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  1. Hello! Very small request. Please allow access to the H.A.M. Hideout in Lumbridge. Access to H.A.M. members gives stunning new fashionscape, new thieving method, and access to the H.A.M. drop table for a certain snowflake ironman. Thank you! Gabriel
  2. Hello! EDIT: I died. with less than the total needed to stay as a reg iron. Should have made it a regular ironman to begin with. No way I'm gonna spend another 13+ hours getting another acc to the same place, so this idea is dead with the acc. Until next time I guess, Gabriel. Some of you may have seen me around. Unfortunately after joining the real world after college I no longer have the time to play very often, but I still appreciate this community and come play when I have the chance. On this server I've maxed a legend, ironman, hardcore ironman, ultimate ironman, easy account, and am on my way on a solo GIM party. Comp isn't something that interests me a ton; I'm here for that sweet sweet xp. So I've decided I want to play a snowflake account. Hence, KILLER SUNDAY. The point of this account is to see how far I can progress using only drops from monsters. No shops, no crystal key chest, no dungeoneering, no exceptions. The following skills will be locked in their entirety: Dungeoneering I debated this because primal items may drop directly from bosses and not purchase, but ultimately I believe it will go against the account by giving me near bis items essentially for free. Thieving Hunter Mining Fishing Woodcutting Farming I debated this because seeds must come as monster drops, but ultimately I believe it will go against the account by making herblore trivial Summoning Just because there is no way to obtain pouches and shards from monster drops The following skills will be unlocked with exceptions: Magic All runes must be either monster drops or crafted using essence that came from a monster drop Runecrafting All essence must come from a monster drop Forgot it existed. Runespan will not be allowed. Construction Will allow myself to purchase a house from the estate agent (500k gp) May hire a butler (assuming possible) May not purchase anything from sawmill operator (including saw and hammer) May not purchase planks even if logs were obtained with monster drop Lunar Spell "Plank Make" may be used for logs Herblore May not fill vials from water source Lunar Spell "Humidify" may be used Obviously may not purchase secondaries Crafting May not tan leather from the tanner Lunar Spell "Make Leather" may be used However, I currently don't know how I am going to get a needle. Only dropped by H.A.M. guards and I don't currently know a way to get in. If anyone has any ideas please let me know Cannot currently locate a chisel. So gem cutting is out. Fletching All items must be created using exclusively monster drops Slayer Unlocked because it fits theme of account However, no items may be purchased from slayer master. This will lock me out of some slayer monsters. After getting locked in a task I couldn't complete with no way to skip, this had to be abandoned. I need to open the slayer shop. I can only buy an item if its required for a task May use points to skip and block tasks because I want to. After much thought I will also allow the slayer helm. Requires 55 crafting. Smithing All bars must come from monster drops or made using ore dropped from monsters. Cooking All uncooked food must come from monster drops Firemaking All logs must come from monster drops The following skills will be unlocked in their entirety Attack Strength Defense Ranged Assuming all items come from monster drops, including ammunition, or are created using fletching (see above) Prayer Magic Assuming all runes come from monster drops, or are created using runecrafting (see above) Constitution Agility Because I don't want my run energy to always run out and shortcut access. Debated not allowing but I think its more QOL than going against the spirit of the account. Like I said, I don't have a ton of time to play, so updates will come sparingly. But excited to play this account and mingle more with the Ely community. If anything else comes up that is debatable regarding account restrictions it will be addressed at that time. See you in game! EDIT: Ah defenders! I think defenders will be allowed assuming that all armour used for points are monster drops. Let me know if you disagree with this. Love, Gabriel
  3. Quick question; are we allowed to create a group ironman group by ourselves as long as we follow the standard rules for not bossing on two accounts? edit: I may have started already. I will accept my punishment if it breaks rules
  4. Wonderful work! Way to release content before Jagex ha. You guys are the best
  5. Congratulations! Huge goal
  6. This is an amazing update idea and I really look forward to however it is put into game! So I've thought about this alot and they way that I would most like to see it implemented is by unlocking one piece at a time, counting kills from every boss in the collection log. Then, for simplicity, each boss will be given a multiplier and each tier will require 100 kills * multiplier for all bosses, plus 2000 total boss kill count which will be the sum of all boss kills. With the dummy multipliers I put in place the total number for each tier would be 1326 specific kills. So for each tier: TIER 1: GLOVES 100*(boss specific multiplier) kills per boss 2000 total boss kills TIER 2: BOOTS 200*(boss specific multiplier) kills per boss 4000 total boss kills TIER 3: HELM 300*(boss specific multiplier) kills per boss 6000 total boss kills TIER 4: PLATELEGS 400*(boss specific multiplier) kills per boss 8000 total boss kills TIER 5: CHESTPLATE 500*(boss specific multiplier) kills per boss 10000 total boss kills So this is the list of bosses that I would personally want to add. This does not include barrows, slayer bosses, or gorillas. I don't personally believe that they should be counted, but I am of course open if other people think they should. Please find the specific multipliers that I put in place for each boss as a place holder, again the total right now is 1326 specific kills. 