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    Staff Feedback

    Time to trashtalk yall again Owner Lation - Sexy af, is still cleaning up my pins on discord Matt - Very talkative, logs in once a month and still does a good job? Developer Luke - We don't talk about luke untill he get 75 range Splash - Good guy, very active in discord (#osrs) Administrator Kari - Nice girlsname, does a good job as a admin standing afk at home Global Moderator Jeremy - No. Moderator Nicky - Should be new owner, huge help to ely Forum Moderator Enzyme - Stops the porn on the forums, sadly :( Support Imagine if we had supports flooding the pins in discord lmao
  2. Eyo fam, I have been away for a little bit but don’t worry I’m still lurking. Since Ely is working on OSRS content, I have a few suggestions that I would really like to see. Im not going to suggest any bosses because I know you are already working on this. Items I would like to see: Toxic Blowpipe + Scales Toxic Staff of the Death (and Trident etc) Full Obsidian (With set bonus) Zenyte shards + their jewelery T-Bow & Kodai Wand (Will come back to this later) Updates I would love to see which I think will fit the OSRS content: Construction: Ornate Rejuvenation Pool (Make it hella expensive so people want to use other people their houses, Im talking like 1k prayer pots) Construction: Max hit dummy (Will work wonderfull with above pool) Hunter: Puro Puro or something that comes close to it. Maybe a new minigame? (Would be a gift for Ironman) Fairy Rings: IDK how hard this will be to code, but it will help getting around to some places. And most important, I know this has been touched upon before: A way to increase bankspace! I know it is extremely hard to code, but give us somewhere else to store our shit. Maybe like a treasure chest in the POH where we can store clue items? Updates I will make a other thread for (Because Im on mobile atm): DMM / DMM Tournament / DMM Seasonal Raids / Idk yet I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on my suggestions! Im open for discussion! Also: Fuck the format REEE Loveuall
  3. Hello lovely people from the Ely community! Ever since more people are maxing, a lot of people are gaining interest in starting a HCIM. Sadly, this also results in a lot of HCIM deaths. So I decided to make a step by step guide for a decent HCIM build. This guide is not focused on maxing a HCIM or on efficiency because well, im not efficient. Also I’m not going to put actual numbers in the guide, just steps for ya’ll to follow. I’m currently working on my HCIM and this is the steps I’m doing, feedback is more than welcome! Fresh start – important steps. Get 75 thieving, keep thieving after 75 untill you have like 10 diamonds atleast. Get 40 mining, mine 10 gold. Get 40 smithing, make 10 gold bars. Use the gems to get 43 crafting, if you need more gems, thief them. Note: You need to get the first levels using something like flax. Use your starter runes on Yaks to get 57 magic. Pick up the helms of neiz if your get any. Go to al kharid, buy a ring mould from the shop. Have the uncut diamonds, gold bars and the ring mould in your inventory and use the gold bars on a furnace. Make 10 diamond rings. Buy the runes you need from the magic shop at home and enchant the 10 diamond rings using the Lvl-4 Enchant spell. You now have 10 rings of life. These will be in your ring slot for the rest of your life. A ring of life will teleport you whenever you get under 10% of your hitpoints, please remember, you can get hit for more than this 10% by some NPC’s and some effects like Poison can still kill you when you are teleported. Somewhat safe – Minimum total level: 265 So we now have a teleport option when we are close to death, this can safe u in DC situations and when ur just afking. Now we focus on getting some base stats. Get your starter gear out and go to our friends the rock crabs. You want to get the following stats: 60 Attack, 60 Stength, 30 Defence. Once you have these stats, get a easy slayer task from the slayer master at home. Ideally you want a hill giant slayer task. Note: We won’t complete this task yet. Buy a Proselyte armour set from the armour shop, this armour set will be your friend for a long time. Get some food out of your bank and tele to the hill giants. You might want to bring some high alch’s if you can afford this. Pickup most of the drops from the hill giants and use the bonus on the altar at home or at someones POH. Do this until you have atleast 43 prayer. Ideally while you are here you should get 60 defence aswell. This is the tricky part of this phase. This is where our first risk of dying is. You want to get a dragon scimitar. And the only place to do this is the shop in ape toll. Where this shop exactly is, is something you should google or scout with an alt. You want to pray range when you get close, bring some prayer pots and some food. Its easier to do this step with a friend to tank the monkeys. This step can take a while so makes sure you bring enough supplies. The trick is to trade the shop when you can and buy a dragon scimitar. Somewhat geared – Minimum total level: 488 Allright, we are somewhat geared. But we are running low on supplies. Time to work on that and get a bit more geared. We’ll also work on getting the total level towards our minimum of 1500. Get 60 woodcutting. Use the logs to get your fletching to 63 fletching. Use the ruby’s you have thieved in the first phase to make ruby tipped addy bolts. Buy the base bolts from the ranged shop. You should have around 400 ruby bolts now. Enchant the bolts using the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell. Get 99 fishing, catch sharks from 76 to 99. Get 99 cooking using the fish u caught from 99 fishing. Note: If you are not a donator some sharks will burn and you need to catch more. Get your beginner ranged gear out of the bank and get 61 ranged on your slayer task. Get more tasks if needed. Try not to skip any tasks. Bank any seeds and herbs you get. Get 50 mining and mine enough coal and mithril ore to make a full mithril set. (Helm, Platebody, Platelegs) Get 50 smithing and make said set. Get your melee gear out, some prayer pots and some food. We are going to get a defender to end this phase. Use the mithril armour set on the animated armour stand and kill it around 30 times. This should set you up with enough tokens to get the dragon defender. The amount of time a dragon defender takes is different for everyone so you might need to get more tokens if you are unlucky. Switch combat styles so you end up with 75 base combat. Will post the other parts later.
  4. Flip

