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  1. support super difficult but doable
  2. would help with supply and demand great ideal nelly support
  3. I sat with PVM at grae for like an hour and a half yesterday and he couldn't even do damage or spec using it, even he thought it was nuts that ccb was out damaging him 3-1 take this comment for what you will
  4. Love the crystal chest tweaks I've often thought it should be edited a bit
  5. my bot as a purple xmas scythe rahamies has one
  6. love the timers and training zone aggro awesome
  7. ^^ Like Lukes ideal better but I do hope that is done because I too give up keys bc I got 3;1 loops
  8. I cant even kill this boss so Idgas your crap ideal Masoud!! kidding
  9. Sick update - the new torva/blazing primal is sick as fuck very happy and already going to enjoy playing more Grats to all involved.
  10. Love it all except my ringssss!!! I like cheating.
  11. I was cleaned by this before def have hated the problem lol
  12. I would support if this was a legit suggestion - make it so! edit your format

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