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Patch Notes LXXI (#71) Camel's Boy quest & Miscellaneous Fixes & Changes

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Camel's Boy Quest


Something troubling is going on in the desert as news spreads of a boy and his camel who've gone missing. Meet the inhabitants of the small desert town of Nardah as you search for Ali and Elly, learn of the legends surrounding the town's origins, and fight off a dark threat growing deep inside the forgotten Smoke Dungeon!


Upon completion of this quest you are rewarded with access to Zahur!
Zahur will now clean grimy herbs, decant potions and convert herbs into unfinished potions.



Miscellaneous Fixes & Changes


Unfinished Broad Bolts added to the Slayer Shop.
Overload Potions can be noted for faster decanting.
Donator Shop has been renamed to Diango.
Diango's Item Redemption menu options have been flipped.
Demonic Gorillas melee attacks won't teleport underneath you.
Potion timer moved to avoid over stacking information - ::timer command.
Vyrewatch Longsword is now a tradable item.
Butterfly jars from Hunter have had a price increase to make the skill more profitable.
Clue Scrolls are now limitless drops and can be obtained without having to complete the previous one.


Big shoutout to @Winter for developing this quest for us!

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Last minute fixes

  • Cannon should disappear when someone logs out with a full inventory.
  • Fixed broken pet models on old item looks.
  • Fixed ganodermic flake / polypore spore stacks.
  • Fixed broken anims on demonic gorillas.
  • Clues from crystal chests
  • Overloads on old item looks.

Achievement fixes

  1. Claim your prize at Stage 1-11 MC
  2. Crystal chest on ironmen.
  3. Complete the Fight Kiln in under 30 minutes
  4. Purchase a unique aura at Battle Royale 


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