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  1. RIP pvp armors :( was good while it lasted
  2. Fayrg bones from ge op, great tables man
  3. nice work, still new item styles ewww :P
  4. Bonus xp weekends are awesome - full support
  5. Slay

    Daily Challenges

    This or like weekly and monthly challenges too that require something to work toward
  6. Slay

    Ely Wiki

    A neat idea, but if forums get dated, then surely a wiki would suffer the same fate. We just need some folks to contribute and focus on keeping things relevant.
  7. Hello There! Have you ever received a brine rat slayer task and said to yourself, "How on earth do I get there?" If so, then I have a step by step guide to show how to get there with ease Step #1 Make sure to have a spade in your inventory! You can get one from the general store just south of home tele bank Step #2 Gear up with your preferred attack style and head to Snowy knights butterflies by typing: ::tele snowy Now follow the red line towards the blue dot on the map shown Step #3 Dig just one spot south of the windswept tree in this exact spot Welcome to the Brine Rat cave! Enjoy the 7 wonderful rats down here and have a glorious time Make sure to try and pass your knowledge onto new players or reference this thread by typing ;;thread 711 Thanks for reading!
  8. Slay

    Cannon Updates

    Being able to load the cannon to full while there are still some balls in there would be a nice addition.
  9. Pretty sure this is a dungeoneering reward effect, i have yet to get a seed back from it though.
  10. Slay

    home sets

    Sounds decent, shouldn't be too bad considering the vast amount of teleports already available.
  11. Slay

    Double XP Well

    Items for a choice of either bonus xp or a bonus drop rate. Maybe like bonus 25% xp or 5% drop rate

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