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  1. sounds really good to me. however i would do these changes for a new generation of ironman and as you mentioned the old ones will go to legacy. as of now ironman is just way to easy being able to achieve good combat gear within a day.
  2. looks great good job @Ninja. next month ill be in the newspaper with 200m fm and comp cape atleast.
  3. defenitely support decanting potions is a hassle.
  4. the limitation of being a ironman is that you need to gather everything yourself and not getting crashed at every boss. a reg player shouldnt be placed above a iron and the otherway around. on my main i always use instances just to prevent people from crashing (its annoying af). lets take grae for a example: it takes +/- 10 minutes to kill towards 20 if you have bad gear. you are telling us its fair that when a iron kills it for close to halfway a reg comes and can just crash it and take the kill?. i dont think thats how its suppose to work.
  5. defenitely support. i would go for option 2 (being at a boss with 2 accs is bannable so no issues).
  6. NVM its already figured out.
  7. very nice guide, keep up the good work
  8. removing the ::bank command in kbd is a full support from me. for bosses like Nex and harbinger it is good to remove the command too. However in other areas ::bank should be accesible. 500$ is still alot of money and should be rewarded imo.
  9. support however as suggested earlier i would make the agility course a bit viable by increasing the tickets to 2 per lap. If its 1 per lap and you can get pked every minute i dont see the point for going to wildy course since catching snowy knights is great xp too.
  10. got it. maybe i should stop watching vikings, reading a guide and running dung rounds. multitasking isnt my strongest skill
  11. very nice guide. would be good to add the fact that kraken can only be killed while at a slayer task.
  12. congratulations will, owl and zelda. thanks for your help vegemite.

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