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  1. Tile Markers 100% I'd also like to see the Loot tracker implemented too. I would be over the moon for bank tags though, that would be POG
  2. Why have I never seen this before, outstanding
  3. Hey, Can we possibly get rune pouch added to Slayer store? This is so it's inline with OSRS, Yes I know we can get it from runespan, but gives people the option! Kthxbai xo
  4. Amazing amount of detail, This will 100% help people who are new to CoX. Great Job!
  5. Value doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts!
  6. Just so you know, since I'm not sure how many people actually know. You can use the tan hide option on the lunar spell book which tans 5 hides at one time.
  7. I could of sworn i reported this a while back, maybe I forgot to.
  8. Welcome back! I'm sure there will be some familiar faces.
  9. I agree with this, players have no way to get most of the secondaries in game apart from the shop. Chests are a great idea, Not sure how often they'll get used in the way you intend in terms of bosses as most people will just teleport out of the area and restock at home. Having one in the donator zone & skill zone I would say is a must. Just to add on top of this (as it's about store reworks), Maybe the general store's stock could reset quicker too for mass sales, I often sell most my junk to the general store, but have to wait a while for the shop to gain more space.
  10. Hey all, Just putting forward an idea to rework the events a little bit. With the way events are currently working, you get 10% drop rate. Personally, I think you should be rewarded on where you place on the leader board, this will encourage more people to engage in the content. A couple of suggestions could be; An item from the drop table depending where you place (top 3 maybe? If event is bandos, have a chance of rolling a bandos item, etc) A point system - This would include a shop to spend the points, Could sell stuff like drop rate booster, pet booster. Also, The 'fastest killed leaderboard', Could this be reset every month? That will add some competition between players. Kthxbai
  11. Welcome! There's plenty of people who play Irons so you've got plenty to ask for help if you get stuck

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