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  1. Ingame Username: P v M Description of bug: no effect on attacker aura Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/e717c62ac474f827d3684d4ca285bbf8
  2. well primal is kinda useless anyway now after ruins weapons came out, could add them as drop now
  3. or option to choose what 3 (4) items to keep on death would be awesome
  4. Username: P v M Suggestion: give zanyte shard items bigger prices , currently its 201k for suffering and 202k for torture, make it same as primal etc , so its easier to keep it on death Why (how will it benefit players overall): can use better gear for pvming where u risk shit
  5. serpentine helm is ingame , its loot from monster carnage
  6. osrs rs2 and rs3 combined ? fuck no 😄

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