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  1. Would be nice when trying to play risky, not to risk your slayer helmet over a super restore flask
  2. When you teleport with the wilderness obelisk you can get teleported back to your current obelisk activated obelisk should be removed from the list of obelisks you could possibly get teleported to
  3. Yes but as I'm a developer myself I think the burying bones one & the money pouch one could be fixed pretty easily just for user experience purpose
  4. Hello Ely RSPS devs! I'm very new to this server and those are some things I've encountered in my +-20 hours of playtime. 1. Zero after message when you bury something 2. Your attack styles aren't bound to your attack types. (If your ranged is set on rapid (right top), and then you go to stab on rapier (left top), when you switch to ranged you're not on rapid anymore but accurate because it's also left upper attack style). (i made a gif but it's too big) 3. You cannot open money pouch when in another screen I don't know if those are considered '

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