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  1. I support all of this, including the shop. Looks similar to the shop Alotic (very popular 667) use to have years ago.
  2. In reference to ;;topic 4780, just below the picture of t1 & t2 bandos stats "Simply put, any item available for upgrade (list below) will have a 10% increase of stats across the board." Guardian Equipment doesn't have increased ranged bonus, only defense bonus.
  3. I'd like to see more gems for scrapped higher tier items. Most of them only give 25% of an upgrade in terms of crystals which is rough in my opinion. For instance; Amulet of torture costs 40 to upgrade but a failed roll is only 10. You'd have to scrap 4 of them just to upgrade your fifth. I also know that's not how it's really being looked at at since everyone is just farming ;;train. Could remove ;;train points as soon as you stop getting money also?
  4. Support + However, maybe only 25% chance for the double gems.
  5. God this is fucking sexy, even got my last minute Jad suggestion in. Incredible work to all who participated.
  6. Jad doesn't give you any exp or count as a kill when on tzhaar task.
  7. Zaryte bow (t2) should be same stats but a tick faster. haha I support these additions, though!

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