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  1. Here just to repost what I've said in the forums: Just to buzz in. I haven't played this server for any long time, but what I have noticed in the last 10 years of playing a shit ton of rsps is that: -rs3 based servers are not worth it and all the same -718/rs2 based servers are slowly becoming less populair, outside of onyx which has almost 100% old school content with a nice twist to it and exora, which got a lot of well implemented custom content. -since osrs released, the os rsps are the biggest and most played source out there at this moment. With the 500+ ugly customs one with these not logical high donator prices untill the ones like ikov or atlas, which both have a lot of real osrs content in them. I think that a server needs to be well balanced between pvm, skilling and even maybe a bit of pvp. What I felt the day I started playing was that a lot of people are afk or bank standing and the game does not really feel very different from most other rsps I have played over the last years. It will probably feel a bit unique in the end game with some custom items. Besides this, there is a big focus on these custom monthly mystery boxes with the 'special' items and too less of a focus on updating, changing and evolving with time

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