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  1. Two suggestions for improving Nomad; First, we should add Nomad to the boss lineup for expert slayer tasks. Second, there needs to be an option to skip the beginning cutscenes at Nomad, or they should be removed entirely. They're a little bit redundant and very annoying to run through multiple times when you're camping. There are several other improvements that could be made, but these are the most necessary in my opinion.
  2. I'm suggesting raising the gen store values of the primal weapons so they'll have higher priority to be protected on death. Currently, they're only set at 200k. This gives them lower priority than way more common items, like dragon boots.
  3. It appears the pets from the pet packages can't be released and sent back to the pet manager like other pets can. This prevents UIMs from getting rid of any pets obtained through the pet packages, and stops them from activities where pets are forbidden (Dungeoneering, minigames, etc.)
  4. Prayers still work in duel arena even if they're switched off in the match rules. Plsfix
  5. Attacker aura disappears on death and can't be seen under graves or reclaimed anywhere. Not sure if this happens with the other Battle Royale auras as well.
  6. Reposting from Discord
  7. Not a detailed guide, just something to help you through if you get stuck. Thanks for playing
  8. It'd be cool if the game filter would filter out drops that aren't your own, that way you could toggle it on or off. Either way, 10/10 Winter supports this.

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