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    It's been a little over a week and so far I've enjoyed the experience. There are still some weirdness in some places and the Roku app is awful, but on the whole I'm glad they had a good launch. I'm enjoying Mandalorian a lot and it's been good to see some of the Marvel movies that I've only seen on some sketchy upload sites. I also like how you can have 4 people watching at once. That's huge value right there.
  2. Interesting outside the box idea. Very nice, congratz.
  3. Tycho


    Supposedly it'll be in all of Western Europe by the Spring. So you won't have to wait long.
  4. Tycho


    Speaking of mobile, it brings up another thought. The Netflix mobile experience is great. Their app is very well designed and optimized for most devices. The other services though, I've found their apps to be lacking. They're not bad, but they're not great either. If Disney's app is clunky at launch, they're not going to have a lot of time to update it before people get frustrated. It'll certainly be worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of the Marvel and Starwars franchises... or the Simpsons or the other 9001 things Disney owns now. They may not have ALL of it on there on day 1, but I imagine there will be plenty.
  5. Is anyone else signing up or going to be signing up? Looks like this could be the first actual service that will be true competition for Netflix. Disney has a massive log of content spending 70 years they can throw on there, plus there's a new development being announced daily. All that, on top of a $7 per month starting price, and suddenly there looks to be a potential dethroning. I do worry that they're going to push all these projects and it will be a quantity over quality thing for a while. Netflix does the same only a few have been home runs. Disney had a track record of good material, but can they keep that up for D+? Personally, I hope it gives them the chance to experiment more and take bigger risks compared to the major blockbusters they've made recently. Endgame was great, but others I've found to be too safe and predictable with the plots. They're okay to watch, but they're not with watching twice. Eventually the price will go up as well since there's no way it can stay at $7 forever and remain profitable. Their new content will have to be good enough to justify the increases. I think Netflix has been okay on this, but just barely. Reactions will be interesting to watch - both by consumers and critics. I pay for a few services already and I'm okay with the prices; with Disney having so much content backlog to add, I'm not too worried about the price being too high as long as I stay interested. Overall, I'm hopeful it will go well and maybe even push other services to increase their content quality.
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    Oh Hey

    Yeah, same. Been using something else for a while now and is weird to use this again. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Oh Hey

    I'm sorry it has been slightly contaminated by a certain nautical vehicle .
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    Oh Hey

    I like whatever forum style this is.

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