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  1. another absolute banger of an update! keep em coming boys
  2. Or let me dismantle it and lose the cosmetic part maybe? idk
  3. Can we maybe make the imbued Vyrewatch longsword (primal longsword) be tradable? there's no real reason it should't be tradable that I can think of?
  4. yo this is cool as fuck man! support!
  5. sounds good. great suggestion
  6. Not Mike


    can you guys fix corps defense it is currently at least a billion. Just want to get my comp kills in but i cannot because the fucker is tanky as hell.
  7. 10/10 update again boys keep it up
  8. Name: Not Mike Rules Broken (if any): no clue my buddy hopped on while i was in the bathroom. Time Punished: just says until mute is lifted Punishment Length & Type: some sort of mute Staff Member who issued the punishment: not sure but he asked if goddess was cute so i assume goddess? Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: I guess it is my fault for letting him fuck around on my account, didnt think he would say anything too bad while i was gone for like 5 minutes Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: For the most part I am more helpful than anything Pictures/Videos:
  9. omg thats fucking gold XD
  10. Can't wait for trimmed comp omg
  11. I was talking with a bunch of people in the cc earlier and we thought it would be cool to add more perks to the max cape such as making it count as an avas accumulator? Other things were brought up as well but I cannot recall them so if anyone else has other suggestions maybe reply to the topic and hopefully it gets added
  12. I've stated how I feel and my arguments and it clearly isn't going anywhere. Hopefully it gets more support or hate so they can make a decision.
  13. Guess we will have to agree to disagree. Regardless I believe it would be a welcomed change by a lot of people if they are into fashionscape.
  14. Goddess what you are COMPLETELY missing is that they are not needed for combat at all. Its not going to actually effect anyone doing combat. I'm starting to feel like you may not like me too much

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