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  1. been taken care of ty @Lation thank you
  2. allows user to change their display name ingame but still keep same login info, would need to be $250 donator or higher for my suggestion
  3. 2 [2:27 AM] Barbell: If i was to send a request to jordan and planker [2:28 AM] Barbell: start a game with planker [2:28 AM] Barbell: then jordan accepts [2:28 AM] Soradon: I didn't even
  4. https://gyazo.com/844ffde2b1236e50ee2bb9970fb015cc https://gyazo.com/09e71596b6dba1cc2a5da3e41f5b8f16 https://gyazo.com/74f42dbbf01a5878ceb758d5a76b69ab https://gyazo.com/dd8eb0431f7d3df38c17485f42d41d87 @Soradon lost pernix top and bottom and 800m, and i lost full pernixdue to a bug/glitch Gyazo
  5. ty ill be on now and again just not 25/8 like i was ty legend def will but ill be on sometimes:)
  6. love you guys add me on disc but i need to focus on irl(completely cleaned aswell) so cheers https://prnt.sc/sn1kvg https://prnt.sc/sn1kvg https://gyazo.com/b33207acbbddfe67a40cc6f815a7a48f to this https://gyazo.com/2d7b11a565feb1e46c361a11378ec6a6 ill still be on discord "Plank#6430" cheers yall
  7. planker

    Drop Party

  8. planker

    Nex drops

    i completely support everything this mans has said #paki-gang approves
  9. https://gyazo.com/aa5ba3938e50c95d6f1b41931ea67423 proof that they can be noted
  10. i bought 10x prayer renewal packs from the pvm store opened all they turned to regular non noted ones, the gif shows points before, points after and that there wast enough space in my inventory suggestion is to make prayer renewals noted when you buy them out of the shop https://gyazo.com/75f5768f014bdea579ae0637f78e612d https://gyazo.com/75f5768f014bdea579ae0637f78e612d
  11. when you die with gano your flakes dissapear magically, i would post a ss but im not gonnna go purpsfully lose a set to prove a point. check it out on a test server you guys have as back up. reported to splash a few days ago he requested for me to post here
  12. lawl you banging out guides and forums stuff now
  13. nice format bud keep up the good work

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