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  1. I like this update, gives players that missed out on previous months exclusive boxes a chance to still get the items themselves if they so choose.
  2. Welcome back Grae! Maybe now you'll give me that pet! IYKYK
  3. Sweet update! Cant wait to use my points!
  4. Great update as always. Looking forward to some spooky lootations!
  5. Great job guys! Love seeing all the new stuff being added. Ely has came a long way, cant wait to see the future of the game!
  6. I agree, this can serve very useful for future events for the community. It's always nice bringing fresh minds an ideas to the table!
  7. Yes, could make soulgazers a more viable way to make money
  8. Sin

    home sets

    I support this, because if it was to be used anywhere it would be overpowered. I like the idea though, haven't thought of something like this. Could potentially be beneficial when getting to places that are normally annoying to get to.
  9. Maybe later down the road add a Range and Mage variant of the existing new armour
  10. Support, there needs to be something done because nobody buys shit but people are always selling and it’s aggravating.
  11. Rip, wish he waited to bot until after i got paid out for winning, oh whaleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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