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Patch Notes XXXX (#40) Training Zone, Collection Log, Practice Instances, Clue Scroll Rework & MORE!

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Training Zone

Welcome the brand new Training Zone! This is a new area with a hyper-focus towards the new players that join daily. Inside this Zone you will be presented with a new interface which will keep track of your total kills, points, task, time left & your next reward.


Kills: your total number of kills on task in this zone.
Points: your total amount of points earned.
Task: your current assignment.
Time left: how much time is remaining to kill the selected NPC.
Reward: what you will receive when you achieve X number of total kills.

When you teleport to this zone you will immediately be given a task. These tasks are time based therefore you are to attempt to kill as many of the assigned NPC's as possible within the time frame you are given (60 seconds per task). The point system is simple, it is the combat level of the NPC you are assigned, divided by two for every kill. Every NPC you kill on task will be added to your total kills & you will be rewarded 4M GP every 50 kills. You are free to kill any NPC in this area at anytime however if you kill an NPC that you are not assigned you will not receive points or count towards total kills.

You will find "Taskmaster Vannaka" in this zone next to a Bank Chest. You may talk-to the Taskmaster at any time to reset your current assignment if you so wish. The Taskmaster also hosts his own shop which accepts the new Training Zone Points currency. This shop is geared towards getting new players setup in Ely faster & in a much more engaging way.



This new shop also features a brand new item for everyone who may have no need for the Training Zone at this time, the Ring of Wealth (i)! This ring will give any player wearing it, while on a slayer task a chance at receiving a Vecna Skull as a drop.


When you are given a task in the Zone you will find an arrow on the mini-map directing you to the current NPC you are assigned for easy navigation & faster kills.



Collection Log

Introducing a fully featured Collection Log! As you progress throughout Ely you will surely fill your Collection Log with many notable & miscellaneous items from everything such as: Rare Boss drops, all Pets, Clue Scroll items, Minigame rewards & much more! You will now be able to view what you have collected, what you have left to collect & the quantity of items you have collected already. 


We are extremely excited to bring this to all our players to increase the engagement players have with Ely on a daily basis & something more to aim for and show off among others. You can access this new collection log by visiting the "Task System" tab (where your Achievements are) and clicking the "Logs" button - you'll be presented with the option to open your NPC Kill Count log, or your Collection Log.


Clue Scrolls Rework

We bring you yet another incredible content update in this patch. We have reworked our current clue scroll rewards system! Our goal behind this project was making clues more worthwhile to do instead of just getting them done for that Completionist's Cape. A lot of junk items have been replaced with more useful items and the rates have been increased across the board. Along with the increased reward rate we have introduced a few new items into the Global Rewards table for you to obtain.

Dragonbone & Dragonbone Mage sets & the Black Partyhat!


Here is another reason why the Collection Log is a great addition; you can view any rare item you can receive by opening & viewing the respective category! This includes every clue scroll difficulty category as well as the global rewards table!



Practice Instances

Have you ever wanted to just practice on a Boss? Find out which is the most effective load-out against one? All without the risk? You can now do this with the introduction of Practice Instances! Our players now have the option on any instance clock that is available to create a "practice instance" to check out a Boss and attempt a fight without any risk of losing items!



New Draconic Visage's & Dragonfire Shields

Brand new Draconic Visage (Magic), Draconic Visage (Ranged) drops from King Black Dragon! These visages can be used on an Anti-dragon Shield to create brand new variants of the Dragonfire Shield to provide beneficial stats in their respective categories! 



New Colored Slayer Helms

Along with the introduction of all these new items we have also introduced new Slayer Helm recolor options! New Abyssal Head, KQ Head & KBD Heads drops now available from their respective NPC's. You can use these Heads on a Slayer helm to get a brand new color!



Skilling Shop

We have introduced a low-tier basic Skilling items shop into the following locations: Citadel & Skilling Area.



Donor Store Package Bonuses

We have increased the amount of EPoints you will receive when purchasing larger EPoint packages!



Bug Fixes & Changes

Ganodermic Beats now drop Mycellium & increased drop rate on Gano Flakes.
Items made tradable: Yo-yo, Rainbow Scarf, Cavalier & Mask and Christmas Sleigh.
Using a cannon against an NPC will now void your record kill timer.
Rainbow Scarf model is now fixed.
Anguish model is now fixed.
Cavalier & Mask model now fixed.
Void Bones now work properly.
Cannonball packs are now available in the PvM shop.
Teleport tab icon has been updated.
Presets manager now has a dedicated tab.
Kraken now drops "Rune" bars instead of "Runite."
Eternal boots are now best in slot.
Ironman & all other in-game chat icons no longer have a shader on them.
New chat icons are Developers & some Patron ranks.
Medium Casket reward from Monster Carnage ID has been corrected.
Tanner dialogue is now correct.

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Freaking beautiful. Thank you guys for this update. I especially like being able to buy pure essence >:)))) Looking forward to the next one!!!

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Damn im late to the party but i probs wont be logging off tonight lmao. AWEEESSOOMMMEEE

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