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  1. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
  2. nevermind i now own a dominion crossbow, its now obsolete.
  3. Karils crossbow does not work when degraded at all, making it only useful for one shot. This does not effect the vast majority of players but low to mid tier irons would like to see this fixed as soon as possible as it will be shortly be deemed useless by getting better gear.
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen of Ely, I am here to suggest that the fella Oziach from dragon slayer have an option for players to make a DFS for them provided they have the visage, for some sort of fee of course, maybe 10m? 20m? I think it would be particularly helpful for ironmen as getting 90 smithing is not something that is easily obtainable, and by the time you do obtain it, the DFS may be obsolete to you.
  5. Definitely support this!
  6. Looks absolutely amazing! looking forward to running it! Appreciate you guys.
  7. Another thing to note it appeared as if my bank bugged out. Showed i had 33 boxes, which i knew i didnt, but when i tried to withdraw them it gave me gold charms and put my bank back to normal.
  8. Was just online for a nice vote party, only on one account, no other accounts online, and i did not receive any cosmetic boxes.
  9. Hi this is mainly directed @Goddess. I am suggesting a change to the price of cosmetic boxes on the price guide because the price was on their when it was only obtainable via donating. With the addition of vote parties they are now coming in faster than ever and the prices should be reduced as the demand is low while the supply is significantly higher. I would suggest closer to 20-30m seeing as the rewards are also quite lackluster.
  10. my buddy killed dag rex and got the kill nex achievement.
  11. I thought we had something special.
  12. I think it's a good idea. Would for sure make people actually want to get 5b.
  13. Can we allow irons some bonus xp for vote tickets? I understand the well because its done by other players. Voting is still done by the one player themselves. So it is still "one man army" type of gameplay. Im just lazy and hate doing dung please help
  14. Not Mike

    Max Cape

    So I know with a recent update the Max Cape was supposed to act as an avas and I was super excited as I had suggested it. I noticed it does not seem to work with dragon bolt (e) so if you guys could look into this I would greatly appreciate it.

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