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  1. Downloading the client again tonight, life's been crazy. Miss y'all, joining back soon ❤️😭

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  2. Insane content fellas! Love it, keep up the good work staff!
  3. I agree with spreading them out throughout the month.
  4. No. Thoughts: honestly this would just make the minigame pointless and soon we would have a rework on that because there's too many barrows items in the game. Might aswell give a barrows piece upon joining the server. Edit: Barrows pieces would quickly lose value aswell
  5. Owner Lation- Is AFK most of the time but still helps out and catches up with everything. Matt - Haven't seen him on as much but afaik he works on updates a lot. Developer Luke - Haven't talked with Luke afaik, seen him do a few giveaways though, probably has a lot of work to do. Splash - Splash seems an okay type of guy, can talk to him normally and helps out, participates in events and such. Administrators Kari - In my opinion, the best and nicest staff member to be around, always super nice to everyone. Also fits the Administrator role perfectly. Would definetely promote to Admin+ if that was a thing. Global Moderators Nick - Seems doing his job like he's supposed to, helps out when needed. Server Moderator Nicky - I honestly haven't seen or talked to Nicky so I have no feedback to provide. Forum Moderators Enzyme - Seems to do his job and is online on the server for the most part aswell. Support Jordan - Fits the support role pretty good. Is fun to be around aswell. I apologise if I lack feedback to any of you, I just give feedback to what I've seen and who I've talked to etc. I'm sure you're all doing your job perfectly. Keep up the good work staff!
  6. Agreed, non tradable sound good.
  7. Yeah that sounds really good, new slayer points items would be neat aswell! This would give new players something to work towards and old/maxed players something to grind for aswell and new content, if those are the rare drops or just keys they could sell off to people~ ~To be honest I'm not sure if those keys tradable would be a good idea or not, would probably just take away from the whole idea of grind.~ And the idea that I put out would in my opinion be the perfect solution to this, (just have to think of the rewards etc). Ofcourse as long as someone comes up with an even better idea. Honestly the whole idea of this new slayer master, keys etc for me sound really damn nice. Makes me want to start grinding my slayer to 99 already! :)
  8. Key per task difficulty is an idea. Let's say there's this new slayer master from who you can choose the task difficulty aswell, (for example to make it more custom, add more difficulties than 3/4, maybe make a task with 1000 kills at for example insane difficulty.) Then based on those difficulties, each npc has some chance to drop that difficulty based key. For example: if you get a hellhound task (which should be medium I think), you get a medium difficulty chest key. And that would apply to every difficulty npc. EDIT: At home, near that new slayer master would be the chests, according to each difficulty. Each chest will need it's certain difficulty key to open and then rewards are based on those chests aswell, obviously easier difficulty doesn't have that rare loot compared to "insane" difficulty. Just some idea but any thoughts on this?

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