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  1. Downloading the client again tonight, life's been crazy. Miss y'all, joining back soon ❤️😭

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  2. Insane content fellas! Love it, keep up the good work staff!
  3. Owner Lation- Is AFK most of the time but still helps out and catches up with everything. Matt - Haven't seen him on as much but afaik he works on updates a lot. Developer Luke - Haven't talked with Luke afaik, seen him do a few giveaways though, probably has a lot of work to do. Splash - Splash seems an okay type of guy, can talk to him normally and helps out, participates in events and such. Administrators Kari - In my opinion, the best and nicest staff member to be around, always super nice to everyone. Also fits the Administrator role perfectly. Would definetely promote to Admin+ if that was a thing. Global Moderators Nick - Seems doing his job like he's supposed to, helps out when needed. Server Moderator Nicky - I honestly haven't seen or talked to Nicky so I have no feedback to provide. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Seems to do his job and is online on the server for the most part aswell. Support Jordan - Fits the support role pretty good. Is fun to be around aswell. I apologise if I lack feedback to any of you, I just give feedback to what I've seen and who I've talked to etc. I'm sure you're all doing your job perfectly. Keep up the good work staff!

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