cap or lowering the minions HP as solo kills take 20+ minutes This would make Nex more active as at the moment it seems like dead content as most people would rather do Graetoriax or Harbinger for the more offensive Torva and Pernix counter parts and Nex really only has Virtus as offensive mage gear but Killing Harbinger or Graetoriax takes 5-6 minutes a kill/trip in comparison to Nex who takes around four times as long and is possibly considered the hardest boss due to its different mechanics. I think a rework on this boss would be great for all new player. Lemme know suggestions if you don't agree with the ones I have stated could be made so we can get Nex active again.
  10. Hey guys , So After dying on my last Hardcore and taking a good couple of months break from Ely I have returned and am ready to create ZELDA 2.0. After having a load of fun on the new iron rework I have finally comped again and the real PVM grind begins now . m3TBwlpLML.mp4 I wanted to make this time around more interesting so whoever predicts my death down below will receive I will give 2b worth of either items or cash too upon death. Here's to another sweaty grind and good luck on predictions folks .
  11. Great job on working on these fixes guys its much appreciated . As a returning player to the server I must say I am impressed with how much work the team is doing to make the server an enjoyable experience for everyone .
  12. Support this would be a great addition good thinking mate:).
  13. This is amazing please release it soon. This is always something I've wanted from when I first played my hardcore a long pvm grind with rewards waiting at the end of it. One thing I would suggest is adding bosses to the list such as nex and harbinger x,rul which are some of the harder bosses but it would make this armour more rarer. You could also add all the newer bosses that aren't on there such as vorkath and venenatis. I really look forward to this update and I'm glad I started a new hardcore :). also will current kills count towards this or will it be from when its released?

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