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Patch Notes LXXXVI (#86) Chambers of Xeric, Last Man Standing & Coffers

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First off,

Let me start this off with something important. Yes, we got a BANGER of an update here BUT.. But, disclaimer.. This is still a work-in-progress. Yes, we've made incredible progress on Chamber's of Xeric but we have one final thing to do.. and that is to push it live to you guys to give it real, thorough testing. We are severely limited on what we are capable of achieving with 2-3 people testing on the beta server and over the years we've learned the best, most thorough & accurate testing we can get is on the live server. Now it's your turn.

Getting Started

I won't spell out exactly how to do Chamber's of Xeric for two reasons, #1: I don't know how to do it 😂 & #2: it's not 100% 1:1 OSRS (yet). So I'm unsure of the quirks, things that were done differently & so on. But to get started, ;;tele cox & you must be in a Friends Chat with whom you want to Raid with. Then you click on the door to enter the Chamber's & you'll be in the Lobby ready to go!

Again, this is a work in progress. Expect there to be issues, bugs, God knows what else. You guys are really going to test and be the true 'beta' testers for Raids as you report what's wrong and we iron out the kinks. Expect this to take some time but we will work to get fixes out as quick as possible as they come in.

Nevertheless, it should be fun. I'm excited to see everyone dive in from first-timer's to the sweaty experienced raiders and everyone in between. We've made some incredible progress on it, we're sure you'll see & be able to appreciate. But, go in not expecting 1:1 perfection. Rather, quite the opposite. Go in with the realization that you are a huge part of what will make this a 1:1 incredible experience in the future as we work it out along the way. This is such a large piece of content and so complex & with our Team it's just simply impossible to put out perfection from the door on something like this.

With that said, have fun, good luck, enjoy the experience & we look forward to the hilarious bug reports.



Last Man Standing



The entrance to Last Man Standing can be found at home to the West of the Bank. Simply click the portal to get ready! A minimum of 3 players is required to start.


There is also a LMS Leaderboard & clearly I am one of the best at the game hence being #3.

One thing to note, there is no points system/reward shop just yet, as we would like to get this content out there for further testing & once all the kinks are worked out we will finish implementing the points system & respective shop. The way it basically works is: You join the queue through the portal at Home. Once in-game, killing a player rewards you with a Chest Key to get better gear. As gear is pulled as seen below:

Gives 1-3 items
10% Chance -> Items from Treasure Table (player added items that caan be found in LMS and taken from game if you win)
50% Chance -> Random item with a bonus of 70 or higher taken from member of the game Lobby
Remainder -> Alternative Loot




Coffers are awesome. There are supplemental drops to the normal drops you receive. Currently they are mostly obtained via killing Bosses within Ely. There are a slew of Coffers available:


However, they require a key to open. All of them require a "Ethereal Coffer Key" besides the Skiller's Coffer (free to open). You can obtain keys only from Voting (Vote Shop) or the Donor Store. When opening a Coffer, there is an animation that plays out visible to all players. They will scatter a bunch of items around and slowly disappear to display only what you received (typically 1-3 items).


Every tier of Coffers can reward incredible items albeit has different rarity. For example, I won both these items from the lowest tier Coffer earlier:


We are excited to see the loots to be had from these!


Final Words

As mentioned above numerous times, a lot of this update is really just putting all this content into your hands for further, more full testing. We need you guys to run through it all, find the issues and report back to us here. We truly hope you enjoy!

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This is big! Thankyou for the live release. There really is only one way to find out if something isnt right, and thats to do it!

Great job staff team on all the hours of developement on this update, and huge thanks to all the testers too ❤️


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