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  1. As of now GIM's cant invite eachother on partys. you need a regular account to invite them in party inorder to start the dungeon.
  2. Yes bones note swapping would be huge. as teleing out of poh and back in takes time and laggy most of the time. support for that
  3. In Monsters 1 Medium Achievement: ''Kill 100 Elf Warriors'' cant be completed as elfs are not properly coded in lletya, they have 1 hp and killing them do not count in achievement. A nice addition for this achievement would be to have a teleport to '' Elf Camp '' in city teleports for this achieement.
  4. In Monsters 1 Medium Achievement: ''Kill 100 nechrael'' Doesnt work becaus its written wrong. Suppost to be ''Nechryael'' so its not counting kills
  5. In Monsers 1 Medium Achievement: ''Kill 100 iron dragons'' There is 2 of the same achievement in the same category, Maybe the other 1 below could be changed to ''Kill 100 Brutal red dragons'' They are located in Kourends Catacombs near brutal red dragons. Also you could add atleast 2 more spawn points for the brutal red dragons as there is only 1x that spawns in there. Would make it better.
  6. Also Support 2 Hard Achievevment: ''Slay 250 Kurask'' This needs to be a slayer task inorder to be completed. This cant be completed as Kurasks are not in slayer masters list.
  7. In Monsters 2 Elite achievement: ''Obtain a Imbued Ring Drop'' Rings can be obtained from dagannoth prime, dagannoth rex, dagannoth supreme. I got earlier archers ring (I) and it didnt count.
  8. did you get the arma crossbow from a minion or zilyana itself, can you remember?
  9. for more bugged achievements topic 4449 Also the Stance token from nomad doesnt work for achievement.
  10. Very nice xen, thinking if i should make my goal/achievement list
  11. very good fixes! Also dont forget to mention Primal item exam values have been increased like Primal Rapier / Primal battleaxe. And people remember to use topic 4616 to add more items for exam value fix (items saves by the exam value).
  12. Puro is a nice and all but.. we cant cross the hedges. Really important to complete achievements so pls fix : ) idk but before i couldnt pass the hedges even with right click but now i can O_O
  13. Great fixes, looks like Matt the exterminator has come to fix the bug problem.
  14. this happends if you kill zulrah, teleport, enter the instance fast. The previous zulrah you killed spawns in again.
  15. notice if you used warhammer spec youve lowered its defence.
  16. yess blink is pain in the ass, agreed.
  17. Hey, there is a little problem going on with group iron men For example: Iron man 1 is in cerberus instance & iron man 2 enters in any other instance like zulrah, ruins etc etc, This will teleport iron man 1 in an empty space. Here is me iron man 1. i was in ruins, got teleported in empty space when my other fellow gim entered cerberus instance
  18. sorry was tired while making that ive edited the correct item in there now.
  19. helloo lovely people once again im here thinking stuff Heres my suggestion today: I was thinking the best places for a ironman to farm gems. As we all know yes you can get them from gem stall & venenatis. Now there is a way to turn stardust for gem bags. Heres a small description of the gem bag from wiki: Increase stardust gain from the meteors to make it more useful. This would be a great way for ironmen to get gems they need for bolts or crafting! Please comment what do you think, if you support the idea or not!
  20. Cant wait for the result, good luck bud!
  21. Mainly cosmetic. Different small perks would also be nice
  22. Yes and please take look at topic 4449 for more broken achievements.

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