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  1. +1 would def be good with slay helm buff
  2. This got changed when the magic revamp happened it brought the high alch percentage of 85% of examine value down to the actual high alch percentage that is used in osrs which is 60%
  3. @Chimpamzeethat's weird because it's still not letting me add t2 p2h to it. Or are you in n the beta?
  4. The 2h Turing to a 1h we don't care about tho that can stay
  5. with the overrides it might be a good idea to put what item is imbued with them add the value of it being imbued too <3
  6. When a total of 888 spaces is filled items disappear when added to main tab
  7. cant add t2 primal 2h to taeshalach
  8. Love the update guys, good job as always
  9. Wouldn't be any point Jake u will just die to a goblin right away
  10. when t2 pernix legs are added there is no health boost

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