» Grand Exchange

ItemId Item Name Type Item Quantity Price Listed
25242Vote ticketsSell
 Vote tickets
176000K5 hours ago
2363Rune barSell
 Rune bar
1025K5 hours ago
5300Snapdragon seedSell
 Snapdragon seed
930K5 hours ago
25028Black h'ween maskBuy
 Black h'ween mask
12000M13 hours ago
4115Mystic glovesSell
 Mystic gloves
1273.7K15 hours ago
11718Armadyl helmetSell
 Armadyl helmet
150M1 day ago
15259Dragon pickaxeSell
 Dragon pickaxe
39500K1 day ago
6739Dragon hatchetSell
 Dragon hatchet
69500K1 day ago
11696Bandos godswordSell
 Bandos godsword
150M1 day ago
13867Zuriel's staffSell
 Zuriel's staff
1100M1 day ago
21790Glaiven bootsBuy
 Glaiven boots
1200M1 day ago
25076Treasonous ringBuy
 Treasonous ring
1600M1 day ago
9242Ruby bolts (e)Sell
 Ruby bolts (e)
100K10K1 day ago
25264400k Coins TicketSell
 400k Coins Ticket
3400K2 days ago
3024Super restore (4)Sell
 Super restore (4)
140002 days ago
2444Ranging potion (4)Sell
 Ranging potion (4)
120002 days ago
2436Super attack (4)Sell
 Super attack (4)
15252 days ago
2440Super strength (4)Sell
 Super strength (4)
111502 days ago
6685Saradomin brew (4)Sell
 Saradomin brew (4)
180002 days ago
11732Dragon bootsSell
 Dragon boots
1244.8K2 days ago
11284Dragonfire shieldBuy
 Dragonfire shield
123.5M2 days ago
5288Papaya tree seedSell
 Papaya tree seed
2122.9K2 days ago
5289Palm tree seedSell
 Palm tree seed
2667.3K2 days ago
5290Calquat tree seedSell
 Calquat tree seed
1513.3K2 days ago
2361Adamant barBuy
 Adamant bar
25022432 days ago
6733Archers' ringBuy
 Archers' ring
1937.5K3 days ago
6731Seers' ringBuy
 Seers' ring
1937.5K3 days ago
534Babydragon bonesSell
 Babydragon bones
6050003 days ago
20171Zaryte bowBuy
 Zaryte bow
11000M4 days ago
4720Dharok's platebodySell
 Dharok's platebody
125M4 days ago
19608Ancient page 1Sell
 Ancient page 1
115M5 days ago
11724Bandos chestplateBuy
 Bandos chestplate
116.08M5 days ago
14479Dragon platebodyBuy
 Dragon platebody
110.1M5 days ago
19356Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (sp)Buy
 Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (sp)
11504.9K5 days ago
1147Rune helmSell
 Rune helm
111.1K6 days ago
6729Dagannoth bonesBuy
 Dagannoth bones
1000100K6 days ago
4710Ahrim's staffSell
 Ahrim's staff
12500K6 days ago
4728Guthan's platebodySell
 Guthan's platebody
15000K6 days ago
7334Adamant shield (h1)Sell
 Adamant shield (h1)
196221 week ago
19146Guthix bowSell
 Guthix bow
11520K1 week ago
5288Papaya tree seedSell
 Papaya tree seed
625.4K1 week ago
5296Toadflax seedSell
 Toadflax seed
1118501 week ago
5304Torstol seedSell
 Torstol seed
2101.1K1 week ago
5298Avantoe seedSell
 Avantoe seed
135371 week ago
13754Holy elixirSell
 Holy elixir
4100M1 week ago
25034Dharok's platebodyBuy
 Dharok's platebody
13102.7K1 week ago
25197Pendant of GraetoriaBuy
 Pendant of Graetoria
1750M1 week ago
16955Primal rapierBuy
