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  1. Reposting from Discord
  2. Not a detailed guide, just something to help you through if you get stuck. Thanks for playing
  3. It'd be cool if the game filter would filter out drops that aren't your own, that way you could toggle it on or off. Either way, 10/10 Winter supports this.
  4. Give the set bonus a massive defense boost, and make all damage dealt while wearing it typeless.
  5. Dragon warhammer and Statius warhammer specs seem to deal the extra damage they're supposed to, but don't lower your enemy's defense at all. Tested at white portal and confirmed. Both should lower opponent's defense by 30% on any spec that doesn't hit a 0.
  6. When toggling the graphics settings to safe mode, it doesn't remember the settings the next time I open the client. Also for some reason when I do this from the login screen, after switching to safe mode and going back to the Username/password interface, my password is included in my username, so instead of just Winter it would say something along the lines of WinterPussSlayer99 I use safe mode as it consumes far less memory and does not include the memory leak experienced in other graphics settings.

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