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Introduction to Elysians Rank

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We are introducing a new Discord role, the Elysian's! This is a new exclusive role that gives you a bit more access to the behind-the-scenes work going on in Ely, allows you to become the first to test new content for bugs, glitches, etc. We are excited to introduce this role which will start with a limited amount of people, but will be expanded on with time and change, adapt & grow as we go along in Ely.

How do I join?
You will be selected to join the Elysian's. We carefully watch & analyze all players all the time for many different reasons. In this specific case we will be looking for people with a love for Ely, a very deep understanding of our game, an eager willingness to help others & more along those lines. If you fit these characteristics you will most likely be selected to join, eventually :).

What are the benefits?
Being an Elysian means you have early access to new content in situations which we need help testing. You will also have an exclusive Role & Channel in Discord which will give you direct access to the Developers to make suggestions, hear about things coming soon & more. 

Who are the first Elysian's?
@IttzKaotic, @nelly & @Masoud

Congratulations to these fellas, your Discord role is now updated & you are now an Elysian! Thank you for your continued support to Ely and we are looking forward to working a bit closer with you!

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my oh my

looking forward to working closer with the team and @Masoud @IttzKaotic also, very appreciative to be selected to take on this new role. I'm optimistic about the future of ely and we wont let you down!!

thanks guys 😄

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7 hours ago, Jake said:

Pretty neat idea! How does the rank work exactly?

Is it like a veteran?

Not quite, Basically beta testers

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