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    A couple

    Dominion Staff does not actually give you unlimited elemental runes although the icons are lit saying you do have unlimited. Full Slayer helm has requirements to equip, But if you have a coloured variant (dark claw, abyssal head etc), all requirements are removed.
  2. Very well spoken, you'll do well with this. Might wanna check your mic input levels though, There's a little bit of interference on the line which I could hear through my headset.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with this at all..
  4. Saradomin Items don't work in GWDSaradomin Items don't work in GWD. The minons still agro on you. Can this be fixed as the slayer task for the mages are incredibly annoying because of this.
  5. Hey, Can the prices in the Tokkul armour shop be adjusted/fixed? 50k tokkul for 1 Toktz-xil-ul is EXTREMELY overpriced. Also, can we have the option to sell obsidian armour back to the store for tokkuls? Thanks!
  6. GIM Opoxi

    Bank Bug

    The spacing that randomly appears between the first tab and second. Seems to happen after looking at GIM chest.
  7. Would it be possible to add more rewards to the PvM shop? There's only so many Cannonballs one could need. Maybe items like clue scrolls, maybe some cosmetics?
  8. If you equip them both to take the ghost form and then Quickly Deposit worn items in your bank, You keep the ghost form. Relogging fixes it.
  9. Hey all, I've decided to write up quest guides for all of the quests currently in Ely. I will update in the future if anymore are added (including events). The Founding Festival Please use Longshots Guide as this is perfectly written with plenty information. Click Here For Guide Cook's Assistant Examiner's Apprentice Please follow @Winter's Guide, I will eventually write this up when I get around to it. The Christmas Catastrophe (UNABLE TO COMPLETE, CHRISTMAS QUEST, Will add if something changed) The Camel's Boy Ely Easter Egg Hunt
  10. Hey, Depositing noted items from your looting bag causing the item to stay noted in your bank.
  11. Something that might help is downloading the cache for the client. Failing that, try deleting the cache altogether and redownloading.
  12. Can we have the options for the Demon Butler to collect bones from our banks? Or even to use noted bones on it to unnote them? Thank you!
  13. GIM Opoxi

    Chat bug

    Sometimes when talking in normal chat, I receive the following message; "is already on your ignores list." Lation told me to add this here, Irons can't get ROW(I), can we add it to the imbue shop? Thank youuuu

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