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  1. High quality post there fella
  2. This thread is a platform to discuss the current state of the Graetios Recurve Bow, and how it compares to the Zaryte bow. The purpose of this thread is to justify a buff to the recurve bow, as well as lay out the pros and cons of each. Zaryte Bow Pros: Requires no ammo Highest ranged strength in game Drop rate of 1/246 from Nex Can be donated for (Not really a pro, but makes it easier to obtain than Recurve) The boss it is obtained from can be massed Cons: Even on rapid, it's pretty slow Not a lot of people sell these Graetios Recurve Bow Pros: Fastest firing bow in-game Looks fuckin sick Higher accuracy than Zaryte bow (+17) Cons: Lower ranged strength than Zaryte Bow (-15) Requires arrows Only 4 in-game at time of writing, leading to this bow costing 3-4b or more Does not gain ranged strength from the arrows it uses (can use any arrow) 1/470 drop rate from Harbinger X'rul Boss it is obtained from cannot be massed, only soloed or duo'd Cannot be donated for (not really a con, just listed here for argument's sake and to compare the two) Below is a table showing the results of Lation's test of both bows (wearing max gear) on the DPS dummies at home. 5 Minute DPS Test Zaryte Bow VS Graetios Recurve Bow Zaryte DPS: 133 (66 hits in 5 minutes) Graetios DPS: 121 (156 hits in 5 minutes) As you can see, the recurve bow did over twice as much as the Zaryte bow in a period of 5 minutes, but still put out less damage. I propose two solutions to this issue, as the Graetios is supposed to be the BIS option for ranged DPS: Option 1. Give the recurve bow the same ranged strength as the Zaryte bow, and let its speed be its superior trait Option 2. Give the recurve bow the ability to inheret additional ranged strength from the arrows you use with it (currently, the type of arrow you use does not effect this) I do NOT think that nerfing the Zaryte bow is an appropriate solution. This would devalue the weapon, the boss, the economy for the PVM community, and piss of a bunch of people. I believe the Graetios bow should be buffed to a point where it is actually worth the extra 2-3b you are paying over the Zaryte bow, not just for the exclusivity. Thanks for reading, and please post your thoughs below.
  3. Kyle

    Zulrah respawn

    1000% support. The drop rate keeps this from being overpowered. Please implement this. The drop rate is already 3x that of osrs, adding this little QOL change would be amazing.
  4. Kyle

    Vote Shop

    The seemingly hundreds of player suggestions in the suggestions section. This is another example of staff bringing up things to change/add/implement when there are numerous great options to choose from if you need to think of something to add, i.e what the players are asking for in suggestions.
  5. Kyle

    Vote Shop

    Think we should focus on other things berfore vote shop if I'm being honest. Seems like a low-priority thing for the time being.
  6. Kyle

    imbued god capes

    Would be good for people not going for comp, but I would suggest adding the middle ground stats then buffing comp cape because mage is severely lacking on this revision. (Comp should be BIS)
  7. I'm saying that we dont have a good way currently to obtain it as a drop. Unless we added it to the ruins droptable to be the bow's counterpart.
  8. ACB is shit, that would be a lazy buff.
  9. 1) We have blowpipe, Zaryte and Graetios recurve already. I understand you probably want a better 1H weapon, but range is already the best (and most diverse) combat style on this server, so for the time being, I'm gonna say no. 2) Where would this come from? Don't need another paywall-locked item, and we don't have a good boss to give it to at the moment. 3) Making a crossbow with higher range bonus than the Royal Crossbow would never miss lol. Shit already has like +130 or more. 4) I like the idea of a special bar, but the give the bow it's own special attack, not the ability to use any bolt's passive at will.
  10. Kyle

    Nex Pet

    Good afternoon all, I know this is a known bug, I just wanted to leave this here as a reminder (and a place to check off when fixed) that the Nex pet, Nexterminator, is currently bugged and as such, is impossible to obtain as a drop. This will eventually halt players from completing their collection logs, if a day ever comes where someone is at 99%. This has been an issue all the way to RSPS2, and I don't believe would be very hard to troubleshoot and resolve. Thank you for reading.
  11. It's not like people who donated for Primal in the past lose their weapons. This armor is even suggested to degrade, and the paid version doesn't. As a donor I don't see any issue with this. I can't believe anyone here is opposing a change to Dungeoneering when it's one of the most monotonous skills in-game at the moment.
  12. Kyle

    Primal Drops

    SUPPORT everyone who says no is being a bitch that is too lazy to camp for the drops
  13. Kyle

    3rd age

    Support, but give them decent stats to fit the rarity. This server doesn't have to match rs exactly
  14. The jar drops from several of the monsters, minigame rewards, the book from QBD, etc.
  15. It's only untradeables though...
  16. Hello all, My suggestion is to add an NPC that you can use items on (untradeables and pets), which will in turn update your collection log for you. This will make the manual process of staff having to update your log for you obsolete. Obviously you can get tradeable items from anywhere, so this feature would not be included. Thanks for reading.
  17. Kyle

    armadyl runes

    This would be cool, but you don’t have to nerf the XP rates they give, especially when bank command won’t be allowed. Rune crafting is supposed to be profitable. All of your runes are going straight into Zulrah runs anyways lol. Support
  18. Kyle

    Dwarf Cannon

    Fuck all of you
  19. Kyle

    The Royal Crossbow

    You wonder why it's barely ever traded, it's cause the bow takes so long to make. It's got the highest ranged bonus in game, and is very useful at any boss that can be killed with range. Just cause there's no set price, doesn't mean it's not valuable. I recommend you try killing QBD enough times to earn yourself a bow, like I did. Especially now that you can't cannon it anymore. Good luck
  20. This suggestion is a petition to remove the Royal Crossbow from the donator shop. This is a very prestigious item, as it is a huger grind to get one, and I personally don't feel it should be buyable outright. It takes way too long to earn one of these for it to be sat in the donor store for $25. The same rules apply to Zulrah, Ruins, and Cerberus gear, so why not apply them to QBD? Please support, as the donator shop is highly devaluing this item.
  21. Please make Castle Wars Rewards, as well as tickets, tradeable. This used to be the case, but during the switch from Zarpor to Ely, it was reverted. Thank you!
  22. This is definitely something we need. Hunter being expanded as a skill, as well as methods of obtaining specific items is something I would gladly welcome to the game. Support!
  23. Hello staff team, I believe the event manager should have access to more than just a 10% drop rate for one specific monster, for an hour. Someone with an actual title should have more abilties (and responsibilities) than this. I understand the role was just released, but I would like to ask that you take a look at my post that I made in the past about weekday events that could definitely be ported to a 1-hour event instead, making it significantly way less OP, which was the general concensus when I originally posted. Check it out here: Thank you for reading and considering this option.

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