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    Hey guys so with the ironman rework hitting of to a great start I thought about Nex and how it could do with some rework or minor changes such as removing the damage cap or lowering the minions HP as solo kills take 20+ minutes This would make Nex more active as at the moment it seems like dead content as most people would rather do Graetoriax or Harbinger for the more offensive Torva and Pernix counter parts and Nex really only has Virtus as offensive mage gear but Killing Harbinger or Graetoriax takes 5-6 minutes a kill/trip in comparison to Nex who takes around four times as long and i
  2. Hey guys , So After dying on my last Hardcore and taking a good couple of months break from Ely I have returned and am ready to create ZELDA 2.0. After having a load of fun on the new iron rework I have finally comped again and the real PVM grind begins now . m3TBwlpLML.mp4 I wanted to make this time around more interesting so whoever predicts my death down below will receive I will give 2b worth of either items or cash too upon death. Here's to another sweaty grind and good luck on predictions folks .
  3. Great job on working on these fixes guys its much appreciated . As a returning player to the server I must say I am impressed with how much work the team is doing to make the server an enjoyable experience for everyone .
  4. Support this would be a great addition good thinking mate:).
  5. This is amazing please release it soon. This is always something I've wanted from when I first played my hardcore a long pvm grind with rewards waiting at the end of it. One thing I would suggest is adding bosses to the list such as nex and harbinger x,rul which are some of the harder bosses but it would make this armour more rarer. You could also add all the newer bosses that aren't on there such as vorkath and venenatis. I really look forward to this update and I'm glad I started a new hardcore :). also will current kills count towards this or will it be from when its released?
  6. hav6sUn6CT.mp4
  7. So it finally happened, Since making my 4 months ago I have fallen as a Hardcore Ironman. This is a video of my bank after I died and what I achieved whilst playing this game mode without dying once. This is far from the end for z e l d a and is just the beginning . I am happy for you all to roast me and call say nice hardcore when you see me in game and whatever else you want to say lol I would strongly advise anyone who is looking for a challenge to make a Hardcore and see how much you can achieve in the game without dying. This has been such a fun experience and I
  8. Amazing update keep up the work guys, I'm loving this server more and more by the update
  9. I also Agree with what Callum has said that donating $500 is not cheap and the bank command Imo has not made the game feel at all that different since I acquired it myself about a week ago it just helps with faster banking for the above bosses stated as your inventory fills up with drops quickly.
  10. K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak) Guide About the boss K'ril Tsutsaroth is a level 650 boss who resides in the Zamorak area of Godwars Dungeon. K'ril Tsutsaroth attacks with Melee and Magic attacks. K'ril Tsutsaroth has 3 minions in his boss room that attack with all three styles of combat. How to get to K'ril Tsutsaroth To get to K'ril Tsutsaroth type Once you have arrived go East to get to the entrance of the boss room. Click on the door and pay the 500k entrance fee to b
  11. Not as bad as I expected the gains are real but I agree with Callum I need a pub back in my life.
  12. support, I think this would be a great idea that would make pets more interesting to hunt.
  13. support. I definitely think skilling bosses would be a good addition to the game and a new way to get supplies than the usual grind that would make it more fun and less tedious.
  14. The teleport to house tabs that you get during the starter pack can not be obtained anywhere else in the game. These are a really useful item to have as it is a one click teleport and for players like myself who have to shift click then press the home button on the keyboard to teleport home causes a delay in teleporting. I think the teleport to house tabs should be added to either the shopkeeper or Gerrant at home.
  15. Since Grinding Nex I have realised that some of its random drops are really bad. Nex currently drops 1 uncut sapphire, 1 uncut emerald, 1 uncut diamond and 1 uncut ruby and 40 unnoted torstols whereas it also drops 2400 noted coal, 200 noted green dragonhide, 375 noted magic logs and 4800 noted pure ess. I think the noted drops are fine as these supplies are really helpful for all players but think that sapphires and emeralds should get removed from the table as there useless and make all the other uncut gems drop in noted quantities of at least 100, so that's rubies, diamonds and

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