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Patch Notes L (#50) Bug Fixes & Crystal Chest Changes

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A Crystal Chest Update, Bug Fixes & More ❤️ 


Forinthry brace now fully functional (Obtainable from Skeletal & Zombie Hand NPCS)
    Repel option grants immunity to revenant damage for 1 min & removes aggression for 1 hour
--- Crystal Chest Update ---

50% increase of quantity on the following:
    Dagannoth & Dragon Bones
    Red & Green D'hide
    Addy & Rune Bars
    Teak & Mahogany Planks
    Uncut Dragonstones

Added the following items:
    Dragon Dart Tips (300-500 quantity)
    Dragon Arrowheads (300-500 quantity)
    Black Dragonhide (20-30 quantity)

Coins have been increased from 500k-1M to 1M-3M
Removed Big Bones & Babydragon bones

2-Year Anniversary
    To celebrate our 2 year anniversary we have added a new Aura EVERYONE
    will receive if you login anytime from now until the 30th!
    Everyone will also receive the Vote shop Ely Cape for free!
    Thanks for everyone who has been with us & is a part of this community.
Zulrah has been added to Boss Tasks
You can now create & edit presets at the proper home (Edge)
Fixed fletching of Iron & Steel (unf) bolts to finished bolts with feathers
Overload packs now give noted Ovls & can open many packs at a time
You can now put Saradomin Brew Potions into Flasks
The Edgeville bookcase required for a clue has been fixed

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Posted (edited)

Naisu. Just saw aura, it's super cool. nice job


Edited by Boats

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Good job making dragon dart tips and arrowheads more accessible. Will be very nice for people who have been saving keys and there will be an actual eco for these items now!

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