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  1. I vote +1 for this idea. You can get a lot of t1 dragon items and godwars item from mystery boxes and exclusive boxes. but none for barrows. Currently on an ironman, i have multiple dupe items of barrows items that i have nothing i can do for it. Can't even sell it since it'll be less then dragon gear. T2 for barrows and 'PVP gear". Pvp gear can be leveled the same as chaotic, since they both degree, and can be t3 to increase stats. Give more of a reason to grind chaos elemental and revenant caves. Maybe even the chance of upgrading regular dragon weapons? such dds/d long/ dmace/ dragon scimitar. Either way im support of the main idea of BARROWS and PVP gear
  2. Ez, beg Lation for money / items. he will give them on instant command. Also, ask anybody/everybody for help. We aren't ever against you, we're all here for fun too!
  3. Would be easier to buy runes or any other items in shops instead of just buying most things 500 at a time. I believe it might be useful and i'm not sure if it has been suggested before or not.
  4. maybe a cosmetic box for everyone at every 25 votes? and the number of boxes increase at every 25,50,75,100? IE. 25 votes = 1 box 50 votes = 2 boxes 75 votes = 3 boxes 100 votes = 4 boxes, Then the reward resets to 1 box for 125 -etc.
  5. I support this with 100%. anything higher then 10 spins at once would be amazing. Maybe like 28 spins and goes into inventory or something.
  6. love with peace not with war! down with the violenceeeee JK i support
  7. Can you also add Drygore mace? and maybe barrows gloves? and saradomin whisper/hiss/murmur?
  8. I support this. but i believe 25% chance of the double gems when recycling. As well, to raise the cost amount of higher items (torva/grae/spirit shields/etc). People are just farming furies/dragon boots and just dumping them to get gems.

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