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Found 2 results

  1. ---WORK IN PROGRESS--- Bugs: 1. Items obtained by bosses in collection log that do not complete an achievement in the achievements log. (Could be lots more, only time will tell!) E.G: Armadyl Crossbow: Abyssal Whip Vine: 2. Chicken Bought from the GE turns green when you cook it. Green Chicken: 3. There are 2 different ID code types of Frost Dragon Bones ingame, One works to bury and use on altar. The other dosent! Frost Dragon Bones: 4. When out in the Wildy the other day I stumbled across a bug that nulled the whole server. (Told lation in person). Nulled Server: 5. Fight caves KC dosent work. No KC at Jad: 6. Elite Void Does not register. Elite Void dosent complete Achievement or collection log:
  2. Hello all, Please read about the HUGE Achievements update here: Patch Notes LXX (#70) Achievement Diary (1,200+), Summoning & More I thought it would be best to form a megathread where everyone can post any issues/bugs and further suggestions to the Achievements system. I will keep this main post updated so all information can remain in one location. Current Issues: Keep an extra item on death with Protect Item Prayer - This can not be achieved by Hardcore Ironmen without losing status. Changed to opening the Items kept on death interface while praying protect item Adding any type of logs to a bonfire does not count for the various 'Burn Logs' achievements. Fixed Obtaining an Adamant defender is not ticking off when received as a drop. Fixed When typing ::train existing Ironmen accounts can not tick off the achievement. (New accounts work) - Changed to Skilling Area Pet manager interface is crossing off the 'Obtain 5 Boss Pets' achievement but NOT the 1 & 3 achievements. Fixed Killing experiments is ticking off the 'Kill Nex' achievement. Fixed Nurse can be spam clicked to earn 'Heal' & 'Restore' achievements. Fixed Typo with 'Heal 25000 damage with Turmoil' - This should say 'Deal'. Fixed DPS Combat Dummy can be used to gain the damage achievements while using Piety/Turmoil. Fixed If already purchased the abilities from Kuradal, you can no longer complete the achievement to purchase. Fixed 'Equip a full set of Runecrafter Robes' - Does not seem to be completing when wearing any 3 of the full sets. Fixed Someone killed Dagannoth Rex and it crossed off the 'Kill Nex' achievement. Fixed Mine Coal & Gold achievements do not progress with the Mineral Deposits in donator zone. Fixed Gold Elegant seems to have crossed off an 'Equip Mithril Armour' achievement Fixed 'Cook Raw Beef' does not progress - potentially because there is 2 different Raw Beef. Fixed Duplicate 'Earn 100 Agility Tickets' achievement under Support 1 (Easy/Med) Changed to 50 Easy & 100 Medium Degraded pieces of equipment don't work for set achievements (Such as Nex armours and barrows) Fully repaired pieces do work. Opening the Crystal Key chest doesn't work as an ironman. Fixed Potentially the 'Kill Kree'Arra, Graardor and Kril' achievements are not progressing correctly. Fixed 'Vote X days in a row' achievement is not progressing. This works when voting once in a 24hr period. 'Defeat Jad without Armour' completes even when wearing some armour. 'Make bowstrings' achievements not progressing when spinning flax on a spinning wheel. Fixed Obtaining a dragon platebody ornament kit ticks off the 'Obtain a Dragon Platebody' achievement. Fixed I am pretty sure that you can not get these as a medium slayer task: Turoth, Cave Horror & Dust Devil. Fixed Completing Fight Kiln under 30 minutes isn't registering for the achievement. Fixed Dagannoth Kings achievement not progressing when the each King is killed. You only complete the achievement of obtaining a godsword shard 3 if you drop from a boss and not from minions. Fixed "Cut an Uncut Zenyte" achievement can not be completed as the player can not obtain an Uncut Zenyte gem. Demonic Gorillas drop a Zenyte Shard. A Cut Onyx is used on the Zenyte Shard and this makes a piece of Zenyte Jewellery. I would suggest changing this achievement to "Craft a piece of Zenyte Jewellery" then add the IDs for Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet & Ring of Suffering as the items that will trigger completion. Fixed (New drop added to gorillas) Smouldering Stone is progressing the 'Obtain a boots crystal drop from Cerberus' achievement. Fixed Medium task for barbarian agility course laps are not counting. (Possible check for lap completion not added?) Fixed ''Monsters II'' Obtain dragon full helm does not work. A full helm from Tormented Hatchlings didn't progress it. Fixed ''Monsters II'' Obtain dragon axe does not work. An axe from Dagannoth Kings didn't progress it. Fixed ''Monsters II'' Obtain draconic visage (ranged) does not count. Could be the same for the Magic variant. Fixed ''Monsters I'' Killing corporeal beast is not progressing. Fixed "Obtain a boss jar drop" isn't progressing. Fixed ''Monsters I'' Kill 100 mithril dragons isn't progressing. Fixed Duplicate achievements in both of these categories: "Monsters II" (Medium) & "Support II" (Elite) Obtain Draconic Visage drop. Fixed (Replaced Support 2 achievement with ''Obtain polypore stick'') ''Monsters I'' Gain 100 Saradomin kill count is not progressing. Fixed "Artisan III" Make onyx ring/amulets doesn't progress when made. Fixed ''Monsters I'' There are two Kill 100 iron dragons achievements. Fixed (replaced with ''Kill 100 Brutal Black Dragons'') Duplicate achievements in both of these categories: "Monsters II" (Medium) & "Support II" (Hard) Obtain an Abyssal Whip drop. Fixed (Support 2 achievement replaced with ''craft an abyssal whip vine'') Duplicate achievements in both of these categories: "Monsters II" (Medium) & "Support II" (Hard) Obtain an Dark Bow drop. Fixed (Support 2 achievement replaced with ''Craft a Polypore Staff'' ''Fight Caves'' in elite step you need to obtain jad pet. Player can not obtain another jad pet or even roll the capes after obtaining it the first time. Fixed (If you have the pet, just re-roll fire cape and it auto completes the achievement) New Achievement Suggestions:

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