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Staff Update VII

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Staff Changes VII

Due to some recent changes in certain Staff's personal lives we are making some changes today.

spacer.pngJordan has been demoted to player - temporarily as he deals with what needs his full attention.
spacer.pngNicky has been demoted.
spacer.pngKemi has been promoted to spacer.pngServer Moderator!
Callum has been promoted to spacer.pngSupport!

@Jordan, I wish you the absolute best in what you are dealing with & just know the Ely fam has your back all the way.

@Nicky, you've contributed so much to this community and it was more than a pleasure having you on our Team.

@Kemi, you've proved yourself from early on you were bound to end up on our Team, and we love having you. Congratulations!

@Callum, one of the very first players to ever login to Ely from the start. You've been steady & proved yourself a valuable asset from the beginning, and also served a stint as Global Mod for some time in the past. We're glad to have you back & congratulations!

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Hope to see you back soon Jordan! Wishing you all the best.

Gratz Kemi your a big boi now, and welcome back Callum, You've more than proved yourself worth the rank again.

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Welcome back to the team Callum, good to have you back!

Kemi4mod is real??

Take all the time you need Jordan, hope everything works out

Thank you for all your work and dedication towards Ely, Nicky

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