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  1. Vertical lines on both sides of the chat box are missing
  2. Further to this The client sometimes boots up in safe mode, unable to determine why. Some messages won't send, you'll type it out and then it vanishes (this is all chats, pm/fc etc). Some items are taking a long time to load it's model/sprite, mainly seems to be the blink drops and cerb drops for me personally. Quick log in doesn't always save accounts, quote often they'll just vanish when you log out. (not major but it's such a nice QOL) People being invisible??
  3. Hey, Can we have staff of the dead added to Zammy drop table? Having toxic staff of the dead would be pog.
  4. Like this, https://runescape.wiki/w/Charos'_clue_carrier
  5. Aberrant spectres have a null drop, not sure if this is intended (I'm doubting that,)
  6. Big GZ dude, Lumbridge Cows next?
  7. Welcome You're trapped now, you'll never leave
  8. Black Dragons are no longer dropping anything. ;;drops still shows drop table, but when you examine the npc no drops show. (Black dragons from slayer tele) Will update with other npcs that have similar issues
  9. Support this idea, As Iso also stated, it could reset each month. Maybe we add some kind of system to reward players for winning each month (cosmetic)
  10. Yeah I saw this, but it's from 2020 and locked So I thought i'd bring it back alive under a new thread cos it is so old it's just been forgotten.
  11. Can we have Imbued god capes added? This can be done through ;;tele mob like the rings (maybe without the requirement for dung tokens, just cash) OR maybe add the mini quest to acquire them
  12. I'm suggesting the addition of "skill of the day" For that day, you get bonus xp whilst training that skill. This will be beneficial mainly to legends (could be polled if legends have this benefit as I know they've chosen it for the grind), but also helpful to all account types for earning that 200m cape.

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