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  1. This is a great suggestion. PvPers come in boatloads & quite frankly there are currently none, I have no fear being anywhere in wildy atm its uninhabited SUPP
  2. Noticed the referral widget & the heal Nurse's changes yesterday, pretty convenient for both! Though I really commend the complexity of referrals, being determined on the player's activity rather than just a registration Never know what to expect from your patches
  3. 100% support a currency leveling from voting, as your right the voting rewards are pretty limited and voting essentially keeps the server successful. As for resurrection ticket, sounds like a good idea as well, but your right on it needing to be foolproof in the aspect of bugs & ways of taking advantage of it, unique idea no doubt tho.
  4. 100% Support, this would be cool, I think it should also include things like most Barrows completions, most agility course runs, most ckeys redeemed and just anything to keep players motivated to play excessively
  5. Support 100%, the fishing options are pretty limited, I was looking for monks initially, but Mantas are an even better addition
  6. Totally support! Maybe this could push me to bossing more hence being less of a bitch
  7. I played BR literally twice, (as an event) really enjoyed it the second time as I got the hang of it more so. So I definitely support improvements to it. Being as lack of participation is the main flaw, I see additions to the minigame having nothing but a good outcome. SUPPORT
  8. I get where your coming from and all, but in the grand scheme of things I find these "bugs" pretty irrelevant as they're nothing but visuals Though just my opinion others may agree with you
  9. I support this one hundo as it would even improve or resolve my suggestion of having a solid bg for the chatbox for improved readability. And the white text for yell is weirdly out of place, it throws me off everytime. Although I agree with Cal, this is a pretty nerdy suggestion
  10. Love the analysis. Though its a little depressing definitely considering grabbing a donator rank just on the fact of this "doubling loot" perk you speak of. Been pretty uninterested with the common loots by now
  11. I'll admit I'm no where near the wealth of ya'll rich bitches But ayy I started Dec 22nd so GIVE ME A BREAK Still living off the 250m Zurr gave me when my starting gp accidentally got spent or sumn?? Still not sure where it went tbh
  12. I support this though the Clue Scroll Box sounds more logical considering the varying scroll difficulties, whether its built into the UI/Tabs or an item in itself, but I definitely see where your coming from. And getting them from skilling would make it much more fair for skillers and make skilling more valuable to do as a whole, cant not support that. SUPP
  13. Though I haven't found myself stocking up my halves, I still recognize this must be a tedious task if it's how you always redeem your keys (In bulk). I SUPPORT
  14. I think it'd be pretty enjoyable to have dynamic stat signatures for the forum. Being as the stats are already being displayed on the highscores, I'd think it wouldn't be an outrageous task as the code is already half written in sorts Just a random thought I've been sitting on, Here's a resource I found when confirming it was possible, incase it could help https://villavu.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13966
  15. @dragoncin LOVE IT, I was hoping you'd add some extra details, as you did with the dragon Thanks!

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