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  1. i support this and its purpose to be able to upgrade most of your pvm "geart" to better your pvm experience, but i also believed that some items we have here at ely are already too strong for ely's available bosses atm, having too powerful equipment and weapon can take away the fun and challenges, making the game balanced is what keeps me playing, making it too easy gets boring "its only my opinon", overall i like where the upgrade chest is heading and with cox coming to ely soon, we wont be needing t2 to fight ncp and great olm, i know they will do great with coding cox 1:1 with osrs, if so,, just regular basic max equipment will be fine. +support
  2. Support this! mid tier ring
  3. Keep up the great work!!! Love seeing the improvements!
  4. good additional for iron, this would help out not only to iron but to any players in general. :SUPPORT!
  5. Sorry for the late post havent check forums for quite some time now.
  6. hello, ewan here, so as i grind for 5 billion exp. im suggesting there should be some kind of cape/reward for the grind, should have 3 different types of capes :5b Legend mode cape :5b Default mode cape :5b easy mode cape it will make more people grind for that cape, and i enjoyed my time skilling here at Ely, and now the Well of Goodwill is now 50% cheaper we can all help each other to reach that 5 billion exp. goal. thanks for reading, Ewan
  7. Discord: Ewan#9205 IGN: Ewan
  8. i really like this idea! fully support this
  9. Will you be available at this day & time:yes In-game Username:ewan Discord Username:ewan#9205

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