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  1. Tycho

    Stepping down

    Best of luck in the new project. Hope you get some rest in between.
  2. Clicking on Change Display Name brings you to this website http://www.ely.com/l=en/a=0/p=wwGlrZHF5gKN6D3mDdihco3oPeYN2KFybL9hUUFqOvk/loginapplet/loginapplet.ws?ssl=1&expired=0&mod=www&dest=account_settings.ws?mod=charname
  3. I thought you guys were supposed to fix bugs, not add them! hehe Good luck on the grind for the hunters out there.
  4. ugly

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      That's not very nice Mr. Tycho

    3. Tycho


      He deserved it

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      Oh, that's ok then 🙂

  5. The cosmetic overrides are a pretty cool feature.
  6. Solid changes all around. Glad to see the store evolve to become uniquely Ely's.
  7. Tycho

    Typing Test

    Same https://10fastfingers.com/share-badge/1_DS
  8. Yep, I agree. I saw her maybe 3 or 4 times and her role was reduced to having a worried face when the crew came back to base camp. Doesn't seem like they're going to put much more stock into the character in the future.
  9. If there is already an influx of items floating around, and the mystery boxes continuing to add more, where is the virtue of making these drops less rare from bosses? I understand the purpose of the thresholds is to get more players involved in bossing, but if these drops are more commonly given from opening a mystery box than going to a boss, would adding the threshold change the balance? Would people even want to go bossing and kill something a few hundred or thousand times to fractionally increase their odds at a drop when, as you say, they are already inflated? Also, wouldn't the people wh
  10. I went and saw the new Star Wars movie today - the last in the story that began 42 years ago with Episode IV in 1977. Naturally there will be spoilers, so if you want to avoid any, I recommend not continuing. WARNING ::SPOILERS BELOW:: WARNING I found the beginning of the movie started very fast. It jumped right into Kylo searching out the maps to the sith world without having the audience really be exposed to what was happening first. Then, all of a sudden, he's there and speaking to Palpatine. It wasn't bad, but the lack of build up kinda had to make you start paying attenti
  11. Tycho

    Typing Test

    New keyboard. Not bad with so many errors Less errors Happy with this one for now https://10fastfingers.com/share-badge/1_DP
  12. For what it's worth, the thresholds are only for pets and not for other unique drops. It wasn't completely clear if that's what you meant or not, so I wanted to address it. As to the second point about a standard ratio - are you saying that the kill count needed for each boss to trigger a threshold should be the same for all? So for example, 500 kills would hit the threshold for both Nex and and 500 kills would do it for Dagannoth Kings? Or are you saying that a kill threshold would lower the chance of a unique item the same between one boss to the next? For example, 500 kills for Nex wo
  13. I found an old hard drive with my local saves of screen shots. Have long since lost screen shots from before mid 2013 - was fun looking through the ones I have though. Lots of good times and not so good times. The important thing to remember are all the connections, friendships and experiences we gained along the way. Cheers to everyone.

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