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  1. As ive been inactive the last few months I am jaded too any new weird shit around here so when I first saw Ely monthly newspaper I expected to read some stupid gay ass shit. I was right. Kidding lol actually enjoyed it and is a interesting community bulletin. hope you keep at it and can keep it interesting although you forgot to ask splash why he likes male nudes
  2. I planned on saying who needs a kraken guide smh but then I saw how much good information and well presented it was. all that said Hyrule for life
  3. Great but @ Splash tell m u adjusted my hweens examine prices ;[
  4. Sounds interesting could be worthwhile might be used frequently might not
  5. sub par guide. But given the creator I suppose its at least legible which is a win for said person
  6. I found Ely from a come back to Zarpor/RSPS2 email I randomly noticed. I found RSPS2 the same way from a we are alive email back in 2015/2016 I forget. Been playing runescape since 03-04 I believe been a long time. RSPS since 2010ish having ran my own and helped code on a couple others. This community has maintained my mainstay community.
  7. I don't mind your train of thought. I know some people get sad that like 3-5 people buy them out in 10 minutes. So I wouldn't mind however it gets revised. It also seems the drop table at-least this month is less high end gear with a high drop rate. I have been back and forth but your right with the player increase them staying isn't a 'bad' thing just some tweaking necessary
  8. Pretty sure this is the last month of monthly boxes for the foreseeable future. Might be tweaking or out right removal. Support if they stay as I don't hate them but they need revising how they are dropped , timing and quantity, etc..
  9. I've loved you I've hated you but you have always been you and I respect that above all else Best of luck mate and stay alive #Covid19
  10. agreed that is an annoying thing even if you tele to the location it still takes u home
  11. banneddd biotchhhh

  12. support super difficult but doable
  13. would help with supply and demand great ideal nelly support
  14. Beautiful thumbs up

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