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November Exclusive boxes are available! THREE brand new items make their way into the Ely life cycle. Read more about these items in Discord - check the Store page for a live quantity count!

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Patch Notes XXXIV (#34) Kraken, Demonic Gorillas & more

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To our continue addition of adding the best OSRS content into our already content packed 718..

Here are some more bosses & items you can look forward to slaying!


Welcome 100% OSRS Kraken


Kraken is now available in Ely!

As we always do, it is done 100% as OSRS.


With the introduction of Kraken comes some more new items..

Kraken tentacles

Trident of the seas

Abyssal tentacle

Pet Kraken


Using Kraken tentacle on -> Abyssal Whip to make an Abyssal tentacle whip!

The Abyssal tentacle whip has a +8 increase in Slash & +4 in Strength over its predecessor.





The Trident of the seas requires no runes to use and functions by charges.

To fully charge a trident: 2,500 Death runes, 2,500 Chaos Runes, 10K Fire runes & 2.5M GP

That will give it a full charge of 2500. Each attack uses one charge.

You can uncharge a Trident of the seas at anytime in return for your runes (dependent upon charges).



About Kraken:

You must be assigned Slayer Task to kill Kraken.

It will only cost 500K GP to begin an instance.

Cannons & familiars will not function at Kraken.


100% OSRS Demonic Gorilla's


Added into "Boss Teleports" as well as Kraken

is now: Demonic Gorilla's!


With the introduction of Demonic Gorilla's also comes more new items...

Zenyte Shards

Ring of Suffering*

Necklace of Anguish*

Tormented bracelet*

Amulet of Torture*

Heavy Ballista parts

Light Ballista parts

Lil' Gorilla pet


Using a Zenyte shard on -> cut Onyx to make a Zenyte..

Which will then allow you to choose which item to craft.


* These items are crafted by using a Zenyte shard on a cut Onyx.



See below for the stats of the new Zenyte items

Ring of Suffering

New best-in-slot ring that also reflects 10% of damage taken to enemy



Necklace of Anguish

New best-in-slot offensive ranged amulet



Tormented Bracelet

New best-in-slot offensive Mage (glove slot) item



Amulet of Torture

New best-in-slot offensive melee amulet



Javelins are now used as an ammo for the Ballista's instead of a throw weapon.




Last but not least.. the Lil' Gorilla pet!



Content Changes & Fixes

All Monkey's have been removed from Ape Toll (you're welcome Ironmen)

Added noted Bones too various NPC's

Nomad's damage cap has been upped from 300 too 1,000

Increased drop rate on Boss pets by 30%

Arclight attack styles are fixed

A teleport has been added to Brine Rats

Skotizo pet drop announcement will now work

Zaryte bow is now an announced drop

Total votes is now counted in Quest tab under Statistics

Monthly Mystery Boxes will now re-supply every week (read more)

(Every 1st, 7th, 14th & 21st of the month 150 Exclusive Boxes will be added)


2 new Bosses, 2 new pets, 10+ brand new items (weapons, rings & amulets), Slayer skill expanded & much more!

Ely's largest content update ever has dropped! We truly hope you enjoy this update as much as we did creating it!

If you come across any bugs, please continue to report them in Discord or on our Forums, thank you!



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Hope you all enjoy the graft we've put into this update!

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Sick update boys, great work! Looking forward to trying it out when I get home!

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Well done, makes me wanna play again, maybe, some time .. :p

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well done, makes me wanna play again, maybe, some time .. :p


dooo itttt

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Well done, makes me wanna play again, maybe, some time .. :p



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When the RSPS you play is better then the real game... OOOOOOOOF!


Great job Ely Staff, really reaching new heights with these awesome content updates. Super stoked :P

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