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  1. Hey, I would like to suggest the Kingdom of Miscellania 'mini game'. This would be particularly helpful towards irons and even benefit normal players. Having the options to get herbs (useful ones, not guams) & logs/planks, and bird nests that can give a chance of getting rings like berserker/archer/seers (have these as an extremely low chance to not affect the need for DKs, or obviously not at all) and uncut gem or just simply seeds.
  2. Hey thanks for taking the time to read, here's a couple of suggestions I hope others will agree with; Irons cannot imbue Ring of Wealth, which means we don't have a chance at Vecna Skull, could this be added to the npc at mobilising armies? Allow GIM to swap groups, this would allow members to leave groups that are in a dead state, ways to counteract theft of items could be to add a 30/60 day cooldown period between movements. Maybe also a warning message to state that you should only group with people you trust or something along them lines. (I think this is already in motion bu
  3. Hey, Pretty simple one but would save a lot of headache. Could we have the ability to 'highlight' drops of our choice? Similar to the runelite plugin, When hunting for seeds and other items of interest, it would be nice if it came up with a text drop like you have with yew seeds and teeth parts etc. This could be done like the runelite one (Alt and click the + icon) or as a file we could edit that the client would look at. Thank you for reading!

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