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  1. +1 support all, especially the bots one. None of these bots will even flower poker with me that are walking around at ::tele bet, its a sad scam game and makes me sad. Would love to see them be helpful in some part of the game.
  2. I'm a huge advocate for fitness to help with stress. As for me, I enjoy weightlifting, running, and jiu jitsu. But when working out, it is important to do what you enjoy doing. Whether it is going to the gym, playing basketball, yoga, or anything else, I believe it helps get your mind off of things that are creating stress and allows you to not think about it or think about it in a different way. Thats my two cents
  3. Black recurve bow life matters, +1
  4. +1, great idea. The only people rich enough to afford these exclusive sets are not worried much about the value because they are likely to keep it forever if they really wanted it. No more noobs walking around without a matching platebody
  5. Welcome dude! It is definitely easy to get comfortable with PVMing with the boosted xp rates and ability to obtain necessary PVM armour much quicker. I was certainly a skiller based player before this, so its exciting getting to try the intimidating PVM content. Always happy to answer questions you may have on any bosses or any questions at all!
  6. I say just hold the people hostage until they donate $50 and then they will receive a slayer task skip ticket
  7. For some reason, when owl is in the vicinity and is wielding his custom bow, my screen turns purple and it won't allow me to click anywhere unless I am standing directly under him. Not sure what this problem may be from, but my cache is up to date. Lemme know if anyone has any suggestions
  8. boats is so hot I love this idea
  9. Heres my bank, this is my fun tab I won't waste time with the rest. I'll post a cleaned up pic later but I'm too busy trying to beat out @Lation
  10. This is AWESOME guys. Thank you all for doing this! I look forward to participating in what I can with my busy schedule, and will be throwing in some goodies for the drop party!
  11. I wanna do this: ign: Davis discord: Davis
  12. Omg I’ve been waiting for this. So stoked for this, it’ll be nice seeing these items in game more often!
  13. Will you be available at this day & time: Yes In-game Username: Davis Discord Username: Davis#4130
  14. Davis

    Hello - C

    Welcome to Ely! Hope you enjoy your time and never be afraid to ask for help from any players and staff in game. Cheers.
  15. Nelly caring about bank organization? This has to be fake news. in seriousness, this would be a great fix and allow for easier bank organization. Support
  16. Fucking animal. Take some time off before you grind out something new! Amazing accomplishment my dude.
  17. This is a huge update. The new teleports will be extremely helpful and the updates to the server definitely makes a huge difference in what I've seen. Big fan of the new skill tabs too. Great work!
  18. Great updates! Thanks for the new additions. fix nellys smell next plz
  19. Owner Lation - Always available to fix an issue when their is one and is not afraid to be too harsh when someone doesn't follow the rules. Great fun to talk with. Great owner. 1000/10 Matt - Haven't seen him too much until recently, nice guy and does a great job with the server 10/10 Developer Splash / Hardcore - Sploosh is a killer designer and is always good fun when he's around. 10/10 Charlie - Haven't seen too much but I know he's doing great things for this server and it's future! 10/10 Administrators Kari - Extremely cute in pixel form and always nice. Not on too often when I am, but always fun to hang around at home. 10/10 Server Moderator Nelly - Smells REEEALLY bad but its okay. Always down for some bants and is always helping other players on the server. 11/10 Goddess - Literally always the first person to respond to anyones questions. He will give a full on essay to explain a tactic to someone or any tips they would need. Always goes above and beyond. He smells too, but not as bad as nelly. 11/10 Event Manager Support Rahamies - Always a nice guy to talk to. Pretty quiet overall when he is online but great to talk to when I do! 10/10 Overall Feedback: Everyone on the Ely Team is very supportive, helpful, and productive. There has never been a time where it has been an issue getting ahold of staff when I need help and they go above and beyond constantly to make the server run smooth. I hope there is an event manager soon so the server can have some more group events, which would be a ton of fun! I feel like Ely is a giant community, rare in the RSPS world, and the staff make that happen - and I couldn't be more appreciative. Great job everyone, keep crushing it
  20. Post your big b0nks and show 'em off! Here is mine: Potions/Runes/Titan Tab: Cash/Rares/Armour Tab: Untradeable Treasure Trail randoms - other TT items on alt: PVM Drops/Crystal Key Loots: Random Skill Stuffs - cleared out because 5b xp (easy mode btw) Random Untradeable Stoofs: Pets: Costumes and Mystery Box Items: LETS SEE THOSE BIG B0NKS BOYOS!

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