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  1. I do support that!
  2. I mean if it stays tradeable for donators I have no issues with it. Thing is just, I bought it when it was tradeable, I'd like to keep a tradeable item.
  3. No support from me, I spend real money on it and got a tradeable item out of it. Why would I agree with getting a untradeable item instead of it? Only way I'll support this, is when dung gives a different version and donators keep their tradeable versions.
  4. Flip

    Staff Feedback

    Time to trashtalk yall again Owner Lation - Sexy af, is still cleaning up my pins on discord Matt - Very talkative, logs in once a month and still does a good job? Developer Luke - We don't talk about luke untill he get 75 range Splash - Good guy, very active in discord (#osrs) Administrator Kari - Nice girlsname, does a good job as a admin standing afk at home Global Moderator Jeremy - No. Moderator Nicky - Should be new owner, huge help to ely Forum Moderator Enzyme - Stops the porn on the forums, sadly :( Support Imagine if we had supports flooding the pins in discord lmao
  5. Flip

    Daily Challenges

    Support, more content = good content
  6. Thats a no from me unless you have some spicy rewards planned.
  7. Some locations are hard to tele to or Fairy rings could get you closer. What I forgot to mention is that some of these updates are also suggested with my future suggestions/suggestions that are too complicated for the forums in mind.
  8. Eyo fam, I have been away for a little bit but don’t worry I’m still lurking. Since Ely is working on OSRS content, I have a few suggestions that I would really like to see. Im not going to suggest any bosses because I know you are already working on this. Items I would like to see: Toxic Blowpipe + Scales Toxic Staff of the Death (and Trident etc) Full Obsidian (With set bonus) Zenyte shards + their jewelery T-Bow & Kodai Wand (Will come back to this later) Updates I would love to see which I think will fit the OSRS content: Construction: Ornate Rejuvenation Pool (Make it hella expensive so people want to use other people their houses, Im talking like 1k prayer pots) Construction: Max hit dummy (Will work wonderfull with above pool) Hunter: Puro Puro or something that comes close to it. Maybe a new minigame? (Would be a gift for Ironman) Fairy Rings: IDK how hard this will be to code, but it will help getting around to some places. And most important, I know this has been touched upon before: A way to increase bankspace! I know it is extremely hard to code, but give us somewhere else to store our shit. Maybe like a treasure chest in the POH where we can store clue items? Updates I will make a other thread for (Because Im on mobile atm): DMM / DMM Tournament / DMM Seasonal Raids / Idk yet I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on my suggestions! Im open for discussion! Also: Fuck the format REEE Loveuall
  9. Not to sure what to think about this.. If its only for slayer it is a bit underwhelming. If I can spawn 100 abby demons all aggro and I can just barrage 100 at the time it is a bit to OP. Nice idea tho!
  10. Congrats my dude! Time for a HCIM now!
  11. Flip

    Dung Boss Drops

    Agreed with Enzyme, not supporting this.

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