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    Time to trashtalk yall again Owner Lation - Sexy af, is still cleaning up my pins on discord Matt - Very talkative, logs in once a month and still does a good job? Developer Luke - We don't talk about luke untill he get 75 range Splash - Good guy, very active in discord (#osrs) Administrator Kari - Nice girlsname, does a good job as a admin standing afk at home Global Moderator Jeremy - No. Moderator Nicky - Should be new owner, huge help to ely Forum Moderator Enzyme - Stops the porn on the forums, sadly :( Support Imagine if we had supports flooding the pins in discord lmao
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    I'll give my shot at this aswell. Owner Lation - Dad, does a wonderfull job managing the server. Breaks things tho. Developer Matt - Mom, unbreaks shit lations breaks. Does a good job, dont see him much on but cant expect that from a dev tbh. Administrator Jake - Bby jake, I know you miss your Eco account and I miss that aswell. Does a good job as a admin tho, not sure if he is comfortable in the role. Global Moderator Nick - NotbotNick, good lad, helps out new players, makes sure I dont jail him by accident. Def in a good spot. Moderator Kari - Good ole Kari, can't say much about him. Would def vouch for a promotion. Stable pilar in the staff team. Jeremy - Who? jk, happy to have Jer back on the team altho we dont speak much since our AFK Schedules cross alot. Forum Moderator Enzyme - Janitor, jk forums are looking good and clean, way less porn now sadly. Kinda have to agree with boats you two still need to learn a bit but I'm sure time will make u two the best forum janitors we could have! Nicky - The same as enzyme, but I want to add that I'm impressed with the amount of support Nicky gives to new players. Would def vouch for ingame janitor role aswell. Support Flip - Best player on the staff team. Should be owner tbh. Sin - Best Co-Support to have, no complaints, we make a good team. (Unless its about 200m slayer) Thats my take on the team, don't take everything to serious, I think we have a very stable and decent staff team and I can't wait till Lation decides to fly us all out to meet IRL

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