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  1. much love until next time keep on smellin on smelly potato cheese ❤️
  2. I like the noted drops and ww spawn rate and the slayer points maybe 3 event days a week or even peek hour mini event zones
  3. boats! u motor boatin summm biotch!! how were they? did you go for the twin turbo? I cant remember the wedding crashers quote exactly but it seems apropos for boats, the motor boating sum biotch
  4. whats good luke still love ya but don't you owe me like 2.1b? I shall settle for 1.5. I am a gentleman after all. 😉 lol cant believe like 3 years laters all the same peeps still at it!!
  5. Ola Senoritas! my name is Jeff. I play games sometimes. I play people sometimes. I'm not here for long time but I'm here for a good time. if you owe me money from other server days feel free to feed me Seymour! - Jshaffer90

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