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    SoF spins

    Username (ingame): Kari Suggestion (short description): Give daily SoF spins / Buff SoF rewards Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Gives everyone a chance at some sof prizes Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): This suggestion has two parts. Part 1 Right now sof tickets are not really desireable as the rewards are kinda dull. My suggestion would be to remove the useless rewards like 100 balls of wool, splitbark pieces for example and to increase the amount of the already existing skilling supplies rewards. I would also like to see the addition of more useful stuff; I'm not sure what to add to be honest, so some ideas would be appreciated. Part 2 It would be kinda cool if everyone recieved 1 SoF spin a day upon login (won't get any if they don't log in) My idea for daily spins: Normal player: 1 spin Guthix - Saradomin donator: 2 spins Bandos - Armadyl donator: 3 spins Ancient donator: 4 spins Bronze patron 5 spins (upped from 3) Silver (6) gold(9) and platinum (12) patrons keep theirs. The amount of spins is just an idea, feel free to give feedback on that 🙂
  3. Today
  4. Username (ingame): Freaxx99 Suggestion (short description): Add to donor rewards, add spin x command to SOF, new SOF interface Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): This will benefit the server by adding more incentives to donating as well as making SOF faster/better Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I believe that starting SOF spin rewards at $25 would be better for gaining more donations. Start at 1 spin per day for $25, adding 1 spin per $25 donated. SOF is pretty crap so getting 12 spins per day at $2500 doesnt seem worth it. Also a spin x command would make SOF quicker. A newer SOF interface would be nice as well but I know how much work that is. Also ::bank at $500 seems a bit much, $100 is a bit better since not everyone can afford to donate $500(like myself though I would love to).
  5. Just for not using format: no I troll, but yeah, good point will do
  6. FRICK FORMAT They should be notable 😞
  7. Yesterday
  8. Laugh all you want, ill still be the one driving off the lot into the sunset.
  9. Wait this isn't autotrader??? Shit
  10. lmao he comes in here serious as shit on everyone like were all biddin on this thing fr 😄
  11. hm for the civic, bang my line g
  12. Its a POS 4cyl Ecoboost.. Y'all gettting a gutless pile of trash GG. Base model too, cloth seats and shit radio smh. PS: You may as well get a Honda Civic
  13. Kari

    donator skins

    I like this, if it's not too much trouble it would be a nice addition
  14. Like you said pointless but something interesting. Defo be good addition for those that are into their fashionscape
  15. If I remember correctly, right clicking the home tele in the spellbook gives you this option
  16. this is an interesting suggestion. dont think its really necessary though, seeing as its not that difficult to navigate tele menu's or ::tele command
  17. username: nelly suggestion: donator skin tones details: add donator skins for each donator level kind of like the ones on osrs - each skin option could have its own command after you donate for that rank ie: ::blueskin, ::greenskin, ::purpleskin etc. or it could be added to the makeover mage gender/skin options kind of pointless but something interesting to add to each donator rank especially if you hide your donor status pic examples : No specific order but i think these would be a cool addition and great options
  18. (Not sure if this is the right place, sorry if it isn't) On the Donator Tab options, specifically the blank ones, I think one of the slots would be good for a Previous Button. If you just open it and click it, it'll teleport you to the previous location you went.
  19. Last week
  20. Need more item on Loot Beam too. Lamps, Totem pieces for starters.
  21. Yes, a lot of the bosses are only useful to kill for their rare drops and everything else is ignored. It'd be nice to get some additional drops from these bosses that'd help in other areas of the game (skilling shit).
  22. Look at the stars

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      @Geansaloalcoffucking kill yourself you faggot don't comment on my status update bitch

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      LOL YIKES kari dont like bots

  23. Yeah we really need these side drops revamped it’s so painful to get them constantly
  24. I love the idea of this! normal drops are wank atm tbh and doesn't really give good skilling items that people need on ely, because who really needs all herb drops etc when you can buy most from ge and same for most of the others, I believe we need more items such as: Dragonstones Magic logs Rocktails Mahog logs Addy/Runes bars Also how about some higher coin drops for newer players (coin caskets maybe that gives you a range from 500k-2.5m?)
  25. If the factor of time is something that's pushing you over the fence, this project would take me like a few days in my spare time - time not spent working on anything else.
  26. No. Although, I'm kind of on the fence, I think it would be somewhat fulfilling to get some kind of loot worth a bit of value. gp is easy to get as is so I don't think it's much of an issue. In my opinion, I dont think it's worth the time to reassess and implement more quantity of cruddy drops.
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