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[b]Dragon Claws: 250m[/b]

[b]Agility Tickets: 300-600k each (depends on supply and demand)[/b]

[b]Abyssal Whip: 15-20m[/b]

[b]Whip Vine: 15m[/b]

[b]Dragonfire Shield: 50m[/b]

[b]Dragon Pickaxe: 50-60m[/b]

[b]Dragon Hatchet: 10-15m[/b]

[b]Gilded Armor: 5m per piece[/b]

[b]Nex Items: 800m-1b[/b]

[b]Zamorakian Spear: 75-100m[/b][b]

Dragon Full Helm- 50m[/b]

[b]Vampiric Scythe 1500m 

Zamorak Godsword: 70m[/b]

[/size][/i][i][size=3][color=#800000][b]Graetorian Armor:

[/b][/color][/size][/i][i][size=3][b]Graetorian Casque: 800m-1b

Pendant of Graetoria: 750m

Graetorian Platebody: 1b-1.2b

Graetorian Striders: 1b-1.2b

Graetorian Defender: 600m-800m
[color=#800000][b]Third-Age Melee:[/b][/color]

[b]Helm- 250m[/b]

[b]Body- 1000m[/b]

[b]Legs- 1000m[/b]

[b]Kiteshield- 250m[/b]

[color=#800000][b]Third-Age Magic:[/b][/color]

[b]Hat: 250m[/b]

[b]Amulet: 250m[/b]

[b]Robe Top: 1000m[/b]

[b]Robe Bottom: 1000m[/b]

[color=#800000][b]Third-Age Range:
[b]Coif: 250m[/b]

[b]Vambs: 250m[/b]

[b]Body: 1000m[/b]

[b]Chaps: 1000m[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Skilling Supplies:[/b][/color]

[b]Magic logs - 10k[/b]

[b]Yew logs - 5k[/b]

[b]Torstol seeds - 150k[/b]

[b]Torstol - 30k[/b]

[b]Avantoe seeds - 20k[/b]

[b]Avantoe - 2k[/b]

[b]Dwarf weed seeds - 20k[/b]

[b]Dwarf weed - 3k[/b]

[b]Lantadyme seeds - 15k[/b]

[b]Lantadymes- 3k[/b]

[b]Snapdragon seeds - 50k[/b]

[b]Snapdragon - 8k[/b]

[b]Fellstalk seeds - 100k[/b]

[b]Fellstalk - 1k[/b]

[b]Watermelon seeds - 50k[/b]

[b]Magic tree seed - 2m-5m (depends on supply and demand)[/b]

[b]Yew tree seed - 1m[/b]

[b]Living Minerals - 7k [/b]

[b]Teak logs - 5k[/b]

[b]Teak planks - 7k[/b]

[b]Adamant bar - 30k[/b]

[b]Rune bar - 20k[/b]

[b]Uncut dragonstone - 50k each[/b]

[b]Mahogany logs: 8-10k each[/b]

[b]Mahogany Planks: 10-12k each[/b]


[b]Blue: 2.5b[/b]

[b]White/Red: 2b[/b]

[b]Green/Yellow: 1.5b[/b]

[b]Purple: 1b[/b]

[b]Reverse Santa Hat: 3b[/b]

[b]White H'ween Mask: 3b[/b]

[b]Black Partyhat: 5b[/b]

[b]Green H'ween Mask: 275m[/b]

[b]Red H'ween Mask: 350m[/b]

[b]Blue H'ween Mask: 325m[/b]

[b]Santa hat: 400m[/b]

[b]Black Santa: 500m[/b]

[b]Full Santa Suit: 1775m[/b]

[b]Custom items: at owner's discretion. No set price[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Summer shop:

[/b][/color][b]Amulet of the damned - 750m[/b]

[b]Rings - 600m[/b]

[b]Primal gauntlets - 150m[/b]

[b]Primal boots - 250m[/b]

[b]Primal pick/hatchet - 600m[/b]

[b]Primal rapier/longsword - 1.2b[/b]

[b]Primal body/legs - 1.2b[/b]

[b]Primal shield/helm - 600m[/b]

[b]Primal maul - 1350m[/b]

[b]Cele hood - 450m[/b]

[b]Cele top/bot/staff - 750m[/b]

[b]Cele gloves - 150m[/b]

[b]Assassin - 300m a piece[/b]

Armadyl Items:[/b][/color]

[b]Armadyl Helmet: 50m[/b]

[b]Armadyl Chestplate: 170-200m[/b]

[b]Armadyl Chainskirt: 170-200m[/b]

[b]Armadyl Godsword: 300-320m[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Bandos Items:[/b][/color]

[b]Bandos Helmet: 40m[/b]

[b]Bandos Chestplate: 150m[/b]

[b]Bandos Tassets: 150m[/b]

[b]Bandos Boots: 40m[/b]

[b]Bandos Godsword: 120m[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Glacor Items:[/b][/color]

[b]Steadfast Boots: 50m[/b]

[b]Glaiven Boots: 50m[/b]

[b]Ragefire Boots: 50m[/b]

[b]Armadyl Battlestaff: TBD[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Saradomin Items:

[/b][/color][/size][/i][i][size=3][b]Saradomin Godsword 200m[/b]

[b]Saradomin Sword - 50m 

Saradomin Murmur/Whisper/Hiss: 25m

Skilling Items:[/b][/color]

[b]Inferno Adze: 75m[/b]

[b]Agile Top: 37.5m[/b]

[b]Agile Bottoms: 37.5m[/b]

[b]Boots of Lightness (When tradeable): 37.5m[/b]

[b]Lumberjack set (total): 140m[/b]

[b]Black Ibis set (total): 140m[/b]

[b]Gold Mining Suit (full set): 250m[/b]

[b]Gloves of Fire: 50m[/b]

[b]Ring of Fire: 50m[/b]

[b]Magic Secateurs: 25m[/b]

[b]Yaktwee stick: 10m[/b]

[b]Odd lamp: 12.5m[/b]

[b]Cooking gauntlets: 10m[/b]


[b](Prices for full sets)[/b]

[b]Dharok: 35-40m[/b]

[b]Ahrim: 35-40m[/b]

[b]Guthan: 35-40m[/b]

[b]Karil: 30m[/b]

[b]Torag: 25m[/b]

[b]Verac: 25m[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Slayer Items:[/b][/color]

[b]Dwarf Cannon[/b]

[b]Base: 100m minimum[/b]

[b]Stand: 100m minimum[/b]

[b]Barrel: 100m minimum[/b]

[b]Furnace: 100M minimum[/b]

[b]Hexcrest: 20m[/b]

[b]Focus Sight: 20m[/b]


[b]Poncho: 50m[/b]

[b]Legs: 50m[/b]

[b]Visor: 75m[/b]

[b]Polypore Staff: 75m[/b]

[color=#990000][b]Spirit Shields: [/b][/color]

[b]Arcane: 600m+[/b]

[b]Spectral: 300m+[/b]

[b]Elysian: 600m+[/b]

[b]Divine: 600m+[/b]

[b]Spirit Shield: 100m[/b]

[b]Holy Elixir: 100m[/b]

[b]Blessed Spirit Shield: 200m [/b]
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Yea it's not fun when someone steals your format then doesn't give credit. Then when you ask to have credit, they just put a super small credit at the very bottom. That's not very fun

Edited by Jake
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Yew seeds - 1m

magic seeds - 2m

whip - 15-20m

torva gear seems to run around 800m-1bea



The seeds were already in there. I'll make adjustments to the other two though.

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