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Patch Notes XCIII (#93) QoL, Bug Fixes & Adjustments

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Hello hello! Here to bring news of more QoL and Bug Fixes for the community!!! We've been going back and refining some of Ely's quirky features, bugs, and showing some more love to some of the NPCs across the game - here's what the great @Xenith/ @Iso have been cooking up for us!



Gear + Weapon Changes

‣ Added Crystal Halberd special attack

‣ Added other Void helmets and Saradomin Sword to the Upgrade Chest

‣ Fixed Miasmic Spells for T2 Zuriel's Staff

‣ Fixed MSB and Darkbow specs not working as intended

‣ Added Missing HP to Praetorian Legs

‣ Fixed Chinchompas not using ammo in combat

‣ Allow t2 gear to work for equip achievements

‣ Added Abyssal Dagger to Collection Log

‣ Removed healing and extra hit chance from Magic short bow + Dark bow special attack(s)

‣ Fix Blowpipe + Dart Ranged Strength bonuses

‣ Added snakeskin crafting


NPC Changes

‣ Reduced Chaos Elemental teleport distance

‣ Fixed Dill logic in Kiln so all Pickaxes work to break their armor

‣ Jeweled Crabs no longer give Combat XP

‣ Updated Dust Devil Slayer location description

‣ Added more goodies to Cerberus' Drop table

‣ Added Tormented Wraiths slayer area and teleport (Access to Spirit Shields/Elixirs outside Corp)



‣ Reduced Corporeal Beast's Core damage by 50%

‣ Fixed Brutal Red Dragon spelling in Achievement Diary

‣ Added Black Demons to Hard tasks

‣ Demonic Gorillas now count towards Black Demon and Monkey tasks like OSRS

‣ Fixed all Bloodveld ID's not counting towards Slayer task


Nomad Updates

‣ Added Nomad to Boss tasks

‣ Updated drop table

‣ Allow setting increased drop rate events at Nomad

‣ Updated his dialogue to be overhead chats to be less disruptive


Loot from 10k Nomads



Game Changes

‣ Added Chambers of Xeric event (25% Point boost for 90 minutes)

‣ Added alternative Fight Kiln Capes to Collection Log

‣ Fixed Fight Kiln ending bug

‣ Announce Crystal Tool Seed drops throughout the game

‣ Lowered the rarity of Crystal Shards from Crystal Chest and increased quantity

‣ Added Blessings to Easy Clues and Easy Clue Collection Log

‣ Added Colored Infinity Color Kits to Medium Clues and Medium Clue Collection Log

‣ Box traps now give increased yield based on Hunter level and Aura tier(s)

‣ Fixed Bank bug where player has Bank space but you can't deposit items

‣ Fixed text for catching things bare-handed in Hunter

‣ Increased Slayer task amounts for Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties

‣ Added South Catacombs Crevice Agility Shortcut

‣ Added H.A.M. Hideout behind Lumbridge Castle

‣ Can now turn noted logs into plank at the Sawmill at $50 donor instead of $2,000


Wholesome Addition

‣ Added ability for players to give the Stray Dog at Home anything with "Bone" or "Raw" in the item name


Thank ya for reading & continuing to play the BEST vidyagame to ever grace the interweb ❤️ 










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Thanks heaps legends! Another amazing update. 

Im inlove with the constant (almost monthly) updates of the late, keep it up team! ❤️



also F U boat, vessle, ship!


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