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  1. do I win? edit: that's legit everything
  2. Well done, makes me wanna play again, maybe, some time .. :p
  3. and if u vote for raids u are a bo(a)t
  4. Bambu

    New Boss

    Add a giant deer in a forest that drops skilling supplies and maybe the minigame hybrid gears?
  5. I'm a fan of prestiging but the problem with ely is that the base exp rates are already quite low (still fast but if u keep lowering it it's gonna be a pain) What about resetting but not lowering the exp rate? Unlocking rewards at threshold prestiges. Prestiging would basically mean "i have maxed this many times with the standard exp rates" U can still choose to stop prestiging whenever u like and get 200m's at the same speed as before, wich will take away potential burn out's on grinding 200m at x20 exp rate
  6. unsure about this because i was watching a show but IF these were to be added in the dung shop don't make them 200k please, nobody would buy it then ... getting all chaotics takes quite a while and dungeoneering in this state is not alot of fun. TL;DR make them somewhat cheap
  7. I'd honestly go for both options. And if these go in the dung shop at what price will they be?
  8. I always liked the old way of getting veteran cape: -Set ammount of achievements (Playtime, Forum registration 1 year +, Good ingame behaviour, ...) And u'd have to apply for veteran cape and this had to be accepted by the current staff team. (This could also be done by the veterans after we've got a few)

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