 Primal rapier
11500M1 week ago
985Tooth half of a keyBuy
 Tooth half of a key
438.6K1 week ago
5288Papaya tree seedSell
 Papaya tree seed
624.1K1 week ago
1057Red h'ween maskBuy
 Red h'ween mask
1150M1 week ago
21787Steadfast bootsBuy
 Steadfast boots
150M1 week ago
3837Guthix page 3Sell
 Guthix page 3
149.7K1 week ago
8780Teak plankSell
 Teak plank
746961 week ago
5952Antipoison++ (4)Sell
 Antipoison++ (4)
1196591 week ago
19149Zamorak bowSell
 Zamorak bow
12280K1 week ago
19143Saradomin bowSell
 Saradomin bow
12090K1 week ago
5316Magic seedSell
 Magic seed
43000K1 week ago
5315Yew seedSell
 Yew seed
151000K1 week ago
1513Magic logsSell
 Magic logs
54225K1 week ago
536Dragon bonesSell
 Dragon bones
62330K1 week ago
7334Adamant shield (h1)Sell
 Adamant shield (h1)
113.8K1 week ago
1434Dragon maceSell
 Dragon mace
137.5K2 weeks ago
4151Abyssal whipSell
 Abyssal whip
215M2 weeks ago
20929Ornate katanaSell
 Ornate katana
3100M2 weeks ago
19607Armadyl page 4Sell
 Armadyl page 4
1444.2K2 weeks ago
789002 weeks ago
1071002 weeks ago
1897Chocolate cakeSell
 Chocolate cake
1129502 weeks ago
989Crystal keySell
 Crystal key
61000K2 weeks ago
9243Diamond bolts (e)Sell
 Diamond bolts (e)
1959012 weeks ago
5288Papaya tree seedSell
 Papaya tree seed
526.7K2 weeks ago
11726Bandos tassetsBuy
 Bandos tassets
150M3 weeks ago
11724Bandos chestplateBuy
 Bandos chestplate
150M3 weeks ago
5288Papaya tree seedSell
 Papaya tree seed
1026.7K3 weeks ago
5315Yew seedSell
 Yew seed
363.7K3 weeks ago
11726Bandos tassetsSell
 Bandos tassets
175M3 weeks ago
11724Bandos chestplateSell
 Bandos chestplate
175M3 weeks ago
120M3 weeks ago
11335Dragon full helmSell
 Dragon full helm
1120M3 weeks ago
12023Karam. overlord pouchSell
 Karam. overlord pouch
2525233 weeks ago
13734Spirit shieldSell
 Spirit shield
225M3 weeks ago
15270Raw rocktailSell
 Raw rocktail
25025653 weeks ago
1621Uncut emeraldSell
 Uncut emerald
33513213 weeks ago
13738Arcane spirit shieldBuy
 Arcane spirit shield
300053 weeks ago
1055Blue h'ween maskBuy
 Blue h'ween mask
100023 weeks ago
13740Divine spirit shieldBuy
 Divine spirit shield
51000K3 weeks ago
13742Elysian spirit shieldBuy
 Elysian spirit shield
300023 weeks ago
1811K4 weeks ago
15490Focus sightBuy
 Focus sight
1734.7K4 weeks ago
16733Primal chainbodyBuy
 Primal chainbody
114 weeks ago
15263Living mineralsSell
 Living minerals
122635001 month ago
20155Pernix chapsBuy
 Pernix chaps
1800M1 month ago
16909Primal 2h swordBuy
 Primal 2h sword
11200M1 month ago
16403Primal longswordBuy
 Primal longsword
11000M1 month ago
13660Flame glovesBuy
 Flame gloves
111 month ago
10K2371 month ago
15426Candy caneSell
 Candy cane
1820M1 month ago
3828Saradomin page 2Sell
 Saradomin page 2
159.4K1 month ago
3833Zamorak page 3Sell
 Zamorak page 3
1465.5K1 month ago

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