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What comes after max xp and comp?

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Still lots to work on decided now was the time to make a thread.


Xenith Goals

  • Build up 100b cash [ 2 /100 ]  
  • Build up my loot tab, no end goal here just sell as little as possible for as long as possible
  • Get #1 Well donor spot (After stocking up 100b to keep as a reserve, I'll donate further gains to well regularly)
  • Complete a boss task that is 1k+ KC, thinking this would be a KQ task for primal spear and elites [Longest yet: 384 Zulrah]
  • Complete clue logs [4,332 Caskets Opened]
    • Easy - 88%
    • Med - 100%
    • Hard - 93%
    • Elite - 83%
    • Global - 100%
  • Obtain all PvM pets 
    • Void Drake
    • Grae
    • Skot
    • KBD
    • Tormented Demon
    • Zulrah
    • Supreme
    • Darkbeast
    • Glacor
    • Abby Demon
    • Blue Drag
    • KQ Normal
    • KQ Flying
    • Bloodhound (Not PvM but happy to get it :D)
    • General Graardor
    • K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Black H'ween from crystal chests [ 15,500 ] [ 21,987 Total - 6k~ dry]
  • 25k blue drag kills [ 17,402/ 25000 ]
  • Finish getting good gear
    • Melee
      • Full Grae
      • Full Torva
      • Prims
      • Primal Spear
      • Torture
      • Serp Helm
    • Range
      • Full Guardian
      • Anguish
      • BP
      • Recurve
      • Pegs
    • Mage
      • Hellfire


Loot Tab (5/26/21)



Have been consistently selling from this all the way up until 5b to fund wells but now is the time to hoard.


Loot Tab (10/6/21)




Loot Tab (11/7/21)


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Been a while since I updated, took a few months off but been back at it recently! Posted an updated loot tab and updated the goals list.


Total cash has gone down but I've been finishing up all my bis gear and unable to resist the call of the well.  Getting some nutty kill times with all this new gear, t2 is really something else lol. I can feel the sub 30 KQ and Zul just need that RNG




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It's been an eventful month. Lots of good drops and progress on Xenith. My HCIM Vivi ate the big one but at least we maxed it first. Taking an iron break and using extra resources to train up my legend alt a bit.






Some foreshadowing by Rizon 🤔


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