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  1. A new suggestion for the diary; Since you already have to open the crystal key chest 10.000 times for the elite achievement, I'm suggesting to also add the so called uniques (items which broadcast). Might be controversial for some, but there's some other crazy achievements so might as well add this one in too!
  2. New quest, unfinished potions maker and stackable clues? This is HUGE
  3. feed

    Charm Bag

    This sounds amazing, support!
  4. Suggestion for a new one : complete 1/all god books by filling them with the respective pages.
  5. BIG update, the new achievement system looks awesome. Time to grind some new tasks.
  6. Support, getting an effigy as a drop was always something exciting in the maingame. It can also motivate players to train their skills to be able to open these effigies.
  7. feed

    Pot timers

    Support as well. In case it isn't possible to move it around freely, we could have some predetermined spots to display them, toggleable from settings?
  8. Support for this, although I hate losing items and dislike the wildy in general, it still requires a nerf. Like Callum said, you can run in with a near full setup and lose basically nothing on death.
  9. A bit late with the reaction but support for this, having both the tree and star available to lower levels as well as more frequent spawns, would help out early game players significantly.
  10. Love updates like these! The new player examine is much more detailed and new discord commands are always fun to mess around with.
  11. Pets are always a fun thing to grind towards, so a big support from me.
  12. This is HUGE for the skillers!
  13. Support for this, gives players more incentive to go for the logs as well.
  14. Hey! As a small foreword, the reason behind this was mostly to compare loot to Jordans opening and to see how rng holds up with big openings like these. Most of the data is shown in either google spreadsheets or screenshots of Ely itself. The loot is also displayed after opening 5k keys and 10k keys Let's start with the keys opened, my starting point was 10,005 and at the end op the opening I managed to get 32,223 total chests opened. This is mostly due to donation rank benefits kicking in by having a 50% chance to double your loot (basically opening 2 keys for the price of 1) and getting
  15. Heyo, lately I've been farming up some crystal keys and noticed that while combining them in small quantities is do-able, combining large amounts of key halves is quite annoying. So my suggestion; an NPC which can combine either crystal key halves and/or totem parts into the full item or just have them combine automatically when all parts are in your inventory. Should it be needed, a small cost can always be added to the NPC to have it combine the parts for you.

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