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Patch Notes LXXXIX (#89) Citadel Overhaul, Imbued God Capes, Effigies, Bug fixes, Adjustments & Additions!

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Small sneaky patch coming in! With the help of the legendary @Iso and other members of the community, the Citadel and more content has been shown a proper loving.. And I really mean it! A long with some minor drop table changes, a few new additions and bug fixes, I think everyone here is going to be insanely PUMPED about this one. Check out what's been added!!


Raids Fixes & Additions

‣ Scavengers now require a Slayer level of 92 to kill.

‣ Removed ability to place a Cannon within CoX.

‣ Fixed barriers within Olm, player shouldn't be able to run/clip into the hand(s).

‣ Fixed issue where points were not being cleared after restarting a raid.

‣ Added GIM & UIM banking locations (UIM bank functions like the banker at DG).


Skilling Changes & Additions


‣ Complete ";;tele citadel" overhaul - added LOADS of content, GO CHECK IT OUT!

‣ You now have the ability to craft Ganodermic armor with the required materials.

‣ Added Tree Spirit - drops various axes & seeds, found within the Citadel.

‣ Added the drop rate of Effigies to various mobs across the game & the ability to use them for sweet EXP!


PvM Changes & Additions


‣ More Dragon's drop table buffs (Vorkath/Frost/Steel/Iron/Blue/Red/Black)

‣ Cave bugs/slimes now drop Dorgeshuun crossbow a long with Bone bolts.

‣ Suqah's now have the ability of dropping Moonclan & Lunar armor.

‣ Reduced Kalphite Queen's respawn time by 50%.

‣ Small Lizard Shaman drop table changes for a more balanced experience.

‣ Noted most of Nex's drop table & added a 1/1 Coin drop to the table.

‣ Cerberus common item drop table buffed.

‣ Added more mob spawns to miscellaneous locations throughout the game.

‣ Added Staff of the dead to K'ril Tsutsaroth drop table (1/320) & the ability to craft the Toxic Staff of the dead by using a Magic fang the staff.

‣ Added the ability to craft Imbued God capes, the bosses can be found wandering in these locations.. Beware;



Item Changes & Misc. Fixes


‣ Female characters & item models fixed for HUNDREDS of items, please be sure to tell how much you love @Isoevery time you see him.

‣ Item Examine value adjustments (high level seeds, onyx's, basilisk jaw, etc).

‣ Cleaned up some chat filtering when toggled to filtered while doing certain activities throughout the game (successful cooks, extra shots, etc).


♡ Final Words ♡

Thank you all for reading & a huge thank you to ISO ONCE AGAIN, for doing god's work with all those item model fixes. We've got plenty more content coming soon, I can't wait for you all to see it.. Good luck & enjoy gamers ❤️




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