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It's been a while since a create a signature for forum, when i was younger i do a lot then i study engineering in programming and graphics and my time was lost, now im working and the same time playing here i like this server i  been playing 2 years, well short story if anyone like my style of signature and need one feel free to response this post with words category for search the image and text to put in your signature, or just post me image of what you need.

Example: I like zulrah and that char is mine from ingame 😄


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Very awesome portfolio you've got here @dragoncin

Other than signatures, what else could you make? Banners or Avatars for example? 

I think seeing how much interest this thread has already gained, you could be well within the right of having the Graphics Designer rank on the forums.

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Oh o.o, i work doing Website, App, Software, Logos, Marketing, etc all the code and all the graphics so yea i can make banners if the Ely communityneed it no problem :D, avatars too but the problem about avatar are to small so i can't be full creative just more minimalist for avatar.

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