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  1. P V M

    rune pouch

    add rune pouch to game ? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Rune_pouch maybe let it hold more runes with donor ranks?
  2. P V M


    you are wrong with drops, rex drops melee rings, prime drops mage ring and supreme drops range ring
  3. P V M


    Add Balmung to game with realistic effect for dks. Afaik its only obtainable from mystery boxes atm and probably doesnt work for dks. Could add it as drop for dks or add it to pvm shop for like 500k points or to slay shop for like 10k points ?
  4. should remove hit ammount of defence like bgs does ?
  5. it could be used at gwd but not nex or kbd. No at kbd for the exact reason what jordan did before, went to wild with no gear at all and then geared all bis in kbd room
  6. why havent you reported them if u knew about them? its normal that ::bank isnt supposed to work at bosses
  7. u can use ::bank at kbd and even mods now tele to kbd with no gear and use ::bank to gear in there
  8. if you kill player in wild and he was pvming and npc did more dmg to him than you then you dont get the kill....
  9. maybe let people buy custom items for like 125$ scrolls(25 dollar money sink), since not every1 can afford it with irl cash and its same outcome for server for cash. Also would remove some cash from ingame ?
  10. P V M

    serp helm

    i found out that if u ovl then it venoms you
  11. P V M


    Clan wars, castle wars and maybe to get more people to join make random teams and winning team gets some reward(smbs, cash)
  12. 200k tokens is like 20mins if ur maxed, why make bis items obtainable soo easy? also its good money for server in summer

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