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  1. I mean if it stays tradeable for donators I have no issues with it. Thing is just, I bought it when it was tradeable, I'd like to keep a tradeable item.
  2. No support from me, I spend real money on it and got a tradeable item out of it. Why would I agree with getting a untradeable item instead of it? Only way I'll support this, is when dung gives a different version and donators keep their tradeable versions.
  3. Miss u, Now who do I contact when Im dieing from a hangover?
  4. Contentttttttt Merry christmas my loves
  5. Flip

    Staff Feedback

    Time to trashtalk yall again Owner Lation - Sexy af, is still cleaning up my pins on discord Matt - Very talkative, logs in once a month and still does a good job? Developer Luke - We don't talk about luke untill he get 75 range Splash - Good guy, very active in discord (#osrs) Administrator Kari - Nice girlsname, does a good job as a admin standing afk at home Global Moderator Jeremy - No. Moderator Nicky - Should be new owner, huge help to ely Forum Moderator Enzyme - Stops the porn on the forums, sadly :( Support Imagine if we had supports flooding the pins in discord lmao
  6. Oh fuck... Welcome Splash! Finally new content Luke... Get 75 range than we talk
  7. Support, more content = good content
  8. Thats a no from me unless you have some spicy rewards planned.
  9. Some locations are hard to tele to or Fairy rings could get you closer. What I forgot to mention is that some of these updates are also suggested with my future suggestions/suggestions that are too complicated for the forums in mind.
  10. Eyo fam, I have been away for a little bit but don’t worry I’m still lurking. Since Ely is working on OSRS content, I have a few suggestions that I would really like to see. Im not going to suggest any bosses because I know you are already working on this. Items I would like to see: Toxic Blowpipe + Scales Toxic Staff of the Death (and Trident etc) Full Obsidian (With set bonus) Zenyte shards + their jewelery T-Bow & Kodai Wand (Will come back to this later) Updates I would love to see which I think will fit the OSRS content: Construction: Ornate Rejuvenation Pool (Make it hella expensive so people want to use other people their houses, Im talking like 1k prayer pots) Construction: Max hit dummy (Will work wonderfull with above pool) Hunter: Puro Puro or something that comes close to it. Maybe a new minigame? (Would be a gift for Ironman) Fairy Rings: IDK how hard this will be to code, but it will help getting around to some places. And most important, I know this has been touched upon before: A way to increase bankspace! I know it is extremely hard to code, but give us somewhere else to store our shit. Maybe like a treasure chest in the POH where we can store clue items? Updates I will make a other thread for (Because Im on mobile atm): DMM / DMM Tournament / DMM Seasonal Raids / Idk yet I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on my suggestions! Im open for discussion! Also: Fuck the format REEE Loveuall

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