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$1000 Group Ironman Tournament

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$1000 Group Ironman | Release Tournament


We are extremely excited to announce the release of our Group Ironman mode!

  • Group Ironman is a new game mode designed for Ironman who have more than one friend that they’d like to partner up with. Here are the details:
    • XP rate:
      • x50 (Default) base rate
        • We felt this was the best solution to keep all players on the same playing-field especially for the duration of the Tournament. We will likely introduce the other XP rates upon completion of the Tournament.
    • XP bonuses:
      • The same limitations of the Ironman game mode apply to GIMs.
    • Group feature:
      • The Group Ironman feature will allow you to form a group of up to 4 other players to join you.
        • Your team mates are the only other players you could trade with, and are permanent. Once you form your group & select begin, no other GIM will be able to join your group.
        • There is no time limit for when you can add players to the team, but once the team is complete no changes can be made.
        • Use the Squeal of Fortune tab in-game to configure your group.
        • The Group will be able to have a shared Bank & POH as well as use instances together.
        • Only 1 member can access Bank at a time or work on the POH.
    • Donations:
      • The same donation rules that apply to other Ironman also apply to Group Ironmen.
    • Clan chat:
      • A Clan Chat will automatically be created for you & your group upon completion of your team.



$1000 💰 Tournament Details

With this new gamemode comes a huge chance to win huge rewards! See details below..
(Rewards are divided by number of members in the group)

Requirements are as follows:

All Group Members max their accounts
Complete the God War's Dungeon Collection Logs (All Members & excluding pets)
Have a Max Cash stack (As a Group, not individually)

First group to complete this wins 1st Place, 2nd group wins 2nd Place & 3rd group wins 3rd place.

1st Place | $500 Store Credit / Paypal

2nd Place | $300 Store Credit / Paypal

3rd Place | $200 Store Credit / Paypal

If you find a bug that offers an unfair advantage and fail to report it your group will be disqualified.


New Quest | Examiner's Apprentice
Author: @Winter

There is now a new quest available! I will spare the details so you can enjoy this quest & it's content on its own.
However, it unlocks an incredible reward. The Resource Zone!


This is a new zone located in the Wilderness in which you can train certain skills with a 50% XP Boost! To enter the zone requires you to have completion of the new Quest mentioned above. Use this zone with Vote Tickets & the Well of Goodwill for amazing XP!


How to Create your Group Ironman



After completing the basic tutorial dialogues, you will appear to others as:


To invite someone to your group simply right click them & click invite:


Your tab will update with whoever you invited & who accepted:


Invite all the members you'd like in your group, then click on your name to set the group name:


Once you've set a name & your team members are in the Group - each member much click their name & select "Ready:"


At this point, when all members are ready, you can now click "Begin!"
Once you click begin, you can no longer change your Group.
A clan will be automatically created for you & your group members.

Misc Information

The location of the shared bank can be found at home bank:


The shared Player Owned Houses can be found outside shops:




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Quick question; are we allowed to create a group ironman group by ourselves as long as we follow the standard rules for not bossing on two accounts?


edit: I may have started already. I will accept my punishment if it breaks rules

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