0.15 - Blink 0.25 - Chaos Elemental 1 - Commander Zyliana 0.5 - Corporeal Beast 3 - Dagannoth Kings (1 for each) 1 - General Graardor 1 - Kree'arra 1 - K'ril Tsusaroth 0.5 - Kalphite Queen 1 - King Black Dragon 0.25 - Nex 0.5 - Queen Black Dragon 0.25 - Tormented Demons 0.05 - TzTok-Jad 0.01 - Har'Aken 0.25 - Graetoriax the Unbroken 0.25 - Harbinger X'Rul 0.25 - Nomad 0.05 - WildyWyrm 1 - Venenatix 0.5 - Vorkath 0.5 - Zulrah As for the armour itself, these are the specific perks that I would personally like to see: Tribrid armour 0.2x reduction in instance cost (and GWD room entry) per piece worn +4 prayer per piece worn 0.03x increase in damage to bosses per piece worn 0.03x increase in drop rate from bosses per piece worn While any piece is equipped (or all the time after tier 1 is unlocked); add total boss kill count to right click player examine text in chat Access to different tiers of PVM shop that include things like rocktails, overloads, super antifires, enchanted bolts, etc. Thank you for reading, very excited for this to roll out! Gabriel
  7. White Knight ranks being added would be awesome; kills are already tracked
  8. That's fair. And yeah I would actually kinda argue more for not have secondaries available for post 99 ha. But yeah I understand where you are coming from. I wonder how other people will feel bringing that to a vote. I know votes for making ironman more difficult haven't gone my way in the past lol
  9. I think thats where we disagree, I don't think its for the sake of making it a grind. I think that it stays true to the mode and plays into why there is an overhaul in the first place. Considering You only need like 500 secondaries for 1-99 I don't think thats its too much of an additional burden.
  10. As a change to the ironman mode, I would definitely like to see the secondary stores for summoning and herblore removed for ironmen. It is not too difficult to get the secondaries for these skills and would actually add challenge back to the skills. Right now summoning is basically free.
  11. A way to make the hiscores more accurate is to use an equivalent xp calculation. Basically it gives you the xp youve earned based on what it would have been on x1.0 xp. So earning 1m in x50 xp would give you an equivalent xp of 20000. Then when you prestige any xp earned at the new rate would be added onto your already earned equivalent xp. I still think that when you prestige you should go to prestige 1 with 0 xp, but on the hiscores you would have an equivalent xp of 100m. That way, your hiscore achievements are still preserved but the spirit of a real, true prestige is preserved is well. EDIT: By the way I would handle legends in the same way.
  12. There was alot of talk about the calculation of hiscores in doge when using a prestige system, as well as how post 99 xp worked. I would not support using the same system as is used there. I think that prestiging something should be going back to 0 xp. This is very unfortunate as we have 5b accounts on here; I think if those accounts were prestiged they should go to 0 xp prestige 2. =[ sorry kari I am curious to see what the community thinks about legends here. I think that all accounts should go to prestige 2 at 0 xp, so I dont agree with giving prestige 3 to legend accounts off the bat... Additionally I would like to see a rate slower than 50%. I rushed prestige 3 on doge and the 0.5x xp modifier on each prestige was kinda demoralizing, and sequesters the population in to two groups: people that love grinding xp, and those that only would grind xp to get to max level. For example grandma never wanted to prestige because he didnt want to be lower level again, whereas I wanted to just be the higher prestige level. I think the 0.5x prestige rate causes more players to stay at level 0 (or level 1) prestige, while over time you will have players easily in the 4th or 5th prestige range with not alot in between. If the base xp rate for 0 prestige is going to stay at x50, and 8th prestige set at x10 (what I think to be a good transition to give a good distribution of players between all prestige levels: then xp rate change between prestige levels should be set to 0.8178. That rate also means that (ignoring xp rate differences for low levels) reaching max at 8th prestige should take 4.59x as long (total from 0 prestige) as maxing a regular legend (with the same time to max a legend putting you at just below 99 all at 3rd Prestige). EDIT: This is how the doge prestige works, and I dont like it at all and their xp hiscores still arent fixed. When you pass 13m in a skill, all xp AFTER is divided by two and given to you at the next prestige. This means that if I am 15m xp and I prestige I go to 1m xp at the next prestige level (15-13)/2. However, the xp is always divided by two, not by the difference in xp rates. So if I go from x50 to x25 thats great, but if I go from x7 to x3, not so much. It gives too much xp because 3/7 != 0.5. tl;dr: If prestige is implemented I STRONGLY hope that prestiging will put you to 0 xp. Coding the hiscores will be annoying and everyone will have an opinion about what is fair (myself very much included).
  13. Thank you Kari, and congrats jeremy!!!
  14. Hello everybody, To cut to the chase I will be stepping down as support. My upcoming schedule irl will prohibit me from putting in the hours necessary to be effective in any staff application. I still want to be part of the server, and will still periodically log on and play. Ely is best rsps.... so yeah, I wont be far. Love, Gabriel
  15. Do the futurama movies count?

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