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  1. Add all new bosses kc to comp req maybe more people will kill new bosses then
  2. Serpentine helm doesnt have venom effect. Kingly Slayer Helm (i) doesnt have black mask boosts on slayer task
  3. P V M

    Auto cast

    isnt it meant to be like that?
  4. allow cannon at all the same places as in rs pls
  5. time to put some custom gear to my bot
  6. cannonballs, armadyl runes also pure ess is soo easy to get
  7. Ingame Username: P v M Description of bug: no effect on attacker aura Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/e717c62ac474f827d3684d4ca285bbf8
  8. P V M

    New Boss's

    well primal is kinda useless anyway now after ruins weapons came out, could add them as drop now
  9. P V M

    zanyte shards

    or option to choose what 3 (4) items to keep on death would be awesome
  10. P V M

    zanyte shards

    Username: P v M Suggestion: give zanyte shard items bigger prices , currently its 201k for suffering and 202k for torture, make it same as primal etc , so its easier to keep it on death Why (how will it benefit players overall): can use better gear for pvming where u risk shit
  11. serpentine helm is ingame , its loot from monster carnage
  12. osrs rs2 and rs3 combined ? fuck no 😄

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