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Patch Notes LXXXV (#85) PvM Shop

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PvM Shop Update


It's here 😩


Yes you see that right, the Forlorn Shard can be used on T3 Chaotic's (Maul, Rapier & Longsword) to create the Forlorn Primal version.


Which then of course has to be upgraded again to Forlorn Primal Rapier (T2) to remove its degradation, then again to T3 to boost it's stats 10%.

Yes, of course this is available as well in the Ironman version of the PvM Shop.


For sure you are seeing things clearly, that is an OP Pack that contains x250 of each noted Super pot in the Ironman PvM Shop. We know overloads are a pain for you & we got you. We also know PvM points are gained a bit slower on the Iron modes, so we reduced the price a bit for you on the Forlorn shard (1.5M points less).

Clearly, Void helms have been added on both shops as well. For the record, I am not done with the Ironman PvM Shop, there is more to come (nothing huge or as large as these changes, but a small addition I didn't have enough time to finish).

I should also add; once you add a Forlorn shard to your Chaotic's T3, it is a one-time use, permanent upgrade.

Let's go back to the normie PvM Shop.


This is the Lucky shard. We clearly removed individual Lucky items, but did not remove the ability to obtain Lucky items should you so wish. Another change here is we reverted all Lucky item stats to match their normal counterparts. Your Lucky Armadyl Helm now has the same stats as the normal version, only downside is you cannot upgrade a Lucky item. You keep them on death though, so that's nice.

Also regarding Lucky items, the old ones still exist and have had their stats updated, but when using the Lucky shard on an item for example, you get a "new" version - it is no longer the RS3-style items, it is the normal/old style (I did not like the RS3 style sorry).


Using the Lucky shard is also a permanent one-time use item as well. You cannot remove the shard or upgrade items once they are made Lucky (yes, this also works on the Spirit Shields & Godswords).

Let's visit the PvM Shop again..


Yes, our recent Store addition, "Perks" have been added to the PvM Shop. Every one of them. However, these perks are quite expensive and have reduced time limits when compared to the Store version (I gotta keep my Store competitive & successful or we'll go offline 😭).

This also brings me to: we made a dedicated tab in the Quest tab to keep track of your active Perks, check it out..

When using a Perk, you'll see a new tab is available in the Quest tab:


Click the new Orange tab & you'll see an active list & timer on all your Perks:


Friendly reminder, when using a Perk, the timer STOPS when you logout unlike Vote tickets.

So all that is pretty cool, but there is still more & I'm sure you saw it..


Indeed, there is now a Mystery Box you can buy from the PvM Shop. As you know we recently updated all our Mystery Boxes and they have been mighty successful again (gz on all the loots lads), and this box is no different. Let me open a couple inventories for you..

11.05.43-03.01.22.gif 13.05.18-03.01.22.gif 11.07.03-03.01.22.gif

As you can see, they are practically busted just as you would expect. Featuring tons of items and largely useful things all PvM-related. Void Soulstones, Dark Totems, Crystal Keys, Flasks, etc.

But what's REALLY good in them? We saw 3 good rares from the above examples, some Pernix & Virtus. But, what else?

Below you find the entire drop table of these boxes.


Base table:

Overload flasks, Super restore flasks, Saradomin brew flasks, Dragon bones, Dagannoth bones, Crystal keys, Dark totemss & Shards of Armadyl

Low table:

Dragon platelegs, Dragon boots, Dragon chainbody, Abyssal whip, Amulet of fury, Berserker ring, Archers ring, Warriors ring, Seers ring, Void soulstone

Medium table:

Bandos chestplate, Bandos tassets, Armadyl helmet, Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl chainskirt, Dragon platebody, Dragon full helm, Dragon claws, Boots of subjugation, Gloves of subjugation, Hood of subjugation, Gown of subjugation, Garb of subjugation, Ward of subjugation, Dragon warhammer

High table:

Torva full helm, Torva platebody, Torva platelegs, Pernix cowl, Pernix body, Pernix, chaps, Virtus mask, Virtus robe top, Virtus robe legs, Zaryte bow, Primordial crystal, Pegasian crystal, Eternal crystal & Uncut zente

Being this is a PvM Mystery box, only obtainable via PvM points, which are only obtainable from killing bosses we figured we could really expand on the loots available in this box. This does not take away from any integrity of the game, it does not cut any corners. Sure, you can get lucky but it still requires you participating & grinding in order to get points. It's a great addition. Let's say you wanted to complete Bandos' Collection log but also really want a Zenyte. Well, while your killing Bandos, you're racking up PvM points which can be used to get a chance to obtain the other item you need. Or, you grind Gorilla's while stacking points and it's like a "second chance" at the item besides directly from the drop.


All in all, that about wraps it up from me. As mentioned above, there will be another addition to the Ironman PvM shop coming soon, however it's nothing huge or as crazy as this, just one thing I didn't get time to finish.

I really want to hear your thoughts below on this, pretty much everything you see here is directly pulled from your suggestion posts (found here) with some extra spice. We had a lot of fun putting this together & I am excited to hear your feedback so please comment!

BIG thank you to @fm das for being a huge part in this overhaul.

Oh & also fixed a Dungeoneering smuggle, lul.

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On 1/4/2022 at 8:55 AM, Chimpamzee said:

1 of the best updates so far! Only thing im thinking of is the pvm boxes price, maybe increase to 50k pvm points. not make it too easy to obtain them.

I really think 30-50k would be a better alternative! It still isn’t high but means to get that extra chance you just need to put a little more work in.

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Boxes aren’t bad at all at 10k each right now.. takes a lot of boxes to crash anything really and with the way nex pieces are currently there’s a huge demand for them. I think if it does become a problem then just make those specific rare items rarer and still keep at 10k each since the common items aren’t too op at all. 

Ps void gloves need adding to the store 

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Ironman's PvM Shop Update


As mentioned in the original post, an addition was still yet to come to the Ironmen PvM Shops.

Here it is, normal Ironman PvM Shop:


Hardcore Ironman:


Ultimate Ironman:


We have added the respective Ironman armors to each game mode's shop. They have stats and you can see them below (they fall in between T2 Dragon & Torag's):

14.15.35-05.01.22.png 14.15.46-05.01.22.png 14.15.55-05.01.22.png


Every set of course has the same stats.

Enjoy, Irons!

(this update will be available later today when we update which also includes misc. other fixes including reduced spam from the upgrade chest)

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