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  1. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays to all!!!
  2. Currently (or atleast today?) was able to damage corp fully using any weapon. (weapons tested: abyssal whip, chaotic rapier and statius' warhammer) Not sure if this has been a thing permenantly or it is a new bug but it should only be that Spears, Halberds and Hastas are able to damage the npc without the 50% damage penalty.
  3. Ah, didn't know this. Perhaps it should be advertised ingame as more of an incentive to vote!
  4. Dificulty : Difficulty
  5. To incentivise voting a little more we should have a top voter each month competition. The website tracks most votes (not most tickets used, I assume?) so it'd keep competition strong between players and give them more of a reason to vote every time their cooldown expires. Prizes could range from a stack of vote tickets to ingame rewards, custom item donations, possibly even IRL rewards if the idea gains traction from the staff team. Leave your thoughts below.
  6. Sure I'll join. Ign: nerevar Discord: arcade#5632
  7. Chaotic crossbow currently has no held animation. Chaotic crossbow: https://gyazo.com/98e3cad389532692a5799cbd5dc4a7d3 (gif) Rune crossbow: https://gyazo.com/c32d4696d94bf260718e37f451a38376 (gif)
  8. We have a collection log so why not. Here's some suggestions titles (different from RS to add some uniqueness to the server) that could be added for each boss. Godwars Armadyl - Playername the Justiciar Bandos - Playername the Wargod Zamorak - Playername the Wrathful Saradomin - Playername the Icyene Nex - Playername the Corrupted All Godwars titles - Playername the Ambassador Wilderness King Black Dragon - Dragonslayer Playername (highlight if not visible with forum backround) Venenatis - Eight-legged Playername
  9. How about the ability to use specific items on the armour to improve it? Such as a divine sigil for the 10-15% damage soaking, noted anti-venoms for it's anti-venom effect, dominion tower gloves etc.
  10. Best of luck with shadowlands.

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