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  1. Maybe the grae visage can be attached to the exisiting DFS to make into the grae DFS (same idea as the ornament kits), but with stats increase. For non-donators, some would use DFS for dragons. Cutting the need to bring anti-fire potions.
  2. Give me some time to work on the render for this. Even if this idea is turned down, it would be fun to make the render.
  3. Makes sense. But for the non-donators, they would still need DFS for dragons. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a leveled up DFS.
  4. It does not serve to replace DFS as a whole. Just maybe a higher tier and more rare DFS. Some donators have permenant super anti-fire potion effect, maybe this shield will be good in the hands of non-donators.
  5. Draconic visage drop from Graetoriax is kind of a rip drop. Why not take it up a notch? Graetorian defender is for DPS, why not make a Graetorian Shield for tanking? Graetorian visage drop from Graetoriax, which can be added to exisiting dragonfire shield to make Graetorian Shield. Graetorian shield will have better defence stats than the regular dragonfire shield. Possibly adding a small HP bonus of 50 as well. Requiring 99 smithing to make and 90 defence to wield. Do let me know your thoughts! If you guys like the idea, I can draft up a graphic render for viewing~
  6. It would be a very nice function! Last server I played have this function as well.

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