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  1. Nice update guys! Some brilliant stuff, would also like to thank you guys for the amazing stuff you put on over Christmas! A boss, 12 days of Christmas and a ton of events, really shows the dedication the ely staff have to the server and the community
  2. Nicee, GL to all of the groups competing
  3. Duke


    Some really good work here mate!
  4. Have you tried uninstalling the launcher, or deleting/renaming the launcher directory? It's stored at the following location of your windows drive: C:\Users\YOUR_USER_HERE\.Ely You could try running 'unins000.exe' first to see if uninstalling works but if that doesn't, I'd suggest renaming or deleting the .Ely folder, checking that you have enough space on your drive and installing again.
  5. I noticed this for super energies too, not that super energies really need to be in flasks but thought I'd mention it. The overload into flasks seem to be bugged as well, it seems to fill a flask when you have two overload (4) s in your inventory but then gives you a super defence (2) back for the remaining 2 doeses.
  6. I absolutely support this. I'm constantly avoiding instances because I don't want to loose what I have and would rather go and do a different boss than start an instance. There needs to be something like this implemented, something that is still a money sink but yet something that doesn't make players loose all of their items.
  7. Absolutely! We need more tea drinkers! The server isn't always as active during GMT daytime but I'm always willing to stay up late to enjoy the community Hope it wasn't too long but glad you enjoyed it, it's always nice to share my RSPS story with RS and RSPS players to prove that it's more than just a game! Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  8. Thanks Lation, I thought it was about time to reveal my development background, it was hard to resist whilst playing such a well developed server Absolutely, coding and tech is the future! Definitely the best career you can get into these days! Ely really does have one of the best dev teams I've seen so far, regular updates without bugs, clean interfaces and amazing ideas. It's anything anyone could ask for in a RSPS Thank you, it's a pleasure to talk to you too every now and then. See you around
  9. Oh, and I'd like to say, I told Lation this already over PM. Lation, Matt, Splash, really good job with the server, I'm super impressed with what you guys have built. Absolutely amazing experience and very good work. It's an absolute pleasure to play.
  10. Hi guys, I'm Josh, I'm 22 and I'm currently living in the UK. I've been trying to get more involved with the community and forums and I thought that I should probably start with the forums. I started playing Ely hardcore about maybe a month ago or longer, my body clock is completely ruined because the server is most active during the night for GMT (I love the community though haha). For some reason, my account is much older than that, I think I may have created it earlier this year but never fully committed to playing RSPS's again until now. Career background and a long-ish sto

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