    Staff Feedback

    I'll give my shot at this aswell. Owner Lation - Dad, does a wonderfull job managing the server. Breaks things tho. Developer Matt - Mom, unbreaks shit lations breaks. Does a good job, dont see him much on but cant expect that from a dev tbh. Administrator Jake - Bby jake, I know you miss your Eco account and I miss that aswell. Does a good job as a admin tho, not sure if he is comfortable in the role. Global Moderator Nick - NotbotNick, good lad, helps out new players, makes sure I dont jail him by accident. Def in a good spot. Moderator Kari - Good ole Kari, can't say much about him. Would def vouch for a promotion. Stable pilar in the staff team. Jeremy - Who? jk, happy to have Jer back on the team altho we dont speak much since our AFK Schedules cross alot. Forum Moderator Enzyme - Janitor, jk forums are looking good and clean, way less porn now sadly. Kinda have to agree with boats you two still need to learn a bit but I'm sure time will make u two the best forum janitors we could have! Nicky - The same as enzyme, but I want to add that I'm impressed with the amount of support Nicky gives to new players. Would def vouch for ingame janitor role aswell. Support Flip - Best player on the staff team. Should be owner tbh. Sin - Best Co-Support to have, no complaints, we make a good team. (Unless its about 200m slayer) Thats my take on the team, don't take everything to serious, I think we have a very stable and decent staff team and I can't wait till Lation decides to fly us all out to meet IRL
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    gz new forum janitors
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    Server Feedback

    1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? I googled RSPS2/Zarpor and came to Ely. 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? The #price-discussion channel discord. #rip , nah jk I liked playing RSPS2/Zarp so I know I would enjoy it here. Also the dedication of Lation. 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? The integrity of the server. At the moment we are lacking some fresh content tho. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? Some dedicated group of players to keep the priceguide uptodate. Also fresh content but you know we'll help u with that.
  7. Who knows what might be dropping soon!
  8. Yeah it kinda sucks that I didn't get it, but maybe some day we'll see a rework!
  9. Elite Clue's are a pain in the ass to do.. But are the rewards worth it? Sponsored by Lation I went on an adventure for you guys to figure this out! I opened 500 Elite Caskets! Are they worth it? I think this answers our question! In my opinion they are deffo worth it, but I didn't get any 3a. Total loot: What do you think? Note: This is done on a account that won't get involved in the eco, don't worry! But we will be giving away some of these items soon! Keep your eyes open!
  10. Hello lovely's Today I opened 300 Mystery boxes for you to see if it is worth it to get them! So lets take a look at the rewards. Most of them are cosmetics, but we also got a Balmung, which is a rare and has pretty decent stats! And most important, we got 2 Jad pets! Which look really cool! That is it for today, let me know, do you think it is worth it?!
  11. Flip

    Wine cooking

    Username (ingame): notFlip Suggestion (provide all details possible): Add the option to cook wines. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Wines are one of the best cooking xp ingame. Other Notes (if applicable): I like big XP drops.
  12. Note: I have some trouble with the pictures! If anyone can fix this for me, please! Untill then, you need to click the link! So, you're looking to make some good money? Let me help you! Today we're looking at Bandos! This was asked alot, so here we go! Keep in mind, this guide is made to be as efficient as possible, we're trying to get fast kills and a high kill count on a trip. Recommended Stats: - Att/Str/Def/HP - Atleast 60 - 90+ Recommended - Prayer - Atleast 43 - 95 Recommended - Summoning - 95 Recommended Loadout: Budget Loadout - Not Recommended!! Familiar Loadout - Pack Yak (Don't use Titan) - 30x Rocktail Inventory: - 1x OVL Flask (Can be Potion) - 1x Prayer Renewal - Spec Weapon (Can be ignored) - 10x Rocktail - 7x Sara Brew Flask (Can be Potion) - 7x Super Restore Flask (Can be Potion) - Winter Storage Scrolls Solo - Tanking: So we're aiming to kill the big guy, General Graardor. Pray Melee before you enter the room, make sure you're OVLed, drink the prayer renewal potion and turn off Auto Retaliate. Click the Big guy. The tactic we're using is "One Tick Eating" this means as soon as you get hit for more than you're comfortable with, you click a Rocktail and a Sara Brew in the same "Server Tick" this means you're consuming both at the same time. This can take a while to get used to, but it is very efficient. Make sure to take from BoB as soon as you used 2 rocktails. Check your stats after every eat because Sara Brews lower your stats. (OVL's should auto restore tho) After you killed Graardor you can use SoulSplit to heal on the minions, make sure you have Protect from Melee on as soon as Graardor spawns, otherwise you're death. Ofcource we're looking to get the Bandos Armour drops, but Graardor drops alot of worthy items. Pick up whatever you please, use you Yak special to bank it. I can get around 10 KC a trip with the above tactic, that is what you're aiming for to make some dank profit! Goodluck lads!
  13. Flip


    I’m Flip. No introduction needed, some people will still know me. Some won’t. Will hop online every now and then, or I’ll grind all the 99’s not sure yet. Don’t be afraid to pop me a message!

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