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  1. Chaotic crossbow currently has no held animation. Chaotic crossbow: https://gyazo.com/98e3cad389532692a5799cbd5dc4a7d3 (gif) Rune crossbow: https://gyazo.com/c32d4696d94bf260718e37f451a38376 (gif)
  2. We have a collection log so why not. Here's some suggestions titles (different from RS to add some uniqueness to the server) that could be added for each boss. Godwars Armadyl - Playername the Justiciar Bandos - Playername the Wargod Zamorak - Playername the Wrathful Saradomin - Playername the Icyene Nex - Playername the Corrupted All Godwars titles - Playername the Ambassador Wilderness King Black Dragon - Dragonslayer Playername (highlight if not visible with forum backround) Venenatis - Eight-legged Playername
  3. How about the ability to use specific items on the armour to improve it? Such as a divine sigil for the 10-15% damage soaking, noted anti-venoms for it's anti-venom effect, dominion tower gloves etc.
  4. Best of luck with shadowlands.

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