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  1. That's fair. And yeah I would actually kinda argue more for not have secondaries available for post 99 ha. But yeah I understand where you are coming from. I wonder how other people will feel bringing that to a vote. I know votes for making ironman more difficult haven't gone my way in the past lol
  2. I think thats where we disagree, I don't think its for the sake of making it a grind. I think that it stays true to the mode and plays into why there is an overhaul in the first place. Considering You only need like 500 secondaries for 1-99 I don't think thats its too much of an additional burden.
  3. As a change to the ironman mode, I would definitely like to see the secondary stores for summoning and herblore removed for ironmen. It is not too difficult to get the secondaries for these skills and would actually add challenge back to the skills. Right now summoning is basically free.
  4. A way to make the hiscores more accurate is to use an equivalent xp calculation. Basically it gives you the xp youve earned based on what it would have been on x1.0 xp. So earning 1m in x50 xp would give you an equivalent xp of 20000. Then when you prestige any xp earned at the new rate would be added onto your already earned equivalent xp. I still think that when you prestige you should go to prestige 1 with 0 xp, but on the hiscores you would have an equivalent xp of 100m. That way, your hiscore achievements are still preserved but the spirit of a real, true prestige is preserved is well.
  5. There was alot of talk about the calculation of hiscores in doge when using a prestige system, as well as how post 99 xp worked. I would not support using the same system as is used there. I think that prestiging something should be going back to 0 xp. This is very unfortunate as we have 5b accounts on here; I think if those accounts were prestiged they should go to 0 xp prestige 2. =[ sorry kari I am curious to see what the community thinks about legends here. I think that all accounts should go to prestige 2 at 0 xp, so I dont agree with giving prestige 3 to legend accounts off the bat...
  6. MrSunday

    Ely Wiki

    Yeah if someone else starts it up I could definitely take some time to update
  7. Nah, I don't think any ironmen should have access to any donor items AT ALL, all mystery boxes included. The point of the game mode is to earn everything with your character. Being able to just buy stuff defeats the point of an ironman. I've had this argument a few times before and I have admitted that ironmen should be able to buy the unlockables, because everything is still earned by the account. But an ironman with spirit Shields and torva in their bank at lvl 1 is beyond rediculous. Anyway for non-ironmen accounts the boxes should be really good for the server, I hope they do really wel
  8. Awesome! thanks for keeping track! This is really useful! But wouldn't a 50% chance of double rewards only be 532*1.5 = 798, or (532/2)*2 + (532/2) = 798?
  9. I agree with Drops here that it would be a positive improvement. Idk if I agree that it would be worth the dev time but an improvement none the less. What I would like to see is the addition of gold and Royal cannons that hold 60 and 90 cannon balls respectively. These came out in March of 2011, so I think they exist in our build... Can't remember the exact time our build was ripped from.. anywho: as a think that implementing a fully functional artisans workshop is out of the question, adding in gold and Royal as sequential Slayer point upgrades for a really high amount of Slayer points would
  10. Like I said to Enzyme, that doesnt actually increase value of skill or new content, it just is an unnecessary rate increase. Adding armour would be a quick, easily coded way to add additional actual value to the game.
  11. Summer shop is closed, primal is no longer obtainable. Sagittarian is only available through zombie waves, I don't even know if Celestial is available. And even so, everything else in the donor equipment stores are available in-game, why not dung armour? It's not best in slot, so it wont change high level pvm meta, it just rounds out the game and adds an additional enjoyable aspect. I don't actually support this, basically just a rate boost, doesnt actually add value.
  12. Username (ingame): MrSunday Suggestion (short description): Add rare drops to dungeoneering. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Will increase the benefits of dungeoneering. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Each dungeoneering boss to have a drop table of dung armours. This will include all tiers of dung armour, with varying drop rates, all the way to lvl 99 armour. To not flood the game with lvl 99 dung armours, I think the rate should be set such that you could expect to get a single random piece of lvl 99 every 200 floors. That means setting the drop rates
  13. I agree, no reason to have them not be tradable. This is going to flood the market with whips though, basically making them worthless as the demand for them is already fairly low. End game I'd like to see them (all whips) be used as an item to recharge a better wep, kinda like in osrs with the tentacle and in rs3 like whatever the wildywyrms drop